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I woke up on Saturday morning to find Brysen just sitting up in bed. It wasn't out of the ordinary for Brysen to wake up before me. He normally wakes up before me, but he normally gets out of bed and makes breakfast. I sat up next to him and asked. "Is something wrong?" Brysen looked at me. "Am I good enough for you?" "What do you mean by that?" I asked puzzled. "You have a... read more

It was Saturday afternoon and Brysen and I were in bed engaged in a kiss. I was on top of Brysen my arms tight around him. Brysen was naked and I was only wearing a pair of briefs. Brysen's hands moved down my sides and he slid down my briefs. My cock sprang out and I shimmied out of them letting them hit the floor. Brysen then reaches over to the nightstand and grabs a bottle of lube. He... read more

It had been a couple of days since I had proposed to Brysen. We have yet to discuss any wedding plans. The truth was I was never into big weddings. I always thought that simply going to the courthouse and having it done there was better. I'd rather save the money on the actual marriage. Maybe have money for a down payment on a house or maybe use that money for a nice honeymoon. I wasn't... read more

I woke up. I remembered the night before when Brysen and I agreed to get married finally after so many years of hooking up admitting our love for each other. I looked over and Brysen wasn't in bed. I remembered that it was Monday and Brysen and I both had to work. Brysen was a plumber, and I worked in an office. I got out of bed and heard the shower going in the bathroom. I walked into... read more

I sat there stunned. Brysen who had I had a friends with benefits relationship for years had come to stay with me after his girlfriend broke up with him. Of course we fucked. We were seated at the kitchen table having breakfast. Brysen mentioned that I would be turning thirty the following month and that we should get married. "Get married?" I asked. "You don't remember?" Brysen... read more

I was sitting at home on a Saturday evening. Nothing going on. I was thinking of messaging one of the guys that I normally hook up with when the knock came at the door. I got up to answer it and there stood Brysen. Brysen was a friend who well we started out by just hooking up. It was my freshmen year of college that I met Brysen. Early in the year I found myself quite horny all the time.... read more

Unholy Sex

by Alleykat69

Sep 11, 2023

I’ve been sucking cocks falling in love with them for 9 months now at the movies rest- stops parks anywhere I can find strangers to suck hot cum filling my belly. I even gone out wearing girls panties..they make me feel hot sexy cheap slutty. But when I went to a distant relative funeral I found my true calling. There were almost 70 people at the funeral.. I decided to sit in the... read more

Nama ku Azmi dan ini kisah hidup ku. Ketika umur ku 18 aku telah ke SIngapura untuk berkerja sebagai seorang waiter oklah gaji yang aku dapat cukup untuk aku dan keluarga ku di kampung. Macam2 orang yang aku kenal bila aku berkerja di sebuah pub di Clark key salah satu regular customer yang aku kenal ialah Arthur seorang lelaki yang berasal dari Canada. Dia selalu sapa aku bila dia... read more

A Pussy for Dad

by WellFuckD

Jun 08, 2023

My parents divorced when I was a child, and from the age of 6 I grew up living with my mother. When I turned 18, she said she was sending me to live with my father so he could help me “man up,” as she worried that I hadn’t learned how to be a man living with her. My father lived in Texas near the Mexican border. We didn’t have much of a relationship, and I knew that he questioned... read more

Rest Stop

by asnman

Jun 03, 2023

I was feeling horny after working out at the gym that I didn’t take a shower and decided to drive to a rest stop that I have had hot times in the past. There is a forest next to the rest stop where guys would look for other guys for sex. By the time I got to the rest stop, I was so horny from anticipating meeting a hot guy; my dick was rock hard straining to get out of my sweaty jock... read more

WhatsApp DM : +601154194546 Telegram DM : Seni Urutan badan dan batin lelaki memang menarik perhatian Kamal untuk mendalami dengan lebih terperinci lagi. Lebih-lebih lagi Kamal yang dah berkahwin, berumur 35 tahun dan dikurniakan 2 orang anak. Disebalik zahir luaran Kamal yang nampak gah sebagai lelaki, suami dan bapa, namun disebaliknya tersimpan masalah... read more

I’m in a daze confused I just let a older man use my naked body like I’m just a little slut I’m kissing him swapping tongues sucking my first cock getting my virginity taken downstairs in a church moaning like a girl begging for him to fill my boipussy with his sweet cum. And as I swearing to god for more the Pastor cums In calling me a sinner He’s completely naked except for his... read more

I guess it’s my own fault I got sloppy to bold to slutty like showing off my petite half naked body cruising to suck off strangers at this park every other weekend nights. I only suck and get sucked.. that’s it.. Ever since I sucked my first cock I’ve become addicted like. I love sucking hot cum filling my belly it’s the ultimate turn-on for me..It’s exciting dangerous scary being... read more

Here is another story about my buddy with whom i shared a woman. One night he had a fight with your girlfriend. He came by and spent a few days with me. It was late at night when he called and dropped by and asked if you can stay. I had been upstairs watching porn in my room. I was off early the next day and I told him he was welcome to stay. I didn't have a couch at that point... read more

Sex at a funeral

by Alleykat

Mar 09, 2023

My cousin died my age 18 only really seen him was years ago at family gatherings. My mom just had surgery and could not make the trip. The funeral was on a different state. Mom gave me her credit card booked a room for me at a motel Wednesday- Saturday. I was pretty excited going on a road trip 8-10 hour drive. First time out of state 4 days on my own. Mom packed my bag nice pair of... read more

If you read the last story you will find that I reconnected with my buddy ben. Soon after her last meeting he moved closer to his parents. I would go there on the weekends sometimes and we would go out for the evening. For a little while he was living with a younger man and I know they were screwing around because I could hear them at it in the middle of the night. Eventually we had... read more

