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Here is another story about my buddy with whom i shared a woman. One night he had a fight with your girlfriend. He came by and spent a few days with me. It was late at night when he called and dropped by and asked if you can stay. I had been upstairs watching porn in my room. I was off early the next day and I told him he was welcome to stay. I didn't have a couch at that point... read more

If you read the last story you will find that I reconnected with my buddy ben. Soon after her last meeting he moved closer to his parents. I would go there on the weekends sometimes and we would go out for the evening. For a little while he was living with a younger man and I know they were screwing around because I could hear them at it in the middle of the night. Eventually we had... read more

I had not talked to Ben for many years. We were now in our mid-40s. One day I was in town and I ran right into him. He said he was visiting his parents from out of state. I asked him how long he would be around and he told me about 2 weeks. We exchange phone numbers and later that day I received a call. I asked him if he would like to come to dinner. He did not have a car with him... read more

I met a couple of another site. Went to their place and visited a while. They invited me into their bedroom she was very attractive and the two of us took turns on her. When I left I realized I really wasn't satisfied. Something was missing. They invited me to come back and they said I could even bring a friend. I told hey buddy what had happened and he said he had a threesome... read more


I do not normally sit down and write about my experiences, but reading everyone else's was making my cock hard, so I wanted to be part of that, and hopefully make some guy’s cock hard reading about my experiences. I have a lot of them that I will be writing about in the future, but I figured I would start off with the beginning, which is not as detailed and graphic as the... read more


by schtho193

Feb 04, 2022

Überraschung Verbrauchte, stickige Luft schlug mir entgegen, als ich meinen Lieblingsclub betrat. Die Floors waren gerammelt voll. Überall tanzte man zu hämmernder Musik. Mühsam kämpfte ich mich auf der Suche nach einem bekannten Gesicht in Richtung Bar. Ich konnte keinen meiner Bekannten ausmachen. War ja auch kein Wunder bei dem Gedränge, das hier herrschte. Ich bestellte mir ein Bier... read more


Daddie Spank

by willobeyU

Oct 19, 2020

Dad Meeting We first met in a online chat room after he sent an email to me. He had read my profile and know that i was bi and into bdsm. He was a "Daddy" who was into discipline and i was a "sub". A perfect match. A few chats and webcam inspections and it was decided that we would meet for a cup of coffee, nice neutral place, and see where that went. It went very well. He looked the... read more

September Fantasy

by d80k

Oct 01, 2020

As a Bi male, I have off and on played around with gay hook up apps, this is a story of one of those 'potential' transactions. After going back and forth on Grindr with a guy who seemed nice and normal, he stated he was interested in some role play; I asked him what he meant by that; he simply stated “Master/Sub”. This has been a long standing fantasy of mine so I said “I’d be down to... read more

(Author's note this story is complete fiction. I do not know the sexual preference of Bryce Harper or anyone else in this story. I do not condone anything happens in the story it is pure fiction.) Being a multi-millionaire in Philadelphia I go to a lot of charity events. There is one I will never forget "The Silent Celebrity Auction" where you bid on experience with Philadelphia... read more


Nacktputzdates 5

by vorfuehrbar

Mar 26, 2018

Die Geschichte ist nicht für Leser unter 18 Jahren geeignet. Die Geschichte ist vollständig frei erfunden, in allen Darstellungen und Praktiken handeln nur volljährige Charaktere. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mein Gastgeber aus dem Afrikanischen Viertel (Story 1) meldete sich nach einem halben Jahr an einem Freitag nachmittag über... read more

It was late June. Max was off from his job at Fantasy Point Amusement Park for this day and his wife, Kara, had the day free too from her job at the bank. Today was the day for Kara's family's annual BBQ reunion and Max and Kara were obligated to attend. Max and Kara had been married for a little over a year. Her family thought that Max was a nice young man but what they enjoyed most about... read more

Blue-eyed, blonde, tall, big-butted, 20-year-old Max was going to be late for work. His wife Kara always dropped him off at his job at Fantasy Point Amusement Park which was 15 minutes away from the bank where she worked as a teller. She picked him up afterward in the afternoon. This morning, Kara (a pretty, petite brunette) was helping her friend Mindy over the phone, dealing with another... read more

Smooth Saheed

by Omofineboy

Jan 23, 2018

In my business, I never followed trends, I loved to set them. So, while basking on my promotion as the head of our corporate organization in Cotonou at the age of forty, I lived life to the fullest.I travelled all over the world rubbing minds with brand makers and networking with the best of the best. My wife and five year old daughter were ensconced in our palatial home that was the... read more


“Ok Rose honey, why don’t we go to my place and get you settled down, then you could try and reach Denise?” I suggested ,still hoping the duo would make up and me coming out a hero and be reward with a threesome. The thought of a hot lesbianic threesome only got me hotter and hotter. Reluctantly, she allowed me to usher her into my Porsche. When joined her, I slotted a cool, jazzy,... read more

I met Abike on Facebook. I noticed that immediately after I accepted her friend’s request, she was on up my business. Everything I posted, she would be the first t ‘like’. At a point, I thought she could be a stalker, despite her impressive profile information. She was a media consultant in her early twenties. As a banker myself, I hardly had time to socialize. But I found solace in... read more

