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Es ist Mittags an einem heißen, schwülen Sommertag. Ich stehe auf dem Dach und arbeite. Der Schweiß läuft in Bächen von meiner Stirn. Er läuft mir den Rücken herunter und durchnässt dabei mein ohnehin schon feuchtest, klebriges Muscle- Shirt. Er läuft an meiner Wirbelsäule in meine Arschritze. Ich bin 48 und für mein Alter recht Fit. Ich trage ein Kopftuch, wie man es von den Piraten... read more


Es ist Mittags an einem heißen, schwülen Sommertag. Ich stehe auf dem Dach und arbeite. Der Schweiß läuft in Bächen von meiner Stirn. Er läuft mir den Rücken herunter und durchnässt dabei mein ohnehin schon feuchtest, klebriges Muscle-Shirt. Er läuft an meiner Wirbelsäule in meine Arschritze. Ich bin 48 und für mein Alter recht Fit. Ich trage ein Kopftuch, wie man es von den Piraten kennt. Mein... read more

Felipe, Miguel and I landed in Madrid. All three of us tired and jet lagged. We got to the hotel, and I turned to Miguel. "The meeting isn't for two days. Right now just go to your room and get some rest. We'll meet tomorrow morning for breakfast and go over the game plan." Miguel just simply nodded and headed towards the elevator as Felipe and I got our room key. We followed the bell... read more

It was the Saturday morning after Felipe and mine's first week in our new positions. Felipe and I were in my bed making out after having just woke up. I moved the covers off of us and I took Felipe's nice uncut cock in my hand. I looked down at his cock. "Such a beautiful cock, and it's attached to a beautiful man." I said. "And what are you going to do with that beautiful cock?" Felipe... read more

It was the day after Felipe and I had returned to New York. We spent the day in my apartment relaxing, me doing our laundry (much to Felipe's protests that he'd do his own laundry). I laughed him off. "My mom had me doing laundry when I was seven." I told him. "Besides if we're going to live together then we need to share these household chores." It was Sunday morning and Felipe and I... read more

Felipe and I were making out. I started kissing down his body and took his nice uncut cock into my mouth and sucked on him. While doing that I spread his legs and started working a finger into his hole. He started moaning loudly. Before long he was saying "Please Nick I need you in me." I got up and positioned my cock at his hole lubing it up and I pushed inside him. He moaned in... read more


I was packing my luggage in my hotel room in San Juan. After returning from the party and my confrontation with Tony I decided that I was going to go home as soon as I could. I doubted that there would be flights to New York that late at night but I would go to the airport first thing in the morning, and get on the next available flight. I looked at the time. It was too late to call... read more

Tony had Raúl on all fours and slammed in cock right in him. Tony had been hooking up with Raúl for a few years and had gotten Raúl a job at the new Los Angelos office. Raúl will have to soon understand though that while they will still hook up, Tony's boyfriend will be Nick. Tony was gripping Raúl's shoulders as he kept thrusting his cock in him. Tony had gotten Raúl his own room at the... read more

I was sitting at home in early January when a frantic knock came on my door. It was midweek and I wasn't expecting anybody. Felipe and I had our sleepovers mostly on weekends, though I do admit that it does get lonely without Felipe during the week. I wanted to live with him, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to broach the subject of us living together yet. I got up to answer the door and... read more

The alarm starting going off. I groaned and reached over and turned the alarm off. Felipe stirred next to me. "Qué hora es?" He asked. "What?" I asked. "What time is it?" He asked in English. "It's 6 am." I said wrapping an arm around him. "Do we have to be up so early?" He asked. "I thought the wedding wasn't until noon?" "It's not." I said. "I just set the alarm early so we... read more

Laying behind Felipe I wrap my leg around him. I placed my cock at his hole and pushed inside him. I turned his head and kissed him deeply as we fucked. I knew that I would never love anyone as much as I loved Felipe. We both moaned in each other's mouths and before long we were cumming together. We cuddled for a time until I looked at my watch on the nightstand. "We're going to have... read more

Kerajaan Homo

by Zakimusa

Sep 29, 2021

Kerajaan Homo Seperti judul di kerajaan ini Semuanya Laki2 dan Homo Dulu ketika Laki dan perempuan hidup bersama banyak masalah yang di Timbulkan oleh kehadiran perempuan sampai pada era kerajaan modern peran perempuan semakin di hilangkan, pada masa depan 132 tahun setelah itu perempuan benar benar punah karena sudah di asingkan ke planet lain, kini mereka yang tinggal laki2 semua... read more

I sat there as I just had told Felipe about my problematic childhood and asked Felipe about his. "Well." Felipe said. "To understand my childhood you need to understand some more recent history of Spain." Felipe paused for a moment collecting his thoughts. "You see for close to forty years there was a dictatorship in Spain under General Francisco Franco." "I've heard a little of it." I... read more

I woke up Friday morning next to Felipe. Felipe was already awake laying on his back staring up at the celling with a look of contentment on his face. "Good morning." I said. "Good morning." Felipe said smiling and I leaned down and kissed him. "What's the plan for today." "I say we stay in for the day and never leave this bed." I said jokingly. "I think I can live with that plan."... read more

Thursday morning I got up early and drove my mother to JFK so she could catch her flight home. She told me that she liked Felipe and hoped that I would bring Felipe home with me on my next visit. I arrived at the office and once logged onto my computer an email message from Tom stating that I was required to attend the pitch presentations. I figured as much since I was told that I would... read more

