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Had plans to take break from work as businessman in New York City for two months. He’d deciding to travel all over USA by driving his rented car, green military jeep Cherokee sport, in the cool days. He informed his business partners that he won’t be back until he would be ready to return to work again. Pretty excited for his journey on the traveling to see what’s up with those cities. On... read more

Got stress for Nahi Asho to find the potential lover. He wasn’t lucky enough to live in his city due to lack of having LGBTQ community. He had difficult time and felt stuck while can’t afford to live other city where it had a lot of gays reside. He had lousy job. He worked as waiter at Italian restaurant (Cheesecake factory) in USA. When any hot male customers were ready to order, Nahi always... read more

Matthew felt like he’d stepped into a really hot porn movie. He was standing in the swim team locker room, watching a row of ten guys standing butt naked jerking off onto towels held in front of them by his own team mates. It was the final step in their initiation – one Matthew had insisted on as captain. Each of the naked guys had a really hot swimmers’ body, and they were getting... read more


A sexually exhausted Bob led Carl out of the room, further away from the party, up the stairs to the top floor, and to a large door stating: "CEO: Marcus Garcia". "No! I can't!" Carl pleaded, but Bob insist with a ensured look on his face, and suddenly started massaging Carl's shoulders. "Don't worry, he's expecting me but he won't mind" Bob said. Carl looked shocked and confused. "We're a bit of... read more

"Leave Us!" Asmodeus bellowed. Reluctantly the demons left the room. In a few minutes there was no one in the enormous empty room besides Matthew, Asmodeus, the few winged beasts latched on the ceiling, and the red skinned demon, who then left with a scowl after receiving a low growl from Asmodeus. It was now Asmodeus and Matt who was naked and afraid. "Closer" the demon king demanded. Matt... read more

Originally posted with illustrative images on my blog . This is a real life love story of a guy who moved to a new city and shares a room with another guy. Follow the blog to read most recent incidents from his life and to see how the his roommate persuades him to fall in love and accept his love. ========================================== Thermo... read more


I go SUB

by anyman2

Dec 07, 2015

I would welcome comments at A look back at the first time I sucked cock. While I loved eating Pussy I wasn't getting any. I thought about male sex but not seriously. As time wore on, I became desperate. I started searching the net and chatted with a few guys. Finally, one sent me his phone number and it scared the hell out of me. In my desperation for sex, I decided to... read more

PART IThe popping of his ears indicated to Joe just how fast the elevator was traveling. Alone in the marbled wall box, he saw his reflection in the stainless steel doors. He fixed his hair one last time before he would enter into the most important interview of his life. At 5 foot 6 and just 130 pounds, he wasn’t very physically imposing and often felt embarrassed by his body. He was... read more

I was a pro pilot and out with friends from work. I was not looking but I'd been fucking my ass with really big plastic vibrators and I knew getting my ass fucked by a hardcore top I could cum really hard. But I wasn't looking. Until I looked to the door and saw him!! Holy fuck I thought!! He's not from around here. I read him as from Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco or... read more


Getting home early, I grabbed a shower and floppedon my bed for a nap before getting dressed to go out. A buddy found me, sat down beside me on the bed, and began playing with my butt. Seeing me stir he lay down beside me..... read more

How I learned I was born to be a bitchThe true (and unembellished) account of my first sexual experiences with a manProvincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, August 1988Ever since I can remember having sexual fantasies I fantasized about being dominated. I was brought up playing organized sports and was a talented athlete. In high-school I played varsity football (running back) and... read more



by Habu

Sep 27, 2013

Is this the very café table where we sat? Yes, I think it is. In fact, I’m sure it is. It’s as if time has stood still. The café is just as it was nearly thirty years ago—or at least I don’t remember anything as different. It’s hard to believe that as much as London has changed over the last twenty years, Norwich might not have changed at all. Or so it seems. And so I want it to be. I don’t want... read more

Training Asu

by Habu

Sep 12, 2013

“You cannot put it off any longer, my friend. If you do not choose for Asu soon, the priests will take him. The choice will no longer be yours—or Asu’s. He is of age for starting the life chosen for him. He cannot do other than meet his destiny.”“I know that, Sargon, it is just so hard . . .”Baltasar, the wood merchant, was sitting at a table outside of the tea shop in the bazaar, sipping... read more

Do You Trust Me?

by Habu

Jun 01, 2013

Angelo had been so tense through his set at the café this evening, that he was afraid that it could be heard in his voice or in a change in how he coaxed the music out of the strings of his guitar. But those sitting around a smoking and drinking long after the food service had been shut down didn’t seem to have reacted any differently than before, with just those exceptions. Although all of the... read more


The Red Rose!

by tjr

Dec 25, 2012

'The Red Rose!' TJ Ryder Jan was in the locker room at the University's giantolympic pool building and a little nervous about the day'sdivisional final match and trying not to think aboutanything else, but it wasn't easy for several distractingreasons. One of which was just coming out of the showers by the... read more


Xavier is a striking, and beautiful 28 Year old. Short dark hair, and beautiful deep brown eyes. He had a huge frame, about 6”0 and 200 lbs. Muscular... but he still looked trim, no matter how hard he worked out. He had a square cut face, perfect lips, and an incredible smile.He always caught guys staring at his beautiful body and thick powerful cock at the gym. He enjoyed showing it... read more

