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A Pussy for Dad

by WellFuckD

Jun 08, 2023

My parents divorced when I was a child, and from the age of 6 I grew up living with my mother. When I turned 18, she said she was sending me to live with my father so he could help me “man up,” as she worried that I hadn’t learned how to be a man living with her. My father lived in Texas near the Mexican border. We didn’t have much of a relationship, and I knew that he questioned... read more

WhatsApp DM : +601154194546 Telegram DM : Seni Urutan badan dan batin lelaki memang menarik perhatian Kamal untuk mendalami dengan lebih terperinci lagi. Lebih-lebih lagi Kamal yang dah berkahwin, berumur 35 tahun dan dikurniakan 2 orang anak. Disebalik zahir luaran Kamal yang nampak gah sebagai lelaki, suami dan bapa, namun disebaliknya tersimpan masalah... read more


Aku punya abang cukur langganan, namanya bang rifki. Tiap cukur pasti ke dia karena potongannya selalu bagus sesuai yang aku mau. Tapi selain itu faktor utama aku cukur sama dia adalah mukanya yang lumayan ganteng. Sebenernya ga ganteng- ganteng amat standar orang kampung lah, tapi mukanya agak cute dan postur badannya bagus, proporsional. Kalo ngegym pasti cepet jadi soalnya udah... read more

(Note I don't condone anything in the story the pure fantasy) Yes, indeed. The pandemic had its global effect on a massive scale especially on people of the middle class. Many lost their jobs and got their lives turned upside down. But this quarantine had a huge impact on rich people too. Not just by altering their lifestyle dramatically but also by separating them from their big...... read more

Durst II

by palover

Apr 17, 2022

Wieder einmal ziehe ich durch die schneebedeckten nächtlichen Straßen. Wie an so vielen Wochenenden zuvor suche ich jemanden, bei dem ich meine Gier stillen kann. Es ist wieder einmal bitterkalt und trotz meiner Bomberjacke fange ich leicht an zu frösteln. Es könnte an meiner knall engen Lederhose und der nicht vorhandenen Unterhose liegen. So sehr ich Jocks und Lycra liebe, ab und an ist das... read more



by hijinxross

Dec 08, 2021

This is a short story about a dream I had about attending an orgy… I was driving an old Jeep Wrangler as I pulled into the parking lot at a large resort. There were several single-story stucco buildings, in close proximity to each other, on some acreage. I parked, got out of my Jeep and immediately stripped off all my clothes. I walked into one of the buildings and went into a sauna full... read more

I can't believe it! It happened again. Daddy Paul is almost 80 but still very handsome. Lately I have seen some minor age problems and have given him a few massages to help him with his back and leg s. Overall he is in good shape. Lately we have been joking about our sexual times together and flirting. I usually go over and give him a back rub... read more

I have a best friend that for the purposes of this story, I’ll call Ben. Ben is straight and has a girlfriend, but he sometimes sends me mixed signals. He’s sent me kissing face emojis, has talked about his crotch to me, and has told me that he’s had wet dreams. I know, this can be normal stuff friends talk about, but to my bi ears, it just makes me fantasize about having sex with him.... read more

Carter's POV: I woke up the morning after our first day in Miami with a raging hardon. Beside me Michael was sleeping on his side with his back to me. I moved up beside Michael and put my arm around him my hand finding his big, fat, hard dick. I started kissing his shoulder. He gave a pleasurable groan and moved on his back and grabbed my head and brought my lips to his. We made out... read more

Finally old enough to go to a XXX movie theater. Was always curious when's I seen one in the cities they just looked so XXX Adults Only 24 Hours must be 18 so exciting they looked. Always thought they showed hot naked sexy films. 18 nice body looked like I was younger, long hair babyface was always teased that I looked like a girl and everyone had a girlfriend never had real sex...... read more


The Slave girl

by JoyStick

Oct 13, 2019

The Slave Girl By Joystick Disclaimer: This story may contain scenes of a graphical nature that may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18, or if material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now. By reading on, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. This story is a work of pure fiction. Names, characters,... read more

I love gay get togethers at my local gay club, es[especially when they have the themed nights. One such night last week was my fave, all the men had to wear some item of lingerie. Much as I wanted to, could only two or three things. Being a rugby playing man, I am, to be honest, pretty well hung and have large balls as well, so decided on a pair of stretch cotton/lycra panties, which would... read more


Looking out an airplane window never got old. Seeing the blue sky while flying above the clouds had a beauty about it, yet at the same time the view was also quite surreal. I looked to my left and saw my sister Katie sleeping in her seat. It was because of her we were on our way from Cleveland to the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. After working as a manager of a hotel for the last ten... read more


Walked inside the porn industry where Kyai’s friend worked. Kyai wanted to show Nahi what they do it for a various living to experience and learn about how they working. Nahi found it so heartbreaking as if he cannot believe what he saw. Nahi preferred his love relationship to with one person, not multitudes. It would be too much for him if he did. To meet Kyai’s friend, they just had introduced... read more

“Ssshhh… we have to be quiet for Mum”, Matt said, as he stumbled through the door. In the taxi ride from The GPO to his mother’s apartment, he had been an unbalanced, mumbling mess. I was quite drunk myself, but I felt like the sober and responsible one compared to my boyfriend. Matt tried to tip toe to the guest room, but bumped into a chair and fell over. “Oh no!”, he said, laughing.... read more

