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I woke up on Saturday morning to find Brysen just sitting up in bed. It wasn't out of the ordinary for Brysen to wake up before me. He normally wakes up before me, but he normally gets out of bed and makes breakfast. I sat up next to him and asked. "Is something wrong?" Brysen looked at me. "Am I good enough for you?" "What do you mean by that?" I asked puzzled. "You have a... read more

It was Saturday afternoon and Brysen and I were in bed engaged in a kiss. I was on top of Brysen my arms tight around him. Brysen was naked and I was only wearing a pair of briefs. Brysen's hands moved down my sides and he slid down my briefs. My cock sprang out and I shimmied out of them letting them hit the floor. Brysen then reaches over to the nightstand and grabs a bottle of lube. He... read more

It had been a couple of days since I had proposed to Brysen. We have yet to discuss any wedding plans. The truth was I was never into big weddings. I always thought that simply going to the courthouse and having it done there was better. I'd rather save the money on the actual marriage. Maybe have money for a down payment on a house or maybe use that money for a nice honeymoon. I wasn't... read more

I woke up. I remembered the night before when Brysen and I agreed to get married finally after so many years of hooking up admitting our love for each other. I looked over and Brysen wasn't in bed. I remembered that it was Monday and Brysen and I both had to work. Brysen was a plumber, and I worked in an office. I got out of bed and heard the shower going in the bathroom. I walked into... read more

I sat there stunned. Brysen who had I had a friends with benefits relationship for years had come to stay with me after his girlfriend broke up with him. Of course we fucked. We were seated at the kitchen table having breakfast. Brysen mentioned that I would be turning thirty the following month and that we should get married. "Get married?" I asked. "You don't remember?" Brysen... read more

I was sitting at home on a Saturday evening. Nothing going on. I was thinking of messaging one of the guys that I normally hook up with when the knock came at the door. I got up to answer it and there stood Brysen. Brysen was a friend who well we started out by just hooking up. It was my freshmen year of college that I met Brysen. Early in the year I found myself quite horny all the time.... read more


Kisah Benar A to Z

by abgdaddy

Dec 03, 2022

First time aku hantar cerita selepas setahun lebih membaca cerita2 dlm ni. Kini aku terpanggil utk share kisah aku. Segala yg aku tulis ini adalah dari pengalaman aku sendiri. Pahit manis liku hidupku dari dulu di; KL hingga kini di sebuah pulau di Utara. Usiaku hampir menginjak ke status wargamas. Aku beristeri dan mempunyai 3 org anak yg dah dewasa. Sesungguhnya, tak terasa masa... read more


"Your birthday is in twenty minutes?" Patrick asked me. "Yes." I said. "Why didn't you tell me that your birthday was coming up?" Patrick asked. "With everything going on with Boyd and then planning this trip I guess it slipped my mind." I said leaning against a palm tree. Patrick walked up to me and pulled me into his arms. "I'm sorry that my drama caused you to forget your... read more

Patrick and I started the trip to his hometown to visit his family. We left Philadelphia taking I 95 south. We took turns driving stopping at a hotel in Savannah, Georgia for the night and taking off again the next morning. After about two and a half hours we were driving through Jacksonville and I could see the excitement on Patrick's face. Patrick had to leave town to escape his abusive... read more

A couple of days after our confrontation with Patrick's ex Boyd, we woke up together. Patrick had a look on his face as if he was in deep thought. "What's on your mind?" I asked him. "Well now that I no longer have to worry about Boyd." Patrick said. "I've been thinking of my family and friends back home." "Have you been in contact with anyone?" I asked. "I sent a letter to my... read more

It was now late June and I was moving into a new apartment. Patrick was helping me unpack and get my new apartment in order. Patrick and I being new into our relationship have decided that we weren't ready to start living together, though often times I am either staying the night with him or vice-versa. It was getting late and we finally unpacked the final box and I collapsed on the bed.... read more

Patrick and I had been going out for a few months. It was now late May and the school year was winding down. I could tell my students were anxious to be free of school for nearly three months. It was Memorial Day weekend and I was thinking of how to spend my three day weekend. Patrick met up with me in the teacher's lounge during lunch. "Hey how about tonight we go to that club downtown?"... read more

I led Pedro to my bedroom and put him in the bed and started stripping him down. Once I got him naked I went down and started sucking his dick, I also spread his legs and pushed a finger into his hole. "Oh my god!" He gasped as I started finger fucking him and sucