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Easy to Get

by Stepiquno Toglio

Sep 23, 2017

Singed in the shower at Posgo’s home about day he would do something to keep himself busy. He got excited about the event he would experience for. He wanted it to be remembering because it was most important for him to go through by the unexpected situation. He didn’t know what it was for by not enough important but didn’t mind to do it as he just was going there. Checked the mirror to groom... read more


Anonymous Pounding

by Funandbold

Dec 30, 2016

Anonymous Quckie! I’m not into these kind of scenes usually. But this guy hit me up on A4A and there was something about him. Can’t even tell you what because he doesn’t post any pictures. I’ve had a “really” stressful week at work and just wanted sex! He said he was working and thought he would get off at about 11pm. Said he was “very” horny but wanted to fuck me and wouldn’t... read more


Web Cam Lust

by WinstonManly

Dec 19, 2014

Jordan tried to remember just when he had gotten started doing web-cam sex with Ronald, the older man he had met through a gay on-line chat site. It had to have been at least six months ago. At least that.Jordan had never really thought of himself as... read more

Sam snatched after a football game and used Private Chatsam: hi theremike: hi...hows u sam: doing good tasam: excited that u want to kidnap me in rpmike: love the idea of stalking and snatching a lad. snatch u in ur kit after a gamesam: nice one yeahmike: muddy...sweatysam: me hot n exhaustedmike: easy preysam: hehesam: drag me to ur van before i can begin to... read more



by bobapple

Dec 15, 2013

Years ago I used to chat on various gay sites with all kinds of guys. I saved a lot of them as txt docs and once in awhile I grab the flash drive that they are saved on and read through a few. Some were pretty exciting. Be fore-warned readers that this story might be boner-raising material as it is very very graphic. I can not confirm that the situation is real or accurate in any way. Maybe I've... read more


by bobapple

Dec 09, 2013

Years ago I used to chat on various gay sites with all kinds of guys. I saved a lot of them as txt docs and once in awhile I grab the flash drive they are saved on & read through a few. Some were pretty raunchy & horny & others were depressing as hell. Lots of guys get themselves in very tricky and scary situations. Be fore-warned readers that this story is not boner-raising material & is not for... read more

Soccer Stud

by ttubbie

Nov 30, 2013

I had been chatting for quite some time and was about to call it a day, when a guy with with profile ‘soccerplayer’ clicked on my nickname. I reacted immediately, as I am crazy about soccer players with muscular thighs and calves. We started talking about our fantasies and it turned out he was into a lot, especially if I was prepared to serve him. This turned me on so much I begged him for more... read more

[This is my first attempt at fiction. It’s based extremely loosely on a true story told to me by my husband about an encounter he had with a famous man over twenty years ago, but it’s really not that story at all. There will be more about him and me and our real life and romance, but for some reason I felt the need to create rather than to recount . . . at least just this one. Hope you enjoy it.... read more

Online Briefing

by Furlong

Aug 08, 2013

ONLINE BRIEFINGPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===I scrolled down the pictures of men's underwear filling the screen, trying to locate the Calvin Klein boxer briefs Jake prefers. If I bought him the wrong ones, he'd wear them once and then that would be it. He'd say they were... read more

I was recently introduced to a chat site called Adam4Adam. I was pretty excited for the chance to be able to search and chat with some many men possibly in my area. I quickly created a profile and added my stats and a description about me. As a 38 Bi Married White male it was a easy way to chat without being outed. I have always seen myself more as a bottom when with other men. After my profile... read more

Guilty Pleasures

by Furlong

Jul 03, 2013

GUILTY PLEASURESPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===Jake and Simon were focussed on the afternoon's football game when they emerged from their hotel bedroom and there was no mention of what had taken place between their dads the previous night. Guy was his usual bright and breezy self, but I was feeling more subdued: troubled... read more


by herr ferdinand

Apr 03, 2013

Duncan war froh, dass er im Studentenwohnheim aufgenommen worden war. Eine eigene Wohnung hätte er sich gar nicht leisten können. Das Stipendium für sein Sportstudium reichte gerade fürs Leben und für das kleine Zimmer. Die anderen Studenten im Wohnheim kannten Duncans finanzielle Situation und unterstützten ihn, wo sie nur konnten. Zu seinem Einzug hatten sie einen PC aufgetrieben, damit er... read more


It was a typical Friday evening. For once, I wasn't hanging out with my friends... read more


by bmbm

Jan 23, 2012

The guy's login name was Bert and we had been messaging back and forth on SilverDaddies for a couple of months. We were older and about the same age and both had become curious about what m2m sex was all about and what we were maybe interested in. We were both married and he didn't seem to get much sex at home however my wife still enjoyed sex very much and even enjoyed sucking my cock on... read more


Internet Encounter

by gaywarlock

Feb 12, 2011

THE BEST FRIEND CHRONICLES1: Internet EncounterByGay Warlock It all started on a Friday evening. I'd been at my PC since 6 pm researching for my next novel. It was now approaching 11 pm and, my eyes heavy with tiredness, I was considering calling it a night. Deciding to check my e-mails before I logged off I opened my e-mail account and a box popped up on my screenYou... read more


