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Had plans to take break from work as businessman in New York City for two months. He’d deciding to travel all over USA by driving his rented car, green military jeep Cherokee sport, in the cool days. He informed his business partners that he won’t be back until he would be ready to return to work again. Pretty excited for his journey on the traveling to see what’s up with those cities. On... read more

Curious about Las Vegas the guy visited for first time on his own in hot afternoon, those sceneries blew Lawos Favoi away. Everything had impossible for him to figure out how the engineers designed those masterpieces. The billion dollar casinos just looked so incredible. Before he went to one of them, he decided to go to the agency for sign up to being amateur gay porn actor. The poor-looking... read more

Funny Joe

by Stepiquno Toglio

Mar 02, 2017

Inside Joe’s British home with large yard in United Kingdom at the 6’o’clock in the evening for just celebrated his birthday. His friends have been invited over to party his birthday. Joe was very excited about it because he had good year as he was very busy to make name for himself to entertain someone as if he wanted to be comedian. He was very hilarious by made funny faces and silly... read more


The dark evening at Harvard University, invitees, from other Greek communities, were there to party in frat house as they just wanna have fun, like they liked to be wild for once. One guy was extremely important person to Greek communities because he was son of President Victor Nino in 2032 A.C. They did something what Jerry Nino want to as if he influenced them. For Jerry’s appearance, he... read more


In Germany at 11-o-clock at morning in quiet town, there was one sexy blonde German guy named Friedhelm waited for his friends to come to his house for just hang out. He had ideas about fun he could entertain with his friends to win any kinds of it. In the appearance of Friedhelm, he was 5’11” tall, 21 years old, lean fit build, had buzz cut as hairstyle. He just read the motorcycle magazine... read more


On Friday at night time in West Hollywood, his gay friends and Irving went to very new huge bathhouse club that has lots of Jacuzzis for good time. They arrived at there and got VIP tickets by paid for 6 people to partying and get warm in hot tub as the individual room as if they already make reservation before anyone took over. “Let me guiding you to room, my bro,” hot black host friendly... read more

Ask the Doctor, Part 4 -This is a fictional story.Dear Doc: Last night, I proposed to the girl of my dreams (we’ve dated for over six months). She said “yes”, provided we do a “test drive” in the bedroom, as she need to know I could “perform.” That’s all fine and dandy, but I signed a pledge six years ago when I was eighteen that I would not engage in sexual relations until I was married... read more


sucking jake 2

by sucbud

Jan 23, 2013

i take your manhood in my mouthdeep kissing your cockoh sweet bliss your soft membergrowing to fill my oral adorationand then the whole shaft pressinginto the welcome of wet desireflexing to soft tissue & withdrawnonly to know all anew all anew... read more


Ask the Doctor, Part 3 -This is a fictional story. Enjoy!Dear Doc: Why can’t I piss and poop at the same time? Signed, Yellow & BrownDear Yellow & Brown: You’re an idiot. Next question please.Dear Doctor: When I married my husband, I knew he was “small”, if you get my meaning. While I don’t have a lot of complaints in the bedroom, I would like to experience a “larger” man.... read more

Just one last dance....oh baby...just one last dance We meet in the night in the Spanish café I look in your eyes just don't know what to say It feels like I'm drowning in salty water A few hours left 'til the sun's gonna rise tomorrow will come an it's time to realize our love has finished forever how I wish to come with you (wish to come with you) how I wish we make it... read more

sucking jake

by sucbud

Oct 30, 2012

it starts with the siren call of your bulge sleeping man meat enfolded with swollen nutsacksteeped in the manscent and warmth in themoist fabric hothouse of your underwear my tongue finding the tip of your cocklicking first taste of your male partsdarting inside loose briefs - peeling covering awaymy nose at home in soft curls of cock's crownlicking your balls and... read more


Two thirty five year old guys on opposite sides of the world are thinking the EXACT same thing:One guy is walking a tightrope between the 50th floors of 2 New York city skyscapers. The second guy is in Japan and is getting a blow job from a toothless 85 year old woman.What are the 2 guys both thinking?..........................Don't look... read more

Song of love

by alfredo247

Sep 11, 2010

CANTICLENaked he lies Across my thighs.Strong arms close him round. Soft cheek restUpon my breast.As my handSoft, silky skin adore. Love too does caress,The young smooth chest. Stretched long legsI part, and spread.To him who ready rears, I whisper in his ears,”My handsome boy,My sweet, sweet love”.I see surrender, Without no condition,But trust in love... read more


False or True?

by guschti

Feb 09, 2008

Well a little game for you - wanna find out what's true in this story and which parts are just fiction or where I add some fantasies? Guess and write to me you guessing - you will get the answers and some explanations ;-) Ready, Steady GOOOO!!! ...and then was this day in San Francisco - I met a guy in a club. We met because i forgot to pull away the prize from my new A+F-shirt and so we... read more


The Wad

by Draconum

Jul 15, 2006

I shot my wad into the air, If fell to earth I cared not where. Then my master came round, And showed me where my wad was found. Now I do not dare, (ouch) To shoot more wads into the... read more

