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I woke up. I remembered the night before when Brysen and I agreed to get married finally after so many years of hooking up admitting our love for each other. I looked over and Brysen wasn't in bed. I remembered that it was Monday and Brysen and I both had to work. Brysen was a plumber, and I worked in an office. I got out of bed and heard the shower going in the bathroom. I walked into... read more

If you read the last story you will find that I reconnected with my buddy ben. Soon after her last meeting he moved closer to his parents. I would go there on the weekends sometimes and we would go out for the evening. For a little while he was living with a younger man and I know they were screwing around because I could hear them at it in the middle of the night. Eventually we had... read more

I had not talked to Ben for many years. We were now in our mid-40s. One day I was in town and I ran right into him. He said he was visiting his parents from out of state. I asked him how long he would be around and he told me about 2 weeks. We exchange phone numbers and later that day I received a call. I asked him if he would like to come to dinner. He did not have a car with him... read more


Jim and I - Part 7

by bikiniteen

Oct 14, 2022

“Hey man, what are you up to?” the text from Jim read “Just working at home in my underwear, like normal” I quickly replied It had been a couple weeks since we were all sent home from work but luckily Jim and I were both able to still telework. I know I was taking full advantage of spending most of the work day in just a t-shirt and underwear but I don’t think Jim was as lucky... read more

Jim and I - Part 6

by bikiniteen

Oct 14, 2022

The rest of my weekend went by much like any other – pretty boring. Did some work around my house and got acquainted with the latest release on Netflix, but didn’t hear from Jim since I left his house. This wasn’t too surprising since I’m sure he wanted to spend time with his wife, but I know I thought about what we did several times that weekend and imagined being in his arms again... read more

I do not normally sit down and write about my experiences, but reading everyone else's was making my cock hard, so I wanted to be part of that, and hopefully make some guy’s cock hard reading about my experiences. I have a lot of them that I will be writing about in the future, but I figured I would start off with the beginning, which is not as detailed and graphic as the... read more

Timm ist Sklave, was heißt, dass er seine Selbstbestimmung in Sachen Sexualität aufgegeben hat. beruflich bedingt ist er viel Unterwegs, so dass es immer mal wieder vorkommt, dass sein bester Freund Sebi Pakete für ihn annimmt. Auch kommt es selten mal vor, das Sebi, wenn er bei der Date-Suche keinen Erfolg hatte, den Arsch von Timm durchfickt. Timm war mal wieder 10 Tage auf einer... read more


After my first hot sleepover with my best friend Ben, where I jerked him off (no cum) while he slept, I kept fantasizing about that night and how I wanted an encore, this time getting Ben off. As life would have it, we were both extremely busy and stopped talking for a while. Then one day, Ben sends me a text. “Hey bestie! I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked. I’ve just been so... read more

I have a best friend that for the purposes of this story, I’ll call Ben. Ben is straight and has a girlfriend, but he sometimes sends me mixed signals. He’s sent me kissing face emojis, has talked about his crotch to me, and has told me that he’s had wet dreams. I know, this can be normal stuff friends talk about, but to my bi ears, it just makes me fantasize about having sex with him.... read more


Walked inside the porn industry where Kyai’s friend worked. Kyai wanted to show Nahi what they do it for a various living to experience and learn about how they working. Nahi found it so heartbreaking as if he cannot believe what he saw. Nahi preferred his love relationship to with one person, not multitudes. It would be too much for him if he did. To meet Kyai’s friend, they just had introduced... read more

Geheime Vorlieben #2

by FreeBird

Nov 26, 2017

Zweites Kapitel: Die geklauten Socken und das vergessene Handy Die letzten Wochen gemeinsames Training mit Leon schienen erste Erfolge zu zeigen. Meine Mutter betonte, wann immer sie konnte, dass ich nicht mehr so blass im Gesicht sei. Mein Sportlehrer, Herr Schneider, lobte mich, dass meine Ausdauer nun viel größer war. Vielleicht war beim Schulmarathon ja doch etwas besseres als der... read more

THE PAINT JOB (PART 4 of 4) by Robert Furlong === === After leaving the tea to brew, I went back through to the studio to find Adam and Stephen having what looked like very intense sex together kneeling on the couch. They were both upright and facing forwards. Stephen had one arm around Adam's prominent chest, fondling a... read more

THE PAINT JOB (PART 3 of 4) by Robert Furlong === === "So... onto the first consummation," I suggested, pausing for the two men to reposition themselves and sit alongside each other on the couch. "In this painting, Adam is... er... making love to Stephen. Am I okay to describe it like that?" I'd expected Adam to haughtily... read more

I lost my parents two years ago to the Boko Haram insurgency. They sacked our village while we were away selling goats in a nearby village. Most male captives were massacred and some of the women abducted. When we returned, we organized most of the other village youth and formed Vigilante groups. The villages then opened up as one big town. So far there had been relative peace in the... read more

The next morning at breakfast, Jason and I immediately had to act like we only shared an office and never a bed. Several attendees of the conference were having breakfast at the same time as we waved them good morning. I was in the morning-after glow when I suddenly noticed the difference between what Jason was having and what I was having. “Can I ask you something?”, I said softly, to make... read more

