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Curious about Las Vegas the guy visited for first time on his own in hot afternoon, those sceneries blew Lawos Favoi away. Everything had impossible for him to figure out how the engineers designed those masterpieces. The billion dollar casinos just looked so incredible. Before he went to one of them, he decided to go to the agency for sign up to being amateur gay porn actor. The poor-looking... read more

On Friday at 4’o clock after the party in the previous day, the futuristic dreamed mansion where Lucheavi Sellucci owns. He was good at welcome those people whom worked with him for his mature career. He liked to have party in his own home. He enjoyed fuck men but didn’t have true lover to live together yet. So, he was excited for his first party after won the award for the best gay porn star.... read more


I'm now a straight 58 years old. I have only had one male encounter. I was a rock hard body 23 years old. Just out of the military.My friend sense 7 grade and had ask me over for the evening. It was a very hot day so all I had on was a pair of 505 cut offs a little to short and going commando.It was starting to get dark outside and he let's some candles and put some new age music... read more


In early 2030s, there are lots of international students in West Hollywood, California at small private porn university. Most of them look so insanely hot, walked around park near beautiful modern building in college area. They wore too sexy because of that rule as if they have to be open-minded and friendly in somehow silly in way to get good grade. If they flunk it, they must stay there until... read more

At early morning in Italy, there’s clock that alerted so loud and Jacob Don Lothario woke up in an excited mood. He got up and pressed it to be quiet. Then, he made his bed in the perfect way as if he did it every day so he can welcome people to fuck. He just wanted to make people happy. However, he took shower and masturbating himself for 30 minutes as he groaned. After that, he ate his healthy... read more


On a bright morning at the large gym in Czech Republic, Eugen and Jaromir arrived to location for low-budget pornographic film to be produced. Eugen was described as 6’ tall brunette Czech guy that had lean fit body and. His hairstyle called “crew cut.” He looked sexy with his allover style. He wasn’t being muscle as he labeled himself as the brunette twink. He wore the green gym clothes.... read more


... read more


***This is a work of fiction*** When Zac Efron was relaxing alone at his home, shortly after his 18th birthday, he decided to indulge in his favorite secret pastime, surfing the Internet for hardcore gay interracial porn. For some time he knew he was attracted to guys, and when he first set his eyes on a video clip of Bobby Blake, the little white boy feel in love. He had nightly wet dreams... read more

The party was over. We were all re-dressed and we were finishing up the liquor and food and picking up any loose condoms. As usual, now that passions had cooled, everyone wanted to talk about something else besides sex and especially the man to man sex we had all enjoyed before. Oh, Peter and I did not mind the change in attitude of the other guests. We had seen it before. Straight guys who had... read more

Back in high school there was a hot-looking guy who had all the girls sniffing the air when he walked by with his male scent and animal-like gait. To my knowledge, I did not exist on this planet when Peter Pumpor, better known as Pete the Animal, looked around at all of his admirers. Then we all were graduated and I felt that I had become even more invisible to the great Peter. Now we come up... read more


A Day Of Michael Brandon

by huwf

Oct 14, 2004

I was on holiday in a gay resort in L.A. a week after my sister’s wedding. I checked in to my room and got unpacked I chilled out for the first day but noticed that a pool party was on the following day, with Michael Brandon as the host. I did not know who he was at first so I rented a video from the reception so I could find out. I put the video on and thought WOW what a stud. I could hardly... read more

(This story is completely fiction) Pavel was coming for Christmas. I was going back to Ohio for Christmas, though I was only going to be there for two days. I really didn't want to go home for Christmas. My mother had twisted my arm so I agreed to go. I enjoyed life in San Francisco too much, I really didn't want to leave the nice weather of California for the cold winter weather of Ohio. My... read more

(This story is completely fiction) I sat there at the computer reading Pavel's e-mail. Pavel said that he would be coming over on the next Saturday and will be staying for two weeks. When I had boarded the plane in Rome I thought that my fling with Pavel was just a fling. Yes we traveled over Europe, and spent most of that time in hotel rooms having hot sex. After I got back to Ohio I started... read more

(This story is completely fiction) I was having a hard time. My family was giving me a hard time especially my sisters. I was out of the closet, but that was not the reason for it. My mother who was always open-minded about those sort of things could hardly believe that her own son was gay, however she was accepting it. My sisters were ok with it. My father really surprised me when he said... read more


Rough Porno Shoot

by gentilly

Sep 28, 2003

Billy had wanted to star in a gay porn flick since he first saw one. Since he had turned 18 he figured he might have a chance. He was tall, had long dark hair, green eyes, fair skin and a body of death. He had been on his high school's football team and swimming team. Talk about your cross training! Another thing, Billy loved sex. He had had fuck buds and a day didn't go by that he didn't plow... read more


My name is Jacob and I am a new porn star. My main features are my big 10-inch dick, which everyone (including myself) loves to suck, and my bubble butt, which everyone (including my brother) loves to fuck. My brother, Paul, is the director of my first feature film and we have just finished filming in Prague. Because of Paul's excellent work on previous films, he has worked out a ... read more