This is a joke I heard a long time ago. Before I told it to guys, I would ask them if they were cut. If they said yes, I would tell them they have to remember that this little boy is uncut or they won't understand the joke. If they said no, I would tell them good, they will understand the story with no problem. (This also gave me the chance to find out if they were cut or uncut -- killing two... read more


Ad placed by Andre (9 slender inches) and Mike (8 thick inches) in the local weekly newspaper: - - - - Power Drills: GBM’s, Strong, hard, silent eight- and nine-inch power drills seek tight BWM or SWM who seeks filled fantasy experience for multiple drill role play says-no-but-wants-yes bottom. Call Mike at 945-6036. - - - - Ad Rob saw instead in the local weekly newspaper and decided... read more

Elementary, Snidely

by Habu

Aug 20, 2005

“But I don’t understand how you can just stand here, out on this beach, and declare that Jason Dunn has run away with his college football offensive team coach and lost his virginity, Doctor Klein. The Dunn’s paid us to find their son, and I very much doubt they will be amused with the elaborate and very offensive story you’ve come up with by way of explanation.” “It’s elementary, Snidely. And... read more

By Tom Dolby (Out Magazine, February 2005) No holiday bring on more gift-giving anxiety than Valentine’s Day. The meaning of a gift can change depending on how long you’ve been together and the dynamics of your relationship. Here’s a sampling of a few Valentine’s Day gifts and the mixed messages they may send: 1. A humorous e-valentine. Appropriate after 3 days. A. “We don’t need to... read more

Why it's Great to be a Man... You can kill your own food Phone conversations last only 30 seconds A five day vacation requires only one suitcase Bathroom lines are 80% shorter You can open all your own jars Old friends don't care if you've lost or gained weight When clicking through the channels you don't have to stop on every shot of someone crying You can go to the... read more


'Twas the night B-F Christmas 'Twas a night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a keyboard was stirring, not even a mouse; The Topmen well hung, by the meatrack with care, In hopes that some good bottoms soon would be there; The jockers were nestled all snug in their punks, While sugar-plum fairies gave head, swallowed spunks; My bottom in bed, and I in my cap, I set on... read more

Some Like It Cool

by don bellew

Dec 03, 2004

Some Like It Cool ... donnie d bellew It’s Monday and I’ve decided today my favorite flavor is white trash. I may not remember tomorrow so I’m writing it down today. Other times it’s been black street punks and sometimes blond teenage boys (eighteen and over, yeah-right) ... much earlier it was gray fatherly men with shameful pink secrets or tanned pin-up guys with black tank top pecs ... read more

Plant Therapy

by LykemLatino

Oct 15, 2004

It's four in the morning/ I can't get to sleep/ Out here, in the desert, it's hotter than (bleep) So, I'm out in the garden/ Like nature intended/ Plugged into the power with a cord that's extended This dial-up modem seems slow as molasses/ But it shows me the guys all alone or in masses I bet they can't sleep now/ They look really hot/ (But I'm just about ready to give it a... read more

God was sitting around one day, exhausted after having created the world. But, He was bored and wanted a new challenge. Accordingly, He called his trusted advisors together for a conference. Their names are Tom, Dick, and Harry. “Okay guys, listen up!” said God, having the undivided attention of his advisors, “We need a new challenge. Any suggestions?” “Well,” said Tom, “How ‘bout we... read more

Mystery Man

by LykemLatino

Sep 20, 2004

Maybe he's Ebony Maybe he's White Maybe he's Greek or Latino Sometimes a Mystr'y Man's better by far Than the day-to-day strangers that we... read more

The station attendant sold gas, But he did it with style and class. His name-tag said "Chuck". He was a hot Latin buck, And he pumped a huge load up my... read more

Perfect Beauty

by vallen

Jun 09, 2004

Perfect Beauty You are perfect beauty and looking into your soft soulful eyes I see the men that I could be. We kiss and the taste of your lips is the nectar that sustains my life. You wrap your strong arms about my waist and I understand the meaning of safety. I nuzzle your neck and the aroma of your skin intoxicates me while the stubbled growth of your cheek electrifies my... read more


Hunter's Revenge

by Sparky

Aug 07, 2003

Don was so excited to be going bear hunting. He spotted a small brown bear in the woods and shot it. Then there was a tap on his shoulder; he turned around to see a big black bear. The black bear said, "Don, you’ve got two choices: either I maul you to death or we have sex." Don decided to bend over. After two weeks of feeling sore, Don recovered and vowed revenge. He headed out on... read more

Favorite Graffitti

by Mr_B8

May 04, 2003

I didn't come here to take a shit, I'm looking for a MAN with a big, hairy dick I can lick on, suck on, fondle and stroke Until he spews forth his hot, creamy load. I didn't come here to piss or pass gas, I'm looking for a MAN with a tight, hairy ass- hole that puckers and twitches when I give it a lick or tongue-bathe his balls and deep-throat his dick. I didn't come here just to... read more

This guy walks into a bar and two steps in, he realizes it's a gay bar. But what the heck, he thought that he really wanted (and needed) a drink. When the gay waiter approaches, he says to the customer, "What's the name of your penis?" The customer says, "Look, I'm not into any of that. All I want is a drink." The gay waiter says, "I'm sorry but I can't serve you until you tell me the... read more