I had not talked to Ben for many years. We were now in our mid-40s. One day I was in town and I ran right into him. He said he was visiting his parents from out of state. I asked him how long he would be around and he told me about 2 weeks. We exchange phone numbers and later that day I received a call. I asked him if he would like to come to dinner. He did not have a car with him... read more

I met a couple of another site. Went to their place and visited a while. They invited me into their bedroom she was very attractive and the two of us took turns on her. When I left I realized I really wasn't satisfied. Something was missing. They invited me to come back and they said I could even bring a friend. I told hey buddy what had happened and he said he had a threesome... read more

Chapter 1 - The Theatre The smell of sex and desperation hung heavy in the air as Luke stepped through the doors of the adult movie theatre. He had been coming here for months, drawn to the seedy underbelly of desire that thrived within its sticky walls and general sense of depravity, within its charm. The darkness was overwhelming at first, flashes of white merging to grey then... read more

Wrong rest-stop?

by Alleykat69

Feb 19, 2023

I was still like an hour away from home after a party up north pool n hot tub with friends when I saw the sign Rest Stop ahead, having to pee and stretch out a bit I pulled in. It was almost midnight like only 6 cars in the lot. I parked in the back away from everybody so I could smoke a joint and stretch out my body. I was still in my swimsuit t-shirt got out looked around lit the... read more

First Boyfriend

by bonadude

Feb 09, 2023

First Date Joe and I were getting together at least twice a week at his place in the Hollywood hills. He lived on a private street in a quiet neighborhood just above Franklyn St. I had an open invitation and he was always up for fun.. I met Joe at a job i had at a studio. I had confided my queerness to him and he to me. We stayed in touch after I left, and he invited me on a... read more

Es ist Mittags an einem heißen, schwülen Sommertag. Ich stehe auf dem Dach und arbeite. Der Schweiß läuft in Bächen von meiner Stirn. Er läuft mir den Rücken herunter und durchnässt dabei mein ohnehin schon feuchtest, klebriges Muscle- Shirt. Er läuft an meiner Wirbelsäule in meine Arschritze. Ich bin 48 und für mein Alter recht Fit. Ich trage ein Kopftuch, wie man es von den Piraten... read more

Im Getränkemarkt

by sexandfun

Jan 09, 2023

Im Getränkemarkt Es war ein extrem heißer Sommertag. Ich fuhr mit Leergut zum nächsten Getränkemarkt. Normalerweise war die Tür zu.Wegen der Hitze war sie offen und der dort arbeitende Helfer stand vor de Tür.Er sah dass ich im Wagen viel Leergut hatte und kam um mir beim Ausladen zu helfen.Oh was ein bildhübscher junger Typ sehr schlank.Geiles T-Shioert was seine von vetten Venen übersäten... read more


***Author’s note: I do not know the sexual preference of any of the person written about in this story. Also, do not imply the sexual preference of any character’s written about in this story. Also, this story is completely pure fiction. I don’t know the real life story of the person this story is about. This story also includes men performing sexual acts so, if you are not... read more

Aku terpanggil untuk berkongsi kisah di sini setelah membaca kisah2 yang terdapat di dalam motn ini. Banyak juga yang menarik, tak kurang juga yang agak mendebarkan.. tu belum yang memancutkan lagi hahaaa.. Kita sambung part 02. ************************** "Terima Kasih abg, sebab sudi jumpa Arul" aku terima msg whatsapp dari Arul. Dia kata dia happy sgt dpt berjumpa dgn aku &... read more

Kisah Benar A to Z

by abgdaddy

Dec 03, 2022

First time aku hantar cerita selepas setahun lebih membaca cerita2 dlm ni. Kini aku terpanggil utk share kisah aku. Segala yg aku tulis ini adalah dari pengalaman aku sendiri. Pahit manis liku hidupku dari dulu di; KL hingga kini di sebuah pulau di Utara. Usiaku hampir menginjak ke status wargamas. Aku beristeri dan mempunyai 3 org anak yg dah dewasa. Sesungguhnya, tak terasa masa... read more

Aku punya abang cukur langganan, namanya bang rifki. Tiap cukur pasti ke dia karena potongannya selalu bagus sesuai yang aku mau. Tapi selain itu faktor utama aku cukur sama dia adalah mukanya yang lumayan ganteng. Sebenernya ga ganteng- ganteng amat standar orang kampung lah, tapi mukanya agak cute dan postur badannya bagus, proporsional. Kalo ngegym pasti cepet jadi soalnya udah... read more

"Fuck dude, what the hell was that?" Jake tells me. "I told you man your friend Paul pissed on me, and why the fuck are you asking me again?" I tell Jake. "Calm down man, I was just asking. Jake tells me. "You know what take me the fuck home, I don't need this shit!" I yell at Jake. "Baby, calm down it's okay. "I'm just concern that's all. Jake says to me. "Well, I'm pissed that you would... read more

I walk up to Jake, and tell him, "Hey sexy let's go." "What's up? You wanna leave now? Jake tells me. "Yeah, I want to go. "I've had enough we've been here for hours, so let's head to your place." I say to Jake. "Okay, we can go. Jake smiles, and swallows the rest of his drink. "I got it sexy." as I lay the money on the bar. We both exit, and look to the side of the bar seeing Jake's ex... read more

Jim and I - Part 7

by bikiniteen

Oct 14, 2022

“Hey man, what are you up to?” the text from Jim read “Just working at home in my underwear, like normal” I quickly replied It had been a couple weeks since we were all sent home from work but luckily Jim and I were both able to still telework. I know I was taking full advantage of spending most of the work day in just a t-shirt and underwear but I don’t think Jim was as lucky... read more