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We DO NOT accept stories involving anyone under the age of 18 in the story line. If your story has characters that are, imply, or hint at being under the age of 18, we will not publish it. However, Any use of the word “boy” or similar words will not be meant to imply the actual age of any character in a story, but only as a descriptive or generic terminology. We DO NOT accept stories that include sex with animals, extreme violence, or scatological references. We reserve the right to edit any story as we please for content, categories, and other criteria. Please do not include any telephone number, address, or website URL within a story – only email addresses will be accepted.

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Welcome to the new and improved Men On The Net Erotic Stories Archive. We’ve updated our look and features in order to make browsing and reading our gay erotic stories more efficient and enjoyable.

Our search functions have been improved, now offering a full text keyword search.

And we have a new translation function so that you can enjoy all our international gay fiction. Please keep in mind that this, as is any online translation function, is not precise.

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