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Unholy Sex

by Alleykat69

Sep 11, 2023

I’ve been sucking cocks falling in love with them for 9 months now at the movies rest- stops parks anywhere I can find strangers to suck hot cum filling my belly. I even gone out wearing girls panties..they make me feel hot sexy cheap slutty. But when I went to a distant relative funeral I found my true calling. There were almost 70 people at the funeral.. I decided to sit in the... read more

I guess like any normal kid I’ve been watching to much porn on my iPhone harmless enough or so I thought.. No real girlfriend just making out touching/feeling kind of stuff Im 18 petite body 100lbs 5’5” long hair babyface I look like I’m still younger or so..probably why no real girlfriend. My favorite videos are those of young hot girls sucking cocks I’ve always imagined it was me they... read more

I’m in a daze confused I just let a older man use my naked body like I’m just a little slut I’m kissing him swapping tongues sucking my first cock getting my virginity taken downstairs in a church moaning like a girl begging for him to fill my boipussy with his sweet cum. And as I swearing to god for more the Pastor cums In calling me a sinner He’s completely naked except for his... read more

Public cocksucker

by Alleykat

Mar 17, 2023

I cruise monthly for strangers to suck in public places.. rest-stops parks parking lots stores anywhere I can find cocks to suck.. Sucking in public is scary dangerous Exciting.. I don’t care if I’m caught by others the thrill knowing that I’m naked on my knees people watching me adds to my excitement I’m 21 look young still petite naked body babyface long hair 5’5” 95lbs I’m hot... read more

I guess it’s my own fault I got sloppy to bold to slutty like showing off my petite half naked body cruising to suck off strangers at this park every other weekend nights. I only suck and get sucked.. that’s it.. Ever since I sucked my first cock I’ve become addicted like. I love sucking hot cum filling my belly it’s the ultimate turn-on for me..It’s exciting dangerous scary being... read more

Secret cocksucker

by Alleykat

Mar 13, 2023

I secretly go out like once a month looking for strangers to suck. It’s like an addiction a hot cock in my wet mouth feels sooo good satisfying ever since I sucked my first cock just last year it’s all I think fantasize about… me naked on my knees moaning begging pleading for sweet cum filing my belly. Nobody can know my darkest deepest secret desires to be a cocksucking cumloving... read more

Sex at a funeral

by Alleykat

Mar 09, 2023

My cousin died my age 18 only really seen him was years ago at family gatherings. My mom just had surgery and could not make the trip. The funeral was on a different state. Mom gave me her credit card booked a room for me at a motel Wednesday- Saturday. I was pretty excited going on a road trip 8-10 hour drive. First time out of state 4 days on my own. Mom packed my bag nice pair of... read more

I’m still in shock confused excited I stopped at this rest stop and not did I only sucked my first cock but I think I sucked at least 8 others. I fell in love sucking these strangers in public being naked being called dirty names made me feel sexy slutty cheap. It was like a demon cummming out of me fulfilling my darkest secret desires to be a cocksucking cumloving slut bitch sissy faggot... read more

I’m still in shock confused embarrassed scared..Excited?WTF did I do last night.. Went to my first XXX movie theater just curious finally old enough to go. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would not only let an old fat man play with me getting me naked but I sucked his cock in public letting other strangers watch me. I not only sucked him that night but five... read more


by Alleykat69

Feb 20, 2023

I’m a pretty femboi nice clean naked body 5’5” 100lbs I’ve become addicted hypnotized like to suck strangers in public places… parks rest-stops restrooms usually wear panties short shorts my sweet ass- cheeks slightly showing it turns me on feeling sexy slutty like…flirting teasing.. I heard that old men hung out at this mall looking for young boys like me. Checked myself out... read more

Wrong rest-stop?

by Alleykat69

Feb 19, 2023

I was still like an hour away from home after a party up north pool n hot tub with friends when I saw the sign Rest Stop ahead, having to pee and stretch out a bit I pulled in. It was almost midnight like only 6 cars in the lot. I parked in the back away from everybody so I could smoke a joint and stretch out my body. I was still in my swimsuit t-shirt got out looked around lit the... read more


Aku terpanggil untuk berkongsi kisah di sini setelah membaca kisah2 yang terdapat di dalam motn ini. Banyak juga yang menarik, tak kurang juga yang agak mendebarkan.. tu belum yang memancutkan lagi hahaaa.. Kita sambung part 02. ************************** "Terima Kasih abg, sebab sudi jumpa Arul" aku terima msg whatsapp dari Arul. Dia kata dia happy sgt dpt berjumpa dgn aku &... read more

Kisah Benar A to Z

by abgdaddy

Dec 03, 2022

First time aku hantar cerita selepas setahun lebih membaca cerita2 dlm ni. Kini aku terpanggil utk share kisah aku. Segala yg aku tulis ini adalah dari pengalaman aku sendiri. Pahit manis liku hidupku dari dulu di; KL hingga kini di sebuah pulau di Utara. Usiaku hampir menginjak ke status wargamas. Aku beristeri dan mempunyai 3 org anak yg dah dewasa. Sesungguhnya, tak terasa masa... read more

New panties

by eroticlust_1

Apr 23, 2022

I'd bought some new pink lacey G-strings online and they'd arrived in the mail today. I tried them on and i looked so cute in front of the mirror. I spun around checking myself out. The material was so soft on my skin. I couldn't help but touch myself, feeling all sensuous and girly I rubbed the clit of my cock in my new panties. I was fully erect in no time, stroking the clit of my cock... read more