Adventures in ColtLand, Part 1: Shooting the Legend I had been working at Colt Studios for a few months before I met any of the models. I was only a lowly administrator and the talent didn't come into the offices all that often. This was not as I had planned it; I had been working as a video director for another 'adult' company in Europe prior to this. When it went into... read more

Adventures in ColtLand, Part 1: Shooting the Legend I had been working at Colt Studios for a few months before I met any of the models. I was only a lowly administrator and the talent didn't come into the offices all that often. This was not as I had planned it; I had been working as a video director for another 'adult' company in Europe prior to this. When it went into... read more

Chris Stone, More Than an Idol (part3) When I woke up during the night, I was laying naked and in the arms of my idol Chris Stone. At first I thought I was dreaming and that I was out of my head again from the beating to my head several days ago. I very slowly slid my hand over and touched his face and he opened his beautiful brown eyes and asked if I was OK. “A little confused.... read more

Hey guys. This is my story about Scott Randsome and a recent visit he made to San Francisco. Email me at to share your own tales. ‘HOT MUSCLE DUDE. 48C, 31W, RIPPED MUSCLE BOY LOOKING FOR NOW. 8 CUT THICK, BUBBLEBUTT. FROM LA, VISITING SF TILL MONDAY. NO PIC.’ The AOL profile sounded hot. The ‘NO PIC’ thing was kinda odd, but I IMed him anyways. ‘WASSUP’... read more

Stryker is back!

by Jeff's Fan

Feb 08, 2001

It's been awhile since Jeff Stryker made an all-male porn video, and the industry has never found anyone as hot as Jeff. I met Jeff when I was working as an intern at Catalina Video. Everybody around there referred to him as "Chuck" (his real name is Charles Peyton) but to me he could only be THE Jeff Stryker. I was straightening things up around the set after the day's filming was ... read more



by Boy-package

Jul 25, 2000

It was a dream come true...Not only had I landed a job as Catalina Video's newest photographer but also I was on the crew of their newest blockbuster release--"Six-Pack"! This was no doubt going to be their biggest release for the new Millennium. As filming began Cody Foster stepped into a room. Stripping off his clothes, he began to jerk off. Before long, Lex Baldwin came in and saw... read more

When I was younger, I used to sit home at night and jerk off watching Catalina Videos. To me they had the hottest stars in the hottest videos! Stars like Cody Foster, Lex Baldwin, Ty Fox, Chris Champion, and Eric Stone filled my fantasies but there was one star that filled my dreams--Steve Rambo. G-d, he was so gorgeous! A few years later a good friend invited me to California. The... read more

Viva Las Vegas

by maddog

May 26, 2000

As you remember in Las Vegas Dream I finally got to meet Alec Powers, he was a day late but more than worth the wait. After we got to know each other a little we shared a shower, dinner and bed, we had great sex and the morning came much too quick. The next day he had errands to run and insisted I check out of Caesar’s Palace and come to his new house. As we drove around Vegas he... read more

Yes Chris had gone back on tour and had come to Detroit, to the Gold Coast and due to the mugging I had gotten the night of his arrival I had missed him. Everyone was there and asked that happened, where was I his number one fan. All night was a blur, mugged, in the hospital, a mild concussion, when released I was told to stay in bed for at least a week and would get dizzy spells... read more

Chris Stone the Man By: maddog This story is a work of fiction, and is of a gay nature if this offends you leave now CHRIS STONE PORN SUPER STAR TO GO ON TOUR Yes it is true after five years, my Idol, Chris Stone is going back on tour And will be in Detroit on our combined birthday. I went to the Gold Coast Lounge and made arrangements, to be sure that I had one of... read more


Gay porn icon Rex Chandler decides to make one last movie. It will be a wrestling video, he tells anyone who will listen. He invites other porn stars to be his opponents. The idea Rex has in mind is for him to wrestle, defeat, and fuck the other leaders of the gay porn industry. All matches are best of three falls, with submission, of course, being the preferred method of ... read more

I was hanging out with some friends at a sports bar that was in the same building as a hotel. We were watching some football and having a few beers. I couldn't help but notice that there was a guy at the bar the looked amazingly similar to the lord of porn, Jeff Stryker. Now I have analyzed his body enough to know. I saw this look a like get up and head to the men's room. I... read more

I was hanging out with a few friends at a sports bar based in a hotel in the suburbs. Just having a few beers and watching some football. A man at the bar caught my eye and I was amazed how much he looked like the legendary Jeff Stryker. None of the other guys would know who he was so I tried not to keep staring. I presumed it wasn't but couldn't keep my mind or my cock from... read more

Ken - The Ken Ryker Story This story is the property of Please do not re-distribute this story without my e-mail reference and website address. This story comes from the October 1998 edition of Sinbad's House my free site at (Why not visit me on the web). Chapter One Ken was the new kid in town.... read more