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Pimped Out Pt. 4

by WellFuckD

Dec 10, 2021

My learning that night was that dancing was the least important skill I had. Once I entered, Master and LeRoy left the room, and left me alone with the group of men. As I began to untie my robe, a large black man came up behind me and yanked it open. My large breasts were exposed and bounced a bit. I stood, stunned now wearing just a G string and heels. The man who had disrobed me, just... read more

This story is part 5, and the final part, of the locker room blues series. In part 1, Tim had dared himself to get naked in the university locker room, throwing his kit away in the bin in the hope that he would find some kit left behind to go home in. His plans went badly wrong, was caught by the security guard, and his tutor, finally driving off bare assed naked in his car home at midnight... read more

Carter's POV: We were sitting in the cafeteria during lunch the following day. Michael and I were filling in everyone on our trip to Florida when we saw a couple policemen enter the cafeteria. Our eyes focused on where they were going and they stopped at Marie's table. Now everybody was watching as one of the police officers handcuffed Marie and escorted her out of the cafeteria.... read more

Two nights ago, I was having a cigarette about 2AM. I was sleeping a jock strap for practical purposes. I woke up and wore it down to the end of my porch to have a smoke break. There generally isn't much activity at this time of night. A car had been pulled over because they were driving on a flat wheel. There were two IMPD officers down there and then the Sheriff who patrols our... read more

This story picks up from locker room blues Meanwhile, the kind officer got onto his phone, Calling all units, it’s stop and tell time. We have a naked male student in an old blue Ford leaving Scholars Lane, UCSD right now, turning north onto the Torrey Pines Road. Destination 172 Kilkenny Drive, Cardiff. I’ve... read more

Locker Room Blues

by cheshiregay

Mar 07, 2021

Hi, A reader emailed me a few weeks back... “I want to thank you for all your hard work writing the naked adventures of poor Sam. I've reread "Sam finds himself naked in the locker room" many times. Young guys slowly getting tricked out of their clothes and stranded naked is a huge turn-on for me. This is an embarrassing situation I'd like to forced myself into. Sorry, there is no ending,... read more


***This story was posted previously on my blog*** I realized I woke up smiling. I felt relaxed and at ease. I opened my eyes and noticed I was spooning Dylan. There was something so very comforting about not waking up alone for the first time in a while. At the same time I was surprised about enjoying myself so much last night. I had definitely temporarily forgotten why I had met... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** I woke up and looked around the room. I stretched my body without getting up. The duvet was tenting by my crotch, but I ignored it. Yesterday had been a pretty good first day. Five of the hockey guys stuck around in the cafeteria to have a few drinks, and get to know me. Or at least, Josh Roberts, a fake me. Ed, Aaron, James, Brandon,... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** “Southwick?” “Yeah. It’s in the Southwestern part of the state. South of Springfield. Less than a two hour drive.” “Well, all right.” That’s about how the conversation went. At 92 degrees (33 Celsius) it had been a hot day. With my sunglasses on and the AC blazing, I was driving along the Massachusetts turnpike. The sky was a... read more


Had plans to take break from work as businessman in New York City for two months. He’d deciding to travel all over USA by driving his rented car, green military jeep Cherokee sport, in the cool days. He informed his business partners that he won’t be back until he would be ready to return to work again. Pretty excited for his journey on the traveling to see what’s up with those cities. On... read more

"COP SUCKER"   This is a story of a young man and his encounter with a Uniform Motorcycle City Policeman. It contains domination and male-to-male sexual encounter. No intent of any particular person or persons should be intended. No one was injured in this story and all participants were willing. If you are offended by, man-to-man sexual contact or you are under legal age in you country or... read more


On the way home I realized I had the rest of today and tomorrow off. I parked my car at Short Stop Grocery to get some food and drinks to last me the weekend. As I walked in, I heard “Gary Pollock! How are you doing?” It was Peg, longtime owner of the small shop. I had a tendency to avoid Short Stop, not because of Peg per se, but because of the limited choice of products. That said, Peg was a... read more

I woke to the sound of very loud snoring. I could tell it was still dark out. I had forgotten there was someone in my bed, because I felt something touching my leg and my instinctive reaction was to move my leg away. But it was actually Cayden’s knee. I looked over and I saw him, lying on his back. His head was turned away from me. His left arm, which was closest to me was folded up, with his... read more

After a few weeks of working with Cayden, I felt like I not only had a great new partner, but also a new friend. In the gym I actually taught him proper posture during squats and I am pretty sure he did not realize it gave me a woody spotting him. Now of course our routines are synced up, meaning we have leg day on Thursdays together and I get to watch him squat once a week. Unfortunately now... read more