This is a true story, though it happened almost a year ago, so you can be sure a few of the details are fudged or exaggerated. This story is the first in a series of true stories about sexual encounters I had in East Texas in recent years. If you like what you read, email me at - let me know what you think.... read more

The following is a true story - the aftermath of a CL encounter.>15 June 2010>01:38:15 AM>FROM: versatileutguy>TO: austinoralguy>>> Hey man - 22 year old, 6'2... read more


Nackt 2 - Im Chat

by mike36

Oct 05, 2009

Mike saß vor seinem Laptop die Hand in seiner Beule. Schon bekam er die ersten Sätze im Chat geliefert.... read more

Daniel verstrickt sich immer tiefer in die Falle der perversen Japaner. Er wird von Kaito und dessen Freunden zu einigen sexuellen Handlungen erpresst, die er aber heimlich auch sehr genießt und wird im Verlauf der Geschichte noch sehr viel Spaß haben. Mit jeder Aufgabe, die er erfüllt, liefert Daniel Kaito und dessen Freunden neues Material, um Daniel vom ahnungslosen, verklemmten, heimlich... read more


Lunch Break

by RandyDick

Apr 08, 2008

For days I kept thinking about my internet hookup at the deserted park, remembering every detail - thinking about that beautiful cock and that lovely, hairy asshole, not to mention his beautiful bubble butt and hairy, muscular legs. Basically, I was replaying the whole sexual adventure in my mind over and over again. And after a couple of times it was enough to get my dick leaking pre-cum in my... read more

Radek's Rendezvous

by RandyDick

Apr 08, 2008

Hi, my name’s Radek and like any other horny young stud, I like to cruise and chat up men on the Internet. Usually nothing much happens – either there’s nobody hot online – or the guys seem kinda strange or worse - lying through their teeth about their age and stats. But a couple of weeks ago, I was chatting online, and went to this guy’s personal page. It had some photos of him – some... read more

The following story is a true report of a friendship that was formed as a result of Men on the Net. This story will contain adult homosexual content. Ben is a 41 year old professional living in New Jersey. He is a handsome young man, 5'10" tall with fair complexion and dark hair. Ben hits the gym three day. In his spare time he reads and writes erotic stories. The passion in his life is... read more


Marcus – Hello? This Sean? Sean – Yeah … Wassup? Marcus – Man you had me so turned on from the chat room. Sean – Really? Marcus – Fa sho man, that’s why I’m glad you gave me yo’ number. Sean – So what you like to do man? Marcus – I like to get my dick sucked, I like ta eat out a tight ass, then fuck it after I get it open. Sean – Mmmm… I like you already. Describe your self... read more


This happened to me five or six months ago, it was summer then, this year. As my usual past time I was once again in front of my computer chatting. I went online at about half past midnight. I laid down my ad on the main - looking for someone who's near in my place. Few minutes later, someone mack me and asked for my asl. I gave him my complete statistics and send him the site of my pic. He... read more


by Jimmy Gordon

Mar 02, 2004

By Jimmy Gordon(I wrote this one from HIS point-of-view. Heh Heh.)jimmygor@optonline.netI met Jimmy in the cam chat room. He’s one of those sexy young guys that love to jerk off in front of men. He is blessed with a slim defined body, almost hairless, feminine but not faggy. I love to watch him bare his stuff. He’s really good, a showman for sure. He knows just how far to go, how to strip... read more

Email Fantasy

by dazyboi

Jan 13, 2004

I’m a gay Asian male and for the past few months, I have been writing to this closeted guy via email. Though his words say that he wants to meet me, I feel like he just can't do to whatever reasons. But for the past few months our emails have gotten hotter and hotter. I’ve decided to give you an example of our online tryst: I started with: After writing to each other for months, we... read more


My Cousin Vinnie

by va toby

Aug 17, 2003

NOTE: This story is a transcript of an on-line chat. User names have been changed. Visiting Tony: I always had a crush on my older Italian cousin, always wanted to do it with him, have him seduce me. He was a senior in college when I was an 18-year-old senior in high school. Always the football and baseball star in the family at the Catholic high school he went to and built like he... read more

Online Local

by Dick Lick

Aug 17, 2003

Mike and I had first met through one of those adult male sites online when he responded to my profile. He had written indicating that he was curious about what I might have to offer. I had written that I had a discreet place to play, was very oral, and wanted to service mature guys age 45+. When Mike wrote he indicated that he lived in the same town and he hoped that would not be a problem.... read more

Danny Boy

by edscurt

Apr 29, 2003

I met Danny in January on one of my more boring sojourns on the net. You see, my real-life lover works 8 hours a day every weekday, and I spend every day by myself (and there's only so much porn on the net). Anyway, that day I decided to go in an MSN chat room tiled "Men4Men," and that's when I first started to talk to Danny. He was so sweet and I felt an instant connection when he... read more

The following is a true story of my first (and only, so far) m/m/f sexual encounter. This happened about 5 years ago; I was 23 and living in Houston, Texas at the time. I’m about 6’ tall with a slim, mostly smooth, and well-defined build. While definitely not a body-builder, regular workouts at the gym have maintained a 30” waist, defined chest, and the start of a nice-six pack on my stomach. ... read more