Part 1: Introductions and fucking poolside. I met Sara in college. She and I had started sleeping together but it was just for fun and nothing serious. Eventually, she met Jim and they became an item. Somehow we still stayed friends even after they married. Jim took over his family’s construction business and Sara became a lawyer. They did VERY well and had an amazing house that I... read more

I am a dedicated high school teacher. I thought I was as straight as a bow since I never had a gay encounter in my life. But meeting one of my student’s father changed the whole equation. I was engaged to be married when I was thirty five to my high school sweetheart, Mary. We went to college together and planned our future. She was the love of my life. She was pretty in an... read more

I was a taxi driver around the city because I had a family of five to feed. My job entailed picking up people of different races and sometimes I picked the good, the bad and the ugly. Some were kind and some are darn obnoxious. I picked up a white man named John from the airport to a hotel. En route the hotel, we struck a conversation and became instant friend. It was his first time... read more

While wallowing in the closet, I was a big playboy, literally speaking. I had always been endowed with dark, smoldering good looks, courtesy of my handsome father, who was also a ladies’ man in his day. I played basketball in secondary school and I was the perfect poster boy for the bevy of girls in school. But my PHD(Pretty Huge Dick) was my main asset. I am now twenty and in my final... read more

It had been so nice to meet Matt’s brothers and his sisters-in-law. It was a great night. Lots of laughter and good food. It was a surprise how different the Burne brothers were from each other. Jim was a successful business man, more the formal Burne brother. Tom sported a bushy beard and a slightly rounder physique. He wore a shirt with a floral pattern and seemed quite laid-back.... read more

Matt Ryan Gets Sold

by tt815

Jul 08, 2017

(Disclaimer this is fantasy don't know anyone in thehh story or there sexual pefrence It has been two week since Atlanta Flacons QB Matt Ryan was kidnapped Mr johns and finished matt expdided training end two nights ago and tonight was the auction Mr johns said he would start the bidding at six million it time matt as step on a block OK we have matt Ryan this sexy QB has been trained... read more

Rest stop

by Cumdumpster

Apr 22, 2017

I was on a long trip. I had to pull into a rest stop to stretch out. Not a soul around. So i walked the lot for a few min. Then a pick up pulled in. There was an older guy in it. So when he pulled in he parked kind of close to where i was. I glanced over, then checked out my phone. Looked up he was still staring at me. Did not think much of it because i was quite tired. Again a few min... read more

Mit dem nachbarsjungen

by Jp2405

Apr 18, 2017

An einem warmen Sommertag lag ich auf der Wiese vor unserem Haus und genoss das Rauschen des Flusses und die Warme Sonne. Plötzlich kam Tom, der sohn unserer Nachbarn, und legte sich neben mich ich war damals 18 und im 3, Jahr des Gymnasiums und er ging in die 6, Primarklasse. Wir redeten über Gott und die Welt. Da ich nur mit meiner Jogginghose da lag konnte man mein Penis erkennen. Ich... read more

My first Bisexual encounter My name is Kenneth and I am writing this story to share with you my first bisexual experience. When I was in college I had three friends Kevin, Gary, and my roommate, Orlando. Orlando was the eldest, and he was a ho. He stayed horny and was always telling us about how many women he fucked. At that time, I was 18, questioning my own sexuality and still a... read more


Had a ad in craigs list to just drain some dick. I was kind of shocked had 3 straight married guys show that day, i seriously can not get enough cock and cum. I find it to be a lot of fun to just grab some random guy and just ask if i can suck him dry. 90% say... read more

Got what i want

by Cumdumpster

Oct 01, 2016

So i went to a gay bar to see if i could get my fantasy filled. I was in luck it was a party so i started talking to a group of guys after about 2 hrs of talking i asked one guy if he thought him and his buddies would like to fuck my mouth, i said i want to be your cum dumpster tonight. He asked and of course they said yes.. We went back to one guys house i did not want to wait i needed... read more

I am hooked on being facefucked. I have a new thing where i go to different gay bars and find some random guy to blow and get what i want, a big hot is pretty easy to find guys to blow. I have no problem askin a guy if he wants a blow job, it really is amazing how many married straight guys will let a guy suck his dick. I want to see how many cocks i can suck in one night. That... read more

Give me the load

by Cumdumpster

Oct 01, 2016

So a month ago i figured out i am bi. I always wondered what it would be like to suck a dick. So one night i had few beers and decided it is time to see how it is to have a dick in my mouth, so i hit a local gay bar, followed a few different guys to bathroom so i could see who had a big dick. Figured if i was going to do this i want a big fat dick to suck. Finally i followed this guy and... read more

Cheating Wife Part-1-of-1 It was Saturday night and Charles was away on business and would be until Monday. And the kids were visiting their grandparents on their farm. This was her second day all to herself so Barbara figured, what the hell, she was going out for a night on the town. She had been eating healthy and exercising regularly and was feeling particularly confident. She knew... read more

I swallowed Part-1-of-1 I "swallow" during my first bisexual experience. I was eighteen and it was with a much older man, I'd been fantasizing about sucking a man’s cock for ages, I'd seen a couple of porn magazines with women sucking cocks and I thought a man’s cock was the most beautiful thing and the women all seemed to want to get that cum in their mouths. The though and the pictures made... read more