Haruyuki's Horny Hookup

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Haruyuki's Horny Hookup Visit Japan Boyz

By Japan Boyz

Masculine, lean-muscled Haruyuki is horned up and needs some fun and release. Fortunately ever-ready stud Akira is there to accommodate his pressing need. Climbing onto the tufted black leather lounge, they start with sweet kisses, but the hands darting down to feel up each other's swelling gonads show how eager and hot to trot these Asian boyz are. Haruyuki lets his mouth travel down to Akira's sensitive nips, getting his buddy warmed up for some more intense man-to-man action. He pops Akira's big cock out of his rosy pink undies and takes a musky mouthful. Akira gets the idea and leans in to taste Haruyuki's stiff woody. As their tools rise up to full erection, they press them between their eager hands and give them a friendly squeeze. Time to ditch the panties and get naked.

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