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Jun 06, 2024

Apprentice Tate Ch 7

by Masonic Boys

The Ordination: I could tell that Apprentice Tate was similarly taken aback when he entered. He was probably also a bit freaked out to find me sitting there. I’m aware that I have a reputation for being a little aloof, maybe even bordering on uncaring. I make no apologies for this, of course; it gives me an edge and I believe it’s vital to maintain an air of suspicion at all times. But when a boy’s come as far as he has come, it’s impossible to suppress the warmer version of myself. If truth be told, I felt incredibly proud of him and knew this was going to have a profound effect on the way that I carried out my duties. As I sat next to him on the couch and looked into those big blue eyes, I felt genuine desire stirring in my loins. I instructed him to remove his shirt and tie.

By Masonic Boys

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Jun 06, 2024

In Dreams


Dominic Jacobs (Tony Genius) and Ross Strong (Cole Connor) are roommates who don't have much in common, which makes it even more confusing when they realize that they're both plagued with similar nightmares, and then when they realize that those similar nightmares, are actually the exact same. Why are they caught in the same dream? What is it trying to tell them? And most importantly, how do they make it stop?


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Jun 06, 2024

Team Play Ch 4

by Twink Top

Double Play: Once the Coaches have the boys alone, Coach Saint can’t keep his eyes off of Dylan. Both Coach Banner and Coach Saint move in to begin kissing the athletes’ compact little jocks. The boys' tiny shorts do nothing to hide their growing erections as their Coaches' hands explore their young toned bodies. The Coaches move to their knees in tandem, taking the boys’ shorts with them as they go. Grant’s and Dylan’s jockstraps are bulging beautifully, driving both of the Coaches wild as they use their DILF lips to massage the throbbing pieces of cloth. The young athletes moan and groan as their mentors lap at their young erections. The boys give the go ahead to peel back the white jockstrap and begin sucking their cocks directly, worshiping the young jocks’ large members.

By Twink Top

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Jun 06, 2024

My Asian Stepsister 1: Brownie

by Sex Japan TV

Having a lot of free time, young cute Asian Brownie begins to caress herself. Caressing her small tits and hairy pussy, she invites the guy and after that, begins to give him a deep blowjob. She sucks and swallows then steps into the bathroom for a sensuous shower.

By Sex Japan TV

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Jun 05, 2024

Haruyuki's Horny Hookup

by Japan Boyz

Masculine, lean-muscled Haruyuki is horned up and needs some fun and release. Fortunately ever-ready stud Akira is there to accommodate his pressing need. Climbing onto the tufted black leather lounge, they start with sweet kisses, but the hands darting down to feel up each other's swelling gonads show how eager and hot to trot these Asian boyz are. Haruyuki lets his mouth travel down to Akira's sensitive nips, getting his buddy warmed up for some more intense man-to-man action. He pops Akira's big cock out of his rosy pink undies and takes a musky mouthful. Akira gets the idea and leans in to taste Haruyuki's stiff woody. As their tools rise up to full erection, they press them between their eager hands and give them a friendly squeeze. Time to ditch the panties and get naked.

By Japan Boyz

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Jun 05, 2024

Logan, Ch 8

by Fun Size Boys

Surprise for Steele: Logan excitedly entered and laid on the table. Dr. Wolf assisted in undressing the eager boy, Mr. Steele joined and slipped Logan his DILF tongue as the rest of his clothes were coming off. The two older, larger men had the smaller youth get on all fours. Mr. Steele dove his mouth deep into the little pink hole, his tongue darting straight in while Dr. Wolf stroked Logan’s stiff rod. After teasing the boy to his limits, the good doctor had Logan lay on his back with his legs spread and up in the air, presenting his hole again, this time so the machine could capture the flesh that would soon be invading his insides. Dr. Wolf readied the ultrasound wand, and Mr. Steele brought his own hard wand to the boy’s hungry hole.

By Fun Size Boys

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Jun 05, 2024

Gaycation Brazil: Ramming Danny

by Raw Hole

Hanry Japa leaves a card for his bf Travis that he's having an afternoon swim by the pool. That's not ALL he's having! He sees horny muscle stud Danny Toro there when he climbs out of the water and they're off to the races, kissing and grinding their thick swollen crotches together. Up in the hotel room they doff their duds and rub their dicks on the couch. Daniel spreads his powerful thighs open while Hanry gets a musky mouthful of hot Brazilian sausage, and our boy gets the message that this muscleman wants his big hairy ass plowed. Hanry burrows his tongue into Daniel's hungry hole and those legs go up like they're spring-loaded. Hanry slides his bareback cock into Daniel's hot juicy asshole. He pumps in to the root while the big longhaired blond holds onto the couch's armrest for dear life.

By Raw Hole

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Jun 05, 2024

Private Collection: Cole Ryan & Lawson James

by Naked Sword

Hairy daddies Cole Ryan and Lawson James could spend all day servicing each other's hard poles, and that's exactly what they do in this bareback video from their Private Collection. As the versatile muscle fuckers take over this living room couch, they make sure to completely swallow each other's big dicks and stuff each other's asses with throbbing cock.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 05, 2024

The Gift

by DamianXDragon

Damian Dragon, Jack Dixon & Adam Ramzi: Compersion refers to a form of joy in the joy of others. In the world of consensually non-monogamous relationships, it more specifically relates to the happiness someone finds in their partner seeking out and enjoying sexual and romantic intimacy with other people. Trying to hold onto love is like trying to grab a fistful of water. In The Gift, a lover is gifted to another partner love and pleasure are navigated and a threesome of pleasure and ecstasy unfolds with curiosity rather than control.

By DamianXDragon

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Jun 05, 2024

Tito, Alberto & Kayser

by Treasure Island Media

A perfect trio of sex pigs. Tito Papito is a cock-hungry slut. Alberto Paez is a handsome stud with a beautiful body. And the aptly named MR. Kayser Magnum is a huge-hung Latin stud who knows his big dick is god's gift to the world.

By Treasure Island Media

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Jun 05, 2024

Connor & Taylor

by Jason Sparks Live

In a live performance from Dallas, Texas, Taylor Jacobson dominates a hooded, submissive Connor Patricks. The two sexy twinks play out their kinky fantasies in a red-walled hotel room for their voyeuristic fans. Taylor holds Connor down on the black velvet bedspread, slaps his ass, tosses him around, and force fucks his face before riding his ass and breeding him deep.

By Jason Sparks Live

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Jun 05, 2024

Meet Cute British Mate Connor

by Bentley Race

I love all these cute guys joining us in the studio this year. Today I loaded the first shoot with our very cute new mate Connor Stone. The 23 year old from Britain was excited about coming over with his mate Luke to start shooting with us. While I was getting busy taking these photos of Connor I get Luke to film some BTS footage. These guys are so cute! Connor was getting ribbed by Luke from behind the camera as I directed him through the shoot. Connor is a tall slim boy with a smooth very fit body. He's got the most perfect little bum and an uncut cock that grows very thick. And boy do I love a British accent. I had so much fun shooting with Connor and Luke. I will be getting them back again soon for a scene together.

By Bentley Race

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