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May 13, 2024

Andres & Juan

by Bring Me A Boy

Even a good boy needs discipline from a father figure, and Juan Vasquez is no different. Lucky for him, he has Andres Magno to show him the way. If not, he will spank it into him, followed by his cock. Andres is upset to find a messy bed covered in underwear. He knows Juan is responsible and needs to teach him a lesson over his knee. Promising to be a good boy, Andres changes up the punishment and gives his boy his cock instead. Juan knows how to treat Daddy and gives his dick the love it deserves, which pleases Andres. But Juan still needs to be taught a lesson and after sucking his boy's meat, gave Juan the attention that his hole deserves. Fucking his boy brings them both joy, especially watching Andres's cum falling on Juan's face.

By Bring Me A Boy

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May 13, 2024

Cain & Eloy

by BareBack That Hole

We knew we would be in for a treat when we introduced horny Cain Gomez and thirsty bottom Eloy Eloy, but we never expected this. As soon as the two hunks walked into the room, their chemistry was magnetic and grew as they started kissing. Eloy dropped to his knees and licked his new buddy's chest and abs before pulling out Cain's dick and getting it in his ready mouth, but that's not the hole Cain wanted to fill. Eloy took position on the bed and gave Cain's mouth full access to his hole as it opened up wide for a thick cut of beef. But Cain wasn't in a rush and slowly fed his boy's hole until Eloy's ass was ready to be fucked over the bed, like the power bottom that he is training himself to be, one load at a time.

By BareBack That Hole

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May 13, 2024

Tim & Nico

by Southern Strokes

Two weeks away from each other would make any couple horny, but the craving increases when your sexy twink boyfriend is also your stepbrother. Just ask Tim Gottfried and Nico Vegas. It was a long two-week away for Tim and Nico, and they needed to make up for lost time. Nico's hole needs attention. The two boys started on the bed, kissing and groping each other through their underwear. That was the start needed to get things moving in the right direction as Nico pulled Tim's cock out and got it into his pretty mouth. That got both boys excited, but Tim loved sucking on his boyfriend's hard dick before bending him over and sticking his meat in his warm hole. Nico couldn't wait to feel the raw wood up his hole and gave it willingly until he couldn't hold back and unloaded with Nico inside of him.

By Southern Strokes

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May 13, 2024

Hands Down

by Kristen Bjorn

Gianni Gio is in town on business and checks into the Hands Down boutique hotel, where concierge Adam Tyrant knows how to truly treat special guests. Unfortunately, when Adam shows Gianni the room the a/c has been off and leaves the guys uncomfortable with their clothes on. Adam believes that you do what you must to make the guests visit enjoyable. The guys begin stripping down and Adam’s hands are all over Gianni’ impressive, muscular physique. Intense and passionate kissing heat things up beyond the heat already felt in the room. Adam apologizes that he has never done this with a client before as he reaches out and gropes the growing bulge in Gianni underwear and munches on his thick, hairy armpit.

By Kristen Bjorn

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May 13, 2024

Theo & Seth

by Cocky Boys

Seth Cain finally gets his porn crush Theo Brady, who shows that the real deal is even hotter than the fantasy. When Theo takes Seth in his arms to make out with and eat out his hole, he triggers his bottom energy, clearly visible in how he hungrily sucks his cock and when Theo buries his face again in and is hole, Seth breathlessly begs for his cock and gets it when Theo pounds him, exceeding expectations again. Theo's pleasure giving ass-pounding again triggers Seth who jumps at riding is cock every which way, including in mid-air, and he keeps fucking himself non-stop. Finally though, Theo takes charge to drill him all over the bed, leading to one of the biggest cumshots in recent memory. Theo gushes all over Seth, who shoots too when he gets a taste that load.

By Cocky Boys

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May 13, 2024

Jamie Rides Cam

by Hot College Fucks

We already knew Cam had a nice, thick cock between his legs.  That dick of his really comes to life here, though, as he gets himself in to some action with Jamie. When Cam's on his back with his dick pointing up in to the air, we really get a good look at how impressive that cock is. Jamie gets to feel how impressive it is as Cam pounds away at her nonstop, driving that dick in to her deep and hard. Cam goes back and forth between fucking Jamie in a number of positions, to feeding her his cock, before his youthful face is overcome with an expression of intensity and he blows a massive load all over the place.

By Hot College Fucks

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May 12, 2024

Coastal Cruising

by Boy Fun

Slim young Tonni Veroncini and Dominik Xoxo know they can usually find someone for some sexy BoyFun just by hanging out and cruising at the beach. Indeed, there's always someone there looking for some dick to enjoy or an ass to fill. They both find exactly what they need with each other, just a simple and innocent glance with Tonni showing off his slim body has the two boys making out on the sand and heading off for some privacy. On the couch and craving cock the sexy new friends share a delicious oral session, stripping down and showing off their smooth bodies while they take turns licking and sucking and stroking each other's lovely penises. Their youthful lust for dong is matched by Dominik's hunger for ass, taking his opportunity to thoroughly lick and slurp his new pal's pucker, making him glisten with wetness before easing his naked inches between his mounds.

By Boy Fun

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May 12, 2024

The Private Clinic


The doctor and his receptionist are making cocky businessman Joseph pay for his rude behaviour storming into their office! Bent over for an anal examination they take advantage of his virgin sphincter testing how far it stretches and seeing how his modest penis responds to penetration. Joseph's indignity and anger grows red hot as his arsehole is plundered and his dick is manipulated.


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May 12, 2024


by Straight Off Base

Straight off base, Corporal Knox, is a very ripped and muscular 20 year old Marine stud from Georgia who stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 190 lbs. He swings by the Major's quarters to bust his nut for the Major's ever ready camera before heading down to San Diego with his battle buddies for a weekend of partying with girls on the beaches there. Corporal Knox wrestled all through his high school years and sports an impressive 8 hard inches of USMC Grade-A Prime Marine meat. At the Major's command, Knox strips from his jeans and gets right down to aggressively stroking his hot, lubed up meat-missile to unload its thick cum-munition onto his tightly ripped abs.

By Straight Off Base

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May 12, 2024

Exploring Rory

by Bi College Fucks

We start with Rory blindfolded, hands behind his back, with Quinn and Bailey swapping back and forth between his dick and his feet. Rory moans his appreciation, getting a kick of the added sensation that results from being blindfolded and having 2 people work him over. Though the girl jumps on Rory’s cock first, it isn’t long before Quinn claims his turn to ride. Happy to share the big dick ramming up into her, she takes advantage of Rory’s mouth and enjoys the front row view of Quinn’s amazing body being put to use on Rory’s hard cock! When Bailey steps to the side to watch the action the chemistry between Rory and Quinn turn up to a nuclear level. Quinn leans over and his and Rory’s rock hard bodies press against each other as they fuck.

By Bi College Fucks

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May 12, 2024


by Cutler's Den

Big dick Braxton Cruz loves to get all boned up and FUCK. Dominic Barr wants that big cock in his throat and a big creamy load to swallow so Braxton need to show him who is boss. Deep throat fucking gets things started and Braxton throws the little guy around the bed room working for that perfect angle of attack. Deep ass fucking and a willing disposition will get the big white ropey cum dessert that the boy really NEEDS!

By Cutler's Den

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May 12, 2024

The Man Next Door

by Disruptive Films

Joseph Morr (Lawson James) doesn't feel his age. It seemed like just yesterday he was in his early twenties tearing up the town. When he meets Gabe Green (Johnny Moon), Joseph doesn't think he has a chance with him. Gabe sees age as a number and shows Joseph how to believe the same.

By Disruptive Films

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