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***This story was posted previously on my blog*** Usually I loved walking through one of the many parks in Columbus, Ohio during spring. But today, mid-April, spring definitely had not sprung yet. At a chilly 37 degrees (3 Celsius) I walked through Thompson Park and noticed a severe lack of leaves on the trees and even some leftover snow. I had brought my camera to take some pics to... read more


So at the end of my last drawing session Marc said he wanted me to model at a special Halloween party he organizes for a group of wealthy men. For the past few years the men have hired Marc to set up a Halloween themed art installation featuring a male model. Marc said I would be required to model erotically and get an erection and possibly climax at some point. He said there would be no contact... read more


Walked into the elegant hotel with two hot guys in Paris, France at near 10pm to sightseeing the beauty of masculine sex. Saxadi, described to be 5’9” tall black-haired [Curly] lean fit wealthy Arabian in white business clothes that had sexy beard and aged 32 years old, paid it to front desk staff. The staff was glad to inform them where the room was. “Thank you for using our service to... read more

THE PAINT JOB (PART 2 of 4) by Robert Furlong === === "You've obviously discussed the other five paintings of the set in some detail," I remarked to my two clients. "Could you give me a rundown of what you have in mind to give me an idea of context." "Okay, so the first is the beautiful composition of us kneeling face-to-face... read more

I was nearing the end of a long pose during the Thursday evening drawing class at my university modeling gig. The evening drawing classes is typically attended by part-time students or middle age women and gay men looking to ogle a half naked model. The instructor for the evening class usually ops-out full nudity, so I typically end up in a shirtless pose or with some type of drape... read more

Easy to Get

by Stepiquno Toglio

Sep 23, 2017

Singed in the shower at Posgo’s home about day he would do something to keep himself busy. He got excited about the event he would experience for. He wanted it to be remembering because it was most important for him to go through by the unexpected situation. He didn’t know what it was for by not enough important but didn’t mind to do it as he just was going there. Checked the mirror to groom... read more

In Bangkok, Thailand, at the late night on Friday, Suchart left his workplace so he was on the way to his home so he could get some rest for fresh start on his next day. He sighed as if he felt that nothing got him excited when he entered into his apartment. He was very exhausted since the morning he worked as the artist in his studio. He was in the stress as pushed himself too hard by tried to... read more


I didn't care. No, it was more than that. I did care but not in the same way someone should who unexpectedly found themselves half naked, lying on the floor and surrounded by 30 art students intimately exploring the male form, hands on! Instead of being embarrassed and pissed off that the professor had turned me into an object, a piece of meat to be used and consumed to satisfy... read more

It was almost two weeks before I became comfortable with my gym "shower show" fame. The first few days after the indecent, I tried to stay as far from the showers as possible, working mostly at the reception desk or cleaning and adjusting the equipment on the gym floor. Over time I became comfortable with the extra attention I was receiving. My boss Todd said I needed to start, "showing... read more

So I had been attending college and working at the gym for about a month. During that time I became comfortable with the revealing gym uniform the owner, Todd, had required me to wear. Todd was using a similar marketing approach like that clothing store that has giant pictures of shirtless men in the entrance, only I was real, not a picture, and wearing a very tight muscle shirt and... read more

HI, may name is Jay and this is a true story. When I was 19 my I was able to scrape together enough funds to attend a university in a major east coast city, although just barely. I knew I could cover one semester's tuition and possible could fund a second if I found a job and saved like hell. I found a job working in a gym, which was great because I had been working out four to five days... read more

There was gym that named “McFit” in Austria on Monday at early morning as 3am, the guy did his biceps and legs sessions for two hours from Monday to Friday. He worked hard for himself on good cause like he made his charm on anyone to get good feeling for hang out with. His name was Michael. His appearance was to be 6’ tall blonde [shaved] athletic-looking Caucasian that aged 25 years old. He was... read more

In West Hollywood, California, Exiqu’s menswear fashion show was start as if the audience sightseeing his finished designed clothes. Most of those garments were swimwear because it was hot climate in south coast of California. That was reason to do it by matched the culture in the process if Exiqu learned about it. It turned out well as successful because models knew what to do as if they were... read more

At early morning in Los Angeles, there were two naked guys on that bed. Both looked seriously gorgeous but one of them was breathtaking his beauty. However, Felix woke up and got ready for his errands. He was described to be 6’1” tall blonde muscle Caucasian whom had crew cut as hairstyle and aged 32 years old. Felix tried to wake up his husband, Maverick, but it was useless so he went to... read more


In early 2030s, there are lots of international students in West Hollywood, California at small private porn university. Most of them look so insanely hot, walked around park near beautiful modern building in college area. They wore too sexy because of that rule as if they have to be open-minded and friendly in somehow silly in way to get good grade. If they flunk it, they must stay there until... read more


Satin Circus

by Habu

Nov 24, 2013

(Written by request for a satin fetish story by James A.)The music swells and the lights dim under the big tent, as the excitement builds in the audience and the buzzing conversations subside with the rising expectation that something—something special—is about to happen. Strobing lights and laser beams come up, gyrating around on the floor below and under the canopy of the tent above,... read more