“Good morning Gary! How was your day off?” “Oh hey Kim, good morning!” “How did your date go? Tell me all about it!”, her tone implied the date was exciting, in the way that people who’ve been married for years think dates are exciting. “I was tired of him within 10 minutes.” “Aww, I was crossing my fingers for you!” She gave me a sad face. Kim was my favorite co-worker. It wasn’t easy coming... read more



by Buttascotch26

Aug 20, 2015

The alarm goes off, and I immediately jump out of my sleep. Damn this hangover is killing me. My head is throbbing, it feels like my brain is pounding on my skull, but i have to get up. I can't afford to be late, being a singer with the reputation that I've worked so hard to build. I have a performance at this new club named... read more

It was 2am when cousins Matthew and Greg snuck out of Matthew’s house butt naked. Greg was always up for a wild jerk-off game and wanted to end his stay with a bang. “Alright. We run around the block jerking until one of us cums,” said Greg. “Whoever cums first gets to tell the other guy where to cum – it can be anywhere.” “Awesome!” smiled Matthew, his dick already rock hard.... read more

ThisThe door shuts with a BANG. I look out the window to make sure that my mom is gone before I run excitedly upstairs to my room. I just got home from college, and the only time I get to watch porn is when my mom isn't home. However just as I'm about to start, I hear a knock at the door. I look out of the blinds from upstairs to see a large African American man standing at the door.... read more

I knew the phone call would come. I just didn't expect it this soon.... read more

As I was driving down the road minding my own business and deep in thought about the situations I faced all day long and the feelings I bottled up inside me about my life and how it was going, just drove me almost completely insane, figuratively speaking, but none of that mattered at that moment until I noticed the red and blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Great, just what I need a... read more


On highway In Southwest of Florida at morning, the police officer Hank parked on illegal U-turn and chilled with the glazed donut and large Starbucks coffee. He enjoyed his morning as if he was lazy while he sat his butt on car’s seat but he just developing with his innocent wisdom. He was watching every car past his vehicle for some cruel benefits as if he had desired to chase other down that... read more

Web Cam Lust

by WinstonManly

Dec 19, 2014

Jordan tried to remember just when he had gotten started doing web-cam sex with Ronald, the older man he had met through a gay on-line chat site. It had to have been at least six months ago. At least that.Jordan had never really thought of himself as... read more

It could have been just a little problem but OK, it was a huge mistake!I usually didn't drink that much but tonight was different. She was supposed to be at the party at 8 PM. She said she'd get a ride with a girlfriend. She showed up at 11PM with another guy.I was looking for a reason to dump the bitch anyway, and this was as good a reason as any. But I was still pissed that she showed... read more

Part FourBrave Mr. Bear said, “I really wanted to have a hard go at your gut before, well, you know. But as you also know I don't have much of a bargaining chip since you took me apart. I am really good with my gloved fists but I'm not going to beg. If you're ready, I'm ready to use my tight cop gloved fists on your gut, big man!” “Well, let's see what you can do. Here's fair... read more

Part Three The next moment I was holding Mr. Bear from behind and he felt my hard cock against his ass the same way. It was very hot to see two fully erect cocks in front of me at the ready. The Sergeant Major's cock was bigger, but my Mr. Bear's cock was more veined and pulsing. I wanted both of them in my mouth!The Sergeant Major cop started by cupping Mr. Bear's hard cock and... read more

Bear in a Boss Part TwoWith Mr. Bear driving it took no time at all to get to the courthouse. We had talked in the past regarding what might be our perfect experience. We both knew we'd just seen the man.We went inside and saw a fellow typing. I presented the business card to him and, returning the card to us, he said that he had been given to understand that the Sergeant Major was... read more

Bear in a Boss

by icyhot44

Feb 20, 2014

I'm a hot guy from North Texas on vacation in Pennsylvania. It's summer and I'm riding in a hot Mustang Boss 302 with a beefy, ruggedly handsome bear! This fun car is his new acquisition, and my big bear is wearing shorts, a yellow polo shirt covering a husky chest, and a quality pair of tight dark brown leather gloves. At his request I'm also wearing leather gloves. My favorite are skin-tight... read more


Ein Woche später kam ein Anruf anonym auf mein Handy. Erst wollte ich nicht abnehmen, aber dann meldete ich mich mit Hallo. Die andere Stimme sagte ich bin der Polizist vom Parkplatz und wollte fragen ob du erwischt werden möchtest? Erst bekam ich bedenken. Was ist wenn es für mich Folgen hat? Ich fragte dann: Klar wollte ich es, aber kann es für mich auch Folgen haben, wenn ihr nur es wegen... read more

Auf dem Polizeirevier

by Marko

Aug 13, 2013

Auf dem PolizeirevierMensch, hatte ich mich an dem Abend saudumm angestellt. Mit ein paar Kumpels war ich nachts in den Kneipen unterwegs und hatte dementsprechend auch genug getrunken. Da Jason als Fahrer eingeteilt war, war das auch in Ordnung. Aber zu später Stunde kam es zum Streit unter uns Freunden und ich wankte angeheitert aus dem Hideaway, unserer Stammkneipe. Chris, der Wirt,... read more

Chapter 91NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by“Cops!”When that was yelled, there was momentary chaos. I couldn’t do anything. I was shackled on the... read more