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Dane & Nikki Cuck Barron Visit Bi College Fucks

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One of the best things about having Dane and Barron around is they're up for most any and everything, all the time. Everything turns these two on, and I can't think of anything we'd ever throw at them that they'd not be eager to try and not have a blast doing. Knowing all that helped lead us to the action here, as we just knew Dane and Nikki would absolutely love getting to tease and torment Barron in a cucking video, and we knew it'd turn Barron on like crazy to get teased and to have a front row seat while Dane pounds Nikki as he watches. We also knew both of these guys would be perfect at taking things to the next level at precisely the right moment in this episode, with Barron being unable to take the cucking and teasing any longer and needing to bury his dick in Dane.

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