I laid awake in a state of disbelief. After a few failed relationships I was convinced that love, and being in love was something was only in fairy tales. I tried to explain to myself what my feelings for Felipe were, but could find no other explanation. I had to admit that I was in love with Felipe Ramirez. Now I had to tell Felipe. It was three o'clock in the morning and I didn't want... read more

I woke up with a raging hardon. I opened my eyes thinking the events of the previous night might have been a dream. Of Felipe coming over to hash out our differences with each other leading to a night of hot sex. Even I admitted to myself that I had fantasied about Felipe before but had merely pushed those thoughts out of my mind because I had found Felipe annoying in some way. I opened... read more

An introvert

by Nickyboy2222

Jun 01, 2021

I will start by saying that I am an extreme introvert. A fact that had annoyed my mother constantly. I never did like being in a crowd of people, preferring to just having a small group of friends. An ideal date for me was cuddling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn on our lap watching a movie. When I was a child my mother never understood why I didn't want to go out and play with the... read more


When I had graduated college I thought that the world was my oyster. I was going to be somebody! I had been offered a position at the marketing firm where I had interned during college and was moving to the big city. It was the dream of every privileged kid who grew up in a blue suburb like I had. Five years later my reality looked very different. I had never even been considered... read more


***This story was previously posted on my blog*** “I told him the file is on the bottom shelf. I have it right here.” I snapped out of it. For maybe only a few seconds I had been staring at my new co-worker Greg. His khaki chinos were tested to the limit as I saw him walk to a file cabinet directly in my eye sight from where I was sitting at my desk and bend over at the waist. It felt... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** Scott and I walked through Manhattan. He was absolutely ecstatic with the news that he got a job in an esteemed kitchen in New York. “We have the rest of the day”, I said, “what do you want to do?” “I want to go and get drinks! In a gay bar! I’ve never been to one.” “I love that idea!”, I said as I felt Scott reach for my hand to hold it.... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** --- I walked out of my house and dragged myself into my car. Monday. What an awful day. I drove out of Powderhorn Drive onto Whitegate Lane. First on the agenda this morning was chest day at the gym. I had been working out since I was 18, building myself quite the body now at age 27. I would classify myself as muscular, maybe even a... read more


Park CEO Mr. Gregg decided that since Max's Captain Fantasy character was becoming a huge (like Max's butt cheeks) hit at Fantasy Point Amusement Park, it would only be appropriate to give him a super sidekick. Jeff (or "Jeffie" as his friends called him) was a very cute 20-year-old guy who worked the gift shoppe at the Steel Mountain roller coaster ride towards the south end of the park.... read more


Walked inside the porn industry where Kyai’s friend worked. Kyai wanted to show Nahi what they do it for a various living to experience and learn about how they working. Nahi found it so heartbreaking as if he cannot believe what he saw. Nahi preferred his love relationship to with one person, not multitudes. It would be too much for him if he did. To meet Kyai’s friend, they just had introduced... read more

The Job InterView

by Omofineboy

Nov 08, 2017

After graduating from the university, lived in Accra for two years hoping to secure a nice job and start my life in earnest. I dabbled into small entrepreneurial ventures that saw me through hard times. My aged parents lived in a village and I was their only benefactor. On a breezy morning, I had a call to attend an interview. I was short of cash so I borrowed a few Cedis from a... read more

Doppelt eingelocht

by FreeBird

Nov 07, 2017

Doppelt eingelocht Ich war alles andere als begeistert, als mich mein Wecker um 6:00 Uhr aus dem Schlaf riss. Es war schon lange her, dass ich das letzte Mal so früh aufstehen musste. Seit dem ich nicht mehr zur Schule ging, gab es kaum einen Tag an dem ich vor 12 Uhr aufstand. Ich drückte die Schlummer-Taste und drehte mich wieder zur Seite. Meine Morgenlatte drückte ordentlich gegen... read more

Easy to Get

by Stepiquno Toglio

Sep 23, 2017

Singed in the shower at Posgo’s home about day he would do something to keep himself busy. He got excited about the event he would experience for. He wanted it to be remembering because it was most important for him to go through by the unexpected situation. He didn’t know what it was for by not enough important but didn’t mind to do it as he just was going there. Checked the mirror to groom... read more

Sex anywhere is terrific. However, I do enjoy farm sex stories. One day I was browsing on a gay web site and read Benjamin’s profile and a couple of his stories. This is one of them. I have Ben’s permission to recite it here: “In the summer of 1966, I was attending college in Colorado. When my sophomore year was over, I took a job for the summer working on a farm. A mixed grain and cattle... read more

Troy was working reception as I waited for Todd. The first visitors were going to be arriving in only a few weeks and reservations continued to come in for the rest of the year. As he was answering customers’ e-mails I leaned on the other side of the reception desk. I had never asked Todd where he lived. I had driven to and from Santa Monica last week and it was nearly three hours each way.... read more

It was the evening and Troy, Charlie and I sat outside in the little restaurant in the resort. I had my laptop on the table and I went through the photos I had taken during the day. It had been such a hot day and not just weather-wise. “So first, the one-bedroom apartment”, I said. The first picture was of Junior and Keegan. Junior was pretending to be asleep with the covers only reaching up... read more