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Es ist Mittags an einem heißen, schwülen Sommertag. Ich stehe auf dem Dach und arbeite. Der Schweiß läuft in Bächen von meiner Stirn. Er läuft mir den Rücken herunter und durchnässt dabei mein ohnehin schon feuchtest, klebriges Muscle- Shirt. Er läuft an meiner Wirbelsäule in meine Arschritze. Ich bin 48 und für mein Alter recht Fit. Ich trage ein Kopftuch, wie man es von den Piraten... read more


Es ist Mittags an einem heißen, schwülen Sommertag. Ich stehe auf dem Dach und arbeite. Der Schweiß läuft in Bächen von meiner Stirn. Er läuft mir den Rücken herunter und durchnässt dabei mein ohnehin schon feuchtest, klebriges Muscle-Shirt. Er läuft an meiner Wirbelsäule in meine Arschritze. Ich bin 48 und für mein Alter recht Fit. Ich trage ein Kopftuch, wie man es von den Piraten kennt. Mein... read more


(Author's note this story is complete fiction. I do not know the sexual preference of Bryce Harper or anyone else in this story. I do not condone anything happens in the story it is pure fiction.) Being a multi-millionaire in Philadelphia I go to a lot of charity events. There is one I will never forget "The Silent Celebrity Auction" where you bid on experience with Philadelphia... read more


Mit dem nachbarsjungen

by Jp2405

Apr 18, 2017

An einem warmen Sommertag lag ich auf der Wiese vor unserem Haus und genoss das Rauschen des Flusses und die Warme Sonne. Plötzlich kam Tom, der sohn unserer Nachbarn, und legte sich neben mich ich war damals 18 und im 3, Jahr des Gymnasiums und er ging in die 6, Primarklasse. Wir redeten über Gott und die Welt. Da ich nur mit meiner Jogginghose da lag konnte man mein Penis erkennen. Ich... read more


I was sitting behind the huge glass and steel desk in my new office. The building was finished less than a year ago...designed exactly the way I wanted it, impeccable decorations and furnishing, it was the statement that I have wanted to make for the past 10 years. The building is gorgeous, the architect had come up with a design that was elegant and understated, but impressive at the... read more

*This is a work of fiction for pleasuring yourself ;). All references to any real life persons, living or dead are purely coincidental* This happened to me on a high school field trip to DC. I was eighteen at this time and for our safety, the school brought along a few security guards with us. Now I should mention that the guards at my school are extremely hot. I was lusting for one of... read more

Taekwondo club

by hotguyz0017

Aug 13, 2016

If you had read my first story, you will know that I am a black belt in taekwondo. Now I would like to share a story that happened with me and a classmate. We were practicing self defence that day in class, and it will have a lot of body contact. My parter, Rex, and I were supposed to tap each other when it started to hurt to avoid injuries. When given this instruction, I started to get... read more


Me & My Godbrother

by moeking14

Dec 23, 2015

Every bit of this story truly happened. I didn't use our names in case this falls into the wrong hands.When I was younger, I KNEW I was gay. Always knew that I was. I didn't come out until I was a teenager but I always knew I was gay. I feel like when you're gay, you can definitely point out who else is gay. Like a built in radar. I always knew my god brother was gay. He was just so... read more

Okay - first chapter .... hope you enjoy.Let me know what you think. The main character is based on myself from the looks to the desire he has to be a real man's lover. Feel free to hit me up guys. Dlcollegejock69@yahoo.comIsland Rituals II saw him from across the party, a tall, mocha vision of broad shoulders and rippling muscles, skin glistening with sweat as he danced in the... read more

My first Tim e So one day after school ,it had been a long day and I was now juust lying on on my bed in my room texting on my phone when all of a sudden my best friend walks in the door (lets call him Tim ) so Tim was a black , dark skinned guy who was about 6ft 3 inches and was fairly muscular since he had started working out lately so he walks in and I do a complete stare of his body... read more

James, an unassuming white man of short stature, was a bottom with his boyfriend. But despite being an insatiable bottom, he was the sexually dominant of the two. James decided when Darnell got to experience climax, and James decided how and when they fucked. He loved the power of control over his taller, stronger, black lover. James would push Darnell to his limits and sometimes beyond... read more

Workshop Alan

by Danahmad

Feb 19, 2015

Pagi sabtu. Seperti biasa aku akan keluar jogging di sekitar tasik berhampiran. Namaku Joe, 28 tahun, kulit hitam manis, badan sedikit berisi..orang kata sedap-sedap. Perwatakan seperti lelaki biasa..straight. Tapi, aku meminati lelaki…jantan yang macho. Kalau laki orang lagi la aku suka! Oh ya, aku bottom.Setelah pusa jogging, aku berlari pulang melalui kawasan rumah kedai yang... read more