It all started 17 days before. I replied to a personal ad from a man like I'd never met before. He wanted someone to control COMPLETELY. He made it very clear he was a total top and described it as a conquering. He called me 5minutes after i replied. From that moment I was his. Immediately he was inside my head and when I was in his presence I never made any decisions. I was led. We... read more


The Undercard 2 – Thug Top On The HuntBy D.O.Where is that little faggot? I was sweaty and all riled up from my last MMA bout against Craven ‘Ice Pick’ Konchalski, this huge fucking Russian Polack who was bigger than me and could fight like a motherfucker. After the fight, I was in the locker room and I could feel myself starting to get hard and stiff. All that pent up aggression that I... read more

He emailed me on a site where boys look for daddies. I agreed to meet with him after checking out his pix and sending him some basic rules for training and play. He agreed to the basic rules which were once I enter his apartment, he is to strip naked and wear nothing until I give him permissions. Next, he is willing to learn. I will demonstrate what he will learn to do and then he is to learn... read more

I lost my virginity under circumstances that unfolded initially in a very mundane way. As an 18 year old, this was my last summer in which I was happily unemployed and carefree. I was in the habit of going to the boathouse every weekday morning and taking out a single scull for a six mile row. I had taken up the sport of rowing the previous year in high school. I was determined to devote the... read more

“Good. My, you are a nice big bitch, aren’t you? Just the way I like them.” “Yes Sir.” I’m thinking run, run Bob, but where. “Yes, nice hairy chest,” I feel a hand run through my chest hair. “I see you nips are already hard.” I feel him pinch and twist them hard, hurting me, as I moan. “Oh don’t worry, bitch, you will moan a lot louder tonight, but no one can hear you.” I’m now... read more

I’m in town on business. But, must admit I’ve been randy for a few days. As I always do, a few days before my trip I do a little research. Looking through the assorted bars, etc., I come across an Ad that catches my eye. It’s listed as a private club, Club Leather Bear, and simply lists a telephone number. Of course, I wrote it down prior to packing. About me, I guess. I’m 5'9", 240, a... read more


My name is Mark and you may have read about me and my in-laws on previous stories. If you have, then you know that I have a great relationship with my 65 year old in-laws, Helen and Keith. My father-in-law is a chubby, balding, man who is kind and considerate. He is also a member of a men's fraternity that is known as being somewhat secretive but they do a lot of good things for charity. He... read more

Marathon Training 3

by sporter

Jul 15, 2008

For the first time in hours, I was uncuffed and untied and not being fucked or pushed to my athletic limit. I lay on the floor; after all, Jeff had punched me for cumming and ordered me to lick up every ounce from the floor and his pants and chest. He probably knew I couldn't resist. I was completely spent, and I still had the electric dildo up my ass. He knew he could flip a switch and send... read more

Marathon Training 2

by sporter

Jul 15, 2008

I sat naked in the back of Jeff's car, wrists handcuffed behind me and gagged with Jeff's underwear, absolutely enjoying the rest. Jeff, the personal trainer I signed up with to help take me to the Olympics in various track-and-field events, just put me through the most intense workout of my life. I was still sweating, still out of breath, but at least I wasn't lifting, running, punished, or... read more

Divisional Playoffs Saturday That weekend, as I headed over to Ben’s again to watch the Divisional Playoffs, I ran into Erik in the hallway. I met Erik and his wife for the first time a month ago at one of Joe’s parties I went to with Ben. Erik and Joe’s families have been friends for a long time so I guess they’ve been friends since childhood. Erik is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever... read more


Okay, I should know better. You cannot drive down the Interstate and jerk off for the truckers without getting someone upset and after several warnings, tickets and court hearings; they finally decided to sentence me 30 days inside. Because of the nature of the crime, I was sent to the state’s facility where all sex offenders go. Usually, this houses rapist, child molesters and even young... read more

It was going to be his first time in a few minutes and he wasn’t scared at all. He and Alessandro, who was going to be his mentor, were in a beautiful sport car, driving to Alessandro’s House. Adam felt good: he was going to have sex for the first time with a really handsome man and was at the moment comfortably smoking a cigar. He was a teenager since he was eighteen, and he really felt like a... read more


First Threesome

by Habu

Aug 21, 2006

My first, memorable threesome was in that fancy gym in Bangkok where I had recently met who I called my Indian magician, who had seduced and initiated me. And the threesome was orchestrated by that Indian diplomat as well. He had been eyeing a military attaché from the Israeli embassy on the exercise floor—a man pushing his forties, built close to the ground but with long arms, almost simian in... read more

Charlie is My Darlng

by pengie10

Jun 26, 2006

The first time I saw Charlie at one of our "get to know us" parties at the frat house, I knew I had to have him. Tall, blond, broad-shouldered, ripped chest and abs very evident in his skin-tight white T, incredible taper down to a ridiculously small waist - classic swimmer's build - short denim cut-offs with an obscene bulge - long straight muscular legs with a fine dusting of straight golden... read more