DON'T FREAK OUT (PART 2) by Robert Furlong === === "I'm not gonna freak out, Rob," Guy assured me. "I'm just surprised, that's all..." I smiled at him again to show that, even though he was quite visibly shaken by what he was seeing, I was more than comfortable to have my son's mouth slurping up and down my large erection in... read more

I sighed. It was a Thursday afternoon and I was working from home. I had my laptop on the kitchen counter next to an empty coffee cup, as I sat on a stool. I was dressed in a grey T-shirt and plaid pajama pants, which I had put on after I had gotten up this morning, not having showered. I was answering all of these e-mails, but new ones kept coming in. I had taken Friday off to go to San... read more

DON'T FREAK OUT (PART 1) by Robert Furlong === === For several months, I'd been promising my son that I'd show him how two men can make love very intensely and passionately together using only their two cocks. Jake is young and bisexual but when it comes to other boys, he has made it very clear that his interests are... read more

Mit dem nachbarsjungen

by Jp2405

Apr 18, 2017

An einem warmen Sommertag lag ich auf der Wiese vor unserem Haus und genoss das Rauschen des Flusses und die Warme Sonne. Plötzlich kam Tom, der sohn unserer Nachbarn, und legte sich neben mich ich war damals 18 und im 3, Jahr des Gymnasiums und er ging in die 6, Primarklasse. Wir redeten über Gott und die Welt. Da ich nur mit meiner Jogginghose da lag konnte man mein Penis erkennen. Ich... read more

Funny Joe

by Stepiquno Toglio

Mar 02, 2017

Inside Joe’s British home with large yard in United Kingdom at the 6’o’clock in the evening for just celebrated his birthday. His friends have been invited over to party his birthday. Joe was very excited about it because he had good year as he was very busy to make name for himself to entertain someone as if he wanted to be comedian. He was very hilarious by made funny faces and silly... read more

DANNY COMES TO STAY PART 2 by Robert Furlong === === Perhaps it's not surprising that my husband had lost his hard-on while he was watching my ex hungrily rimming my splayed hole. "Just gonna get him nice and slippy," Danny had said before plunging his face into my butt crack and giving me the most intense and satisfying... read more

DANNY COMES TO STAY PART 1 === As we undressed for bed, Alex said to me, "I feel kind of sorry for Danny." "Sorry for him? You're kidding me!" It was hard to believe he would feel anything but mistrust for my ex. He hadn't been keen on Danny visiting us, and sure as hell hadn't been comfortable with him staying over with us for... read more

“Room service!” I woke up. The first thing I saw was the view. Blue skies and green tree tops were visible beyond the patio. I wasn’t sure if I had just heard someone outside our cabin or not. Brett was still sleeping in the position I last saw him in before I fell asleep. We were both naked on top of the covers. Brett’s head was on my chest and his arm was wrapped around me tightly. His snore... read more

“So tomorrow we have a stopover in Miami for about three hours. And we’ll be landing in Antigua at around 2PM tomorrow, local time.” “OK, great.” I wasn’t the best when it came to falling asleep on planes. Years of trips between Moscow and the US had taught me that. Hopefully tonight would be better. It was about 9PM and Brett and I were at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, sitting down with a drink,... read more

I woke up. I felt hot. I realized I wasn’t at home when I saw the ceiling of the tent. The sun shone directly on top of it, which made it unbearably hot inside. I was smelling a combination of sweat and semen. I was lying on my back and I somehow felt restricted. The weight on my left shoulder turned out to be David’s head. His neck rested in my armpit as my arm rested across his broad chest.... read more

I rolled up the sleeping bag and put it in the backpack. It was pretty much full already. Two large bottles of water, a change of clothes… What else did I need? David said he would take care of most other things. I didn’t even remember exactly where we were going. I do remember the name of the town, or mountain, started with Snow, which did not sound promising. But weather was actually unusually... read more


Larry, Part 2

by SonicWyoming

Dec 09, 2016

10/11/2015 After Larry had his way with me, I pulled my shirt down, he pulled his pants back up and we sat down to breakfast, almost as if nothing had happened. We ate, he told me he had some errands to run and would be back for dinner. I only half listened as he spoke, distracted by the glow in my bum and the cum leaking from my satisfied hole. “Ok, I’ll see you this evening”, I said... read more

I met Grant while I was in college. We worked together as pizza delivery drivers while working on getting our degrees. He and I immediately clicked. We both liked football, working out and smoking weed. He was handsome standing about 6 foot with brown hair and blue eyes, he was built with nice biceps and a six pack. If I ever had a sexual attraction to him then it was only momentarily as... read more

DROPPING THE BOTTLE OPENER by Robert Furlong === === So he bends over to pick up the bottle opener, his jeans so far down you can see his arse inside his boxers, and I say, "Fuckin' 'ell, Tyler! Are you deliberately flashin' me an eyeful o' wank-fodder!" He turned to grin at me, still bending over, and reached round to the... read more

The dark evening at Harvard University, invitees, from other Greek communities, were there to party in frat house as they just wanna have fun, like they liked to be wild for once. One guy was extremely important person to Greek communities because he was son of President Victor Nino in 2032 A.C. They did something what Jerry Nino want to as if he influenced them. For Jerry’s appearance, he... read more