So, 3 days has passed since my sexual encounter with Deimos, we've been texting a lot lately, and I got the chance to know more about him. It was a nice quiet Wednesday night, it was late, but i was still texting him.*****Me: you go to the gym right?D: yup! Every Monday and Thursday :)Me: wow, :D how long have you been working out?D: two years maybe? :)Me: haha, you must get... read more

My two suit cases were filled with expensive suits, slacks, linen shirts and school uniforms. So I ripped the address tags off the luggage and left them right where they were. Hopefully they would go to someone who really needed them.I got to the counter and the agent asked if I had anything besides my carry on. I replied,... read more

... read more

Spring 1977. Salisbury Connecticut. Salisbury School. I'm standing in front of the school with my luggage waiting for my Step-Father's driver. The driver and my Step-Father's lawyer are picking me up and bringing me back to New York. Why you may ask? Well it seems my Mother and my Step-Father were in a horrific accident. They were tooling around Spain in one of those little British two seat... read more


A Semi Autobiographic Rape Fantasy?..............As a writer, I spend a considerable amount of time at home, in my little studio apartment in Alphabet city. That was, especially so at the time of this story. I was in the beginning phases of compiling a volume of my old college essays, and short stories for publishing. An old professor of mine thought it'd be a great idea to publish... read more

My dad was standing in the doorway to my room with a monster in his hand. As soon as he noticed i saw him he started to put his cock away and i barley had enough energy to speak my voice was ragged and horse when i told him not to do that. Eric looked over and and said ,... read more

Craig - A Shave and a Hand jobAbout 21 years ago, my husband, Jeff and I moved to Florida from Des Moines, IA. Wehad had enough of the long Iowa winters. We initially rented a townhouse in northTampa until we could get settled, then buy a house in an upper-middle classneighborhood.The day we moved in, we met the neighbors. That certainly was an interestingexperience. The black... read more


Smelly Neighbor

by cybertooth6

Nov 28, 2012

I recently got a new job that was quite aways from where I lived in the city...The commute was long so I decided it was time to move closer to work and into the... read more

I saw the day light through the hairs on his arms, the light glaring in my eyes. My nose was burried in his hairy sweat soaked arm pit and I could still smell the cum on my face as well from the crazy fun we had just hours ago.WOW! I never expeted this.This takes place in Dayton,OH a few years after I moved here.I moved to Dayton to recover after my losses from the great congress caused... read more

Jason went home from his encounter with Mr. Tucker and took another shower. He let the hot water run over his tanned body. What was he going to do? He could drop the Tuckers as clients, but then Mr. Tucker might start talking. He had to stay in charge. He decided to lay low, and for the next week, he disappointed his women. He mowed their lawns, but he explained he just needed a break;... read more

Tom moaned and then said,... read more

... read more

... read more


USE CONDOMS GAYS - UNDER 18? YES, LEAVE THIS PAGE!!! Ich war jetzt seit 3 Wochen in Irland und lebte das wilde Leben das ich mir als Teenager immer vorgestellt hatte. Ich ging in Irish Pubs trank und trank das beste Bier der Welt. Ich tanzte in alten Bars und redete mit wildfremden Menschen. Es machte Spaß. Meine Pension war günstig und zweckmäßig, mit dem Vierjahreszeiten nicht zu... read more


My Neighbor, Jason

by jeroldc

Oct 23, 2010

Our former neighbors in the rental house next door to us were a real pieceof work. The husband was deployed with the military in Iraq (bless thetroops for their heroic work) and it was the wife and kids that lived there.No matter what we said or did in terms of trying to be friends with them wasto no avail. They were not amused living next to a gay couple and showed itin the... read more


Blindfolded Dad part 1

by seth!

Dec 23, 2009

I'll begin by describing myself : My name is Jonathan, I'm 20, I have a nice muscular build, short dark brown hair, clean shaven face, light coverage of body hair (mostly on my pecs and down my abs), trimmed pubes, and a seven inch cock. So I considered myself to be pretty hot. But I was nothing compared to my father.My dad, Greg, had accidentally gotten a girl pregnant at 15, so while I'm 20... read more

For the next six months, Justin was a constant fixture at the gay bar. During that six month time frame, Justin encountered numerous sexual endeavors. He still realized that something special was missing from his life. The sex part was great, but there was an empty void eating away at him. During this time frame, the Gunny had been transfered to Okinawa and a new Gunny had taken his... read more

The orphanage rested about 15 miles outside of town. Unlike many stories, there were no signs of mental, physical, or sexual abuse at this particular orphanage. Though it was strict, and at times, extremely strict, this orphanage truly took care of all the disowned occupants. Father McMichael oversaw the orphanage, and he paid extra attention to Justin for all of his 18 years he... read more