Dave drove me and Matt around Brisbane, showing me their favorite places. “I contemplated taking you to the Koala Sanctuary Park”, Dave said during lunch at Matt’s favorite restaurant, Guilty Rogue. “Oh my God!”, I said immediately. The thought of petting a koala got me immediately excited. “That’s so typically Australian, we should do that while we’re here, right?”, I added. Matt... read more

Had plans to take break from work as businessman in New York City for two months. He’d deciding to travel all over USA by driving his rented car, green military jeep Cherokee sport, in the cool days. He informed his business partners that he won’t be back until he would be ready to return to work again. Pretty excited for his journey on the traveling to see what’s up with those cities. On... read more

Walked into the elegant hotel with two hot guys in Paris, France at near 10pm to sightseeing the beauty of masculine sex. Saxadi, described to be 5’9” tall black-haired [Curly] lean fit wealthy Arabian in white business clothes that had sexy beard and aged 32 years old, paid it to front desk staff. The staff was glad to inform them where the room was. “Thank you for using our service to... read more

Completed on everything after Nahi had plan to leave his home for new life in California with Kyai, he had mixed feeling about it because he haven’t been there before until this moment. His new boyfriend Kyai explained Nahi everything about being in that state with some experience what Kyai went through for. Nahi wanted to know how to able to work with him and other one in that workplace but... read more

Time To Pop Your Cherry

by sissy

Oct 21, 2017

In school I was not what you would call masculine. In fact, I was small people would say I was cute like a girl. I hated gym class not so much P.E. itself I was pretty agile but the locker room while changing. I was a freshman and we just got done playing dodge ball and I ran into the locker room and tried to get a shower before most of the boys come in. I just got done... read more

Easy to Get

by Stepiquno Toglio

Sep 23, 2017

Singed in the shower at Posgo’s home about day he would do something to keep himself busy. He got excited about the event he would experience for. He wanted it to be remembering because it was most important for him to go through by the unexpected situation. He didn’t know what it was for by not enough important but didn’t mind to do it as he just was going there. Checked the mirror to groom... read more

Curious about Las Vegas the guy visited for first time on his own in hot afternoon, those sceneries blew Lawos Favoi away. Everything had impossible for him to figure out how the engineers designed those masterpieces. The billion dollar casinos just looked so incredible. Before he went to one of them, he decided to go to the agency for sign up to being amateur gay porn actor. The poor-looking... read more

Black Panther Vs. Tentacle Man Part 1 Black Panther patrolled in his new state of the art suit. He had nipple pieces and anatomically a correct latex like suit that showed off his plump butt like a canyon. His 11 inch cock was think and coiled in a tight cod piece. The suit was black but had a glossy finish which showed off his features. He was tall, dark, handsome and packed with... read more

I came around the bend and I realized I had energy left in the last fifty meters. I only saw Chris in front of me and decided to go for it. I noticed I was getting closer and closer and I just crossed the finish line before he did. “Well done, Toby!” New assistant coach Sowders clapped for me. He had replaced Coach Rivera only a few weeks back and what a replacement he had been. Short brown... read more

Business friend

by DavidDavis

Jul 26, 2017

Philip and I were friends from work. We had seen each other at the urinals at work, but neither of us looked down to see the other guy's dick. (I guess we were too nervous at getting caught looking.) He and I shared a room at an out-of-town conference. We both let the other one know that we enjoyed sleeping nude, and since this was fine for both of us, we stripped down. Our cocks were... read more

"The Bat," The Joker said. Bane put on a powerful glove with Titanium electric pulses. Batman tried to dodge, but Killer Croc put him in a full Nelson. Batman's ass rubbed against Killer Croc who was horny from the Nightwing ball busting abuse. Bane did a flying kick to Batman's codpiece. His plump balls smashed into the pit of his stomach. Next Bane kneeled and twisted Batman's balls... read more

As a 59 year old white guy who adores mature black men with large cocks, I have to say that one of my favorite fantasies is with a guy from a movie I watch often. The movie is an older one converted from a VHS tape to WMV file that I found online. There are quite a few scenes I really enjoy of this mature black guy with a massive cock being serviced by a white guy. In some scenes he's... read more

Found One

by Stepiquno Toglio

Jun 07, 2017

On gay date network from the internet, there was guy, named Misano, looked for guy to date and committed it for long-term relationship. He took it too serious because he was picky and being perfectionist about their appearance. He didn’t like ugly people but, at same time, he pitied them. He supposed not to think about that as if it wasn’t nice at all how he felt. He wanted his guy to be perfect... read more

I sighed as I waited for the red light to turn green. It was Friday. One more day and it’d be the weekend again. Last weekend I had been doing an intense course on NLP and hypnosis so it had been a while since I had been able to be at home and chill out. This made me look forward to the weekend even more than usual. But now I was on the exact same route that I was on five days a week, to my... read more

In South California, there was new neighbor move in where it captured James’s attention when he checked out the window and saw muscly guy that carried his belongs into the Ranch-Styled house. He looked handsome and young. James just wondered if new guy was American or not because James had a difficult time with identify of his sexy appearance. “Hmm…” James thought, “I got to know about him.”... read more