I can't believe it! It happened again. Daddy Paul is almost 80 but still very handsome. Lately I have seen some minor age problems and have given him a few massages to help him with his back and leg s. Overall he is in good shape. Lately we have been joking about our sexual times together and flirting. I usually go over and give him a back rub... read more

New Experience

by dudetodude

Jul 25, 2021

New Experience (M/M) (Older/Younger Generational) 66 year old man realizes his fantasy when an 85 year old man reveals his intentions. by Your comments are welcomed. This is a true story. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and your comments are most welcome. My name is John and I'm a 66 year old healthy slim good looking man. I have never had any problems attracting... read more

Fehler müssen bezahlt werden PROLOG Da ist es; blitzartig und ohne Vorwarnung: dieses eigenartige, schwer zu beschreibende Gefühl, dass jemand von hinten ganz nah herantritt. Man hat nichts gehört, keinen Schritt, keinen Atemzug und doch richten sich abrupt die Nackenhaare auf, durchfährt einem die Gewissheit, dass es irgendwie zu spät ist. Instinktiv lässt Mark den Karton, den... read more

Finally old enough to go to a XXX movie theater. Was always curious when's I seen one in the cities they just looked so XXX Adults Only 24 Hours must be 18 so exciting they looked. Always thought they showed hot naked sexy films. 18 nice body looked like I was younger, long hair babyface was always teased that I looked like a girl and everyone had a girlfriend never had real sex...... read more

After the Game

by cheshiregay

Mar 10, 2021

After the Game -------------------------------- Background – This is a story about Sam, an eighteen year old university student living away from home. Sam came out as gay during freshers week and is beginning to explore what it means to be gay for him and what he is sexually attracted to doing as a young gay man. You can get in touch with me at either to tell me... read more


In 1984 I had just graduated boot camp and was at my first duty station in New Orleans. When I reported aboard I received a welcome aboard package and a membership to the local gym. Since I love to workout and swim this was the first place I visited in my new town. I had just finished working out & swimming and decided to try out the dry sauna. As I entered there were three men who... read more

Back in 1989 as 22 year old former college football player who just graduated from boot camp, I went home to Alabama on leave to get my pickup truck & take it to my new duty station in New Orleans. I decided to travel after dark because the traffic on the interstate through Alabama & Mississippi would be lighter on my way to New Orleans. After drinking massive amounts of coffee to ensure... read more

How I lost my virginity at 18 - True Story I had just turned 18 and been in the military six months in 1980. I went to a local public park on a Saturday that had hiking trails at my new duty station in New Orleans. After hiking a bit I had to pee so I decided to step off the trails to find a tree to relieve myself. I hadn’t barely pulled my cock out when this older man about mid 60’s... read more

I led Pedro to my bedroom and put him in the bed and started stripping him down. Once I got him naked I went down and started sucking his dick, I also spread his legs and pushed a finger into his hole. "Oh my god!" He gasped as I started finger fucking him and sucking him off. Shortly after he shot a load in my mouth and I start gulping it all down. I then crawled his to his face and... read more


Lance’s head was spinning after his crazy morning encounter with his new stepdad, Professor Lloyd Tuttle. He would soon learn that Lloyd came to breakfast every morning sporting his morning wood, went out side to get the paper in this state and proceeded with his day until his erection subsided. All of this was done with complete naïveté. His intent was not to flaunt his body. He truly... read more

The rest of Lance’s first day home went pretty much the same with Lloyd, now naked except for his black nylon dress socks and sock garters, going about his afternoon and evening activities acting as if it was completely normal to be in this state in front of his stepson. And Lance’s mom, Gloria, seemed as oblivious as her new husband. But as odd as this all was Lance was enjoying the show... read more

by BubbleButtLuvr Lance Harper knew when his mother remarried things would change but he had no idea just how much. His parents had divorced when he was quit young and his dad moved across country so most of his life it had just been him and his mother, Gloria. Then Lance went away to college. He was hesitant to leave his mother alone but she was insistent that he go. Within two... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** Usually I loved walking through one of the many parks in Columbus, Ohio during spring. But today, mid-April, spring definitely had not sprung yet. At a chilly 37 degrees (3 Celsius) I walked through Thompson Park and noticed a severe lack of leaves on the trees and even some leftover snow. I had brought my camera to take some pics to... read more

Daddy's boy

by yngbttmboi1

Oct 29, 2019

I love getting fucked. I'm a Black boy but love white daddies, generally older than 55 until about 66. I love a big white cock and the biggest I've had inside me was 9 inches long and pretty thick. It hurt at first but once I got used to it, it felt so good that I was moaning loudly and calling the daddy's name. I couldnt help but be loud as he told me to take his big cock like a... read more

Hi guys all you hot guys, I’m a total daddy lover and horny bottom, but not out to family. A cousin and I planned to hang out and spend a few days together, I brought up the idea to go on a cruise and he agreed. we booked a four day cruise through out the Caribbean and I flew out to Florida to board my cruise ship. I met up with my cousin to start the trip. We were into the first... read more


Nacktputzdates 5

by vorfuehrbar

Mar 26, 2018

Die Geschichte ist nicht für Leser unter 18 Jahren geeignet. Die Geschichte ist vollständig frei erfunden, in allen Darstellungen und Praktiken handeln nur volljährige Charaktere. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mein Gastgeber aus dem Afrikanischen Viertel (Story 1) meldete sich nach einem halben Jahr an einem Freitag nachmittag über... read more