Song of love

by alfredo247

Sep 11, 2010

CANTICLENaked he lies Across my thighs.Strong arms close him round. Soft cheek restUpon my breast.As my handSoft, silky skin adore. Love too does caress,The young smooth chest. Stretched long legsI part, and spread.To him who ready rears, I whisper in his ears,”My handsome boy,My sweet, sweet love”.I see surrender, Without no condition,But trust in love... read more


Creamy Thighs

by Habu

Aug 24, 2005

Tight, hard and hairless bodies with creamy thighs, resilient flesh on muscles of steel; and flexibility; flexibility is a must. I insist on that; and obedience and total subservience. And I possess them all. I fuck them all, women and men alike. I fuck them all regularly, without showing favor. That’s the only way to keep order. And they stand in line, audition for the privilege of being... read more

By late Saturday afternoon I was completely burnt out in Rich’s household accessories. Sometimes shopping just isn’t enough? I also picked up a couple of phone numbers, a clerk and a guy in the parking lot who looked really butch but friendly? So I called it a good day and went home. Warren was asleep on the couch while Wild Kingdom featured the life cycle of a green moth, fascinating stuff.... read more

We had a small yard but the temperature was in the high nineties and the humidity was thick enough to float a steel ball six feet off the ground so Warren was sweating like Niagara Falls. He made the last pass and pushed the mower up by the steps, peeled off his tee shirt and climbed up on the deck with a massive sigh. “You should have let me help. I told you it was too hot …” He waved his... read more

I followed him to the kitchen. He set the bottle on the counter with a loud rattle, almost empty, hand not quite steady. “Get the beer … I’m gonna … uh,” he unsnapped his jeans and shoved them down, “gonna show youse da devil…” He turned half away, pushed his jockeys down off one side of his ass. “See?” he looked over his shoulder, awkward and silly. “Where?” I brought the beers over beside... read more

My all time favorite reluctant lover was Charlie. He was a macho type but not too harsh; just butch enough to get my attention and cute enough to hold it. He was a body and fender man at an auto shop on my mail route. He was temporarily staying at his dad’s house just a couple of blocks from the garage. He was thirty five when we met, an ex-army special forces, parachute jumper, lean and mean... read more

When I pulled up to the next spot, Ryan was standing by his upright post and taking a leak with his back turned towards me. I let the truck roll forward, squeaked to a halt just past him. When I got out, in front, he didn’t turn away. “Did you see the storm coming?” I pointed back down the road and he turned his head in that direction. “Aye, been watching ‘em. They moving slow.”... read more

I think the year was twenty-five, I know the month was June with summer quickly burning off the downy spring. Dates grow encrusted and obscure but I hold clear a vision of saturated days, long and fever hot. I was at an interim of life, a milestone mark I wouldn’t soon erase. I’d never been away from home, the fall and college cast a looming shade. I clenched to this, my last toy summer, with the... read more

Playing Around

by don bellew

Mar 03, 2005

I could never figure out why my sister married that idiot, Clark; nobody else could, either. She was a lot like me, quiet and shy in social situations. Clark was all-star linebacker. Opposites attract, right? He was the swaggering macho jock and she was the sweet, lady-like girl all the cheerleaders laughed about. But he wanted to marry her and she did it--against my advice, of course. Jenny... read more

I shaved, dressed and put five twenties in an envelope. I drove to his house and pulled in behind his truck. His mother was a tiny woman, with a very put upon expression, a whiner. “He’s asleep! He’s out all night runnin' around with that rough crowd. I can’t do nothin’with him! You need him to work?” “No mam, that’s okay. Just give him this. I didn’t have the money for him the last couple of... read more

At first Robert was reluctant to work for me. He always had another job when I called. I kept trying to hire him for a couple of reasons. First, he was the only man in our neighborhood that did lawn work on a full time basis, and you couldn’t depend on the high school boys to do a good job or to show up when they promised. But the main reason I wanted him doing my yard was because he looked so... read more

As Sailors Sleep

by don bellew

Feb 24, 2005

As sailors sleep Bunk beds make strange sailboats yet I float and scut before the draft of your breath. As you lie sleeping, I hover above. Your watcher, your guardian spirit pinned in your sky. You sleep as if my weight were nothing, air about you granted worship. Fine striped blue ticking and tiny downy barbs are my cheek's lover not the tendoned tan hands I watch in repose, ... read more

Motel Six Morning

by don bellew

Feb 24, 2005

counted coup It's a Motel 6 morning in Bullnose Montana. Don't know what today is but the rodeo's over, the Greyhound has gone. I got two twenty dollars still stuffed in my sock from a contracting job that's all done. Don't know if my sore butt was prize for my bull ride or a gift from the plowboy still asleep in my bed. And there's just enough whiskey waiting there in the... read more

The Grand Obsession ... don bellew It goes like this: He looks okay, not too damn defensive or nervous. He keeps watching your eyes, trying to tell if he reads you right. He’s not sure. You look right at his crotch, again, smile. Now he’s certain and he either grins or he gets the fuck away from you fast as he can. If he takes off then you keep looking, right? So he grins or he laughs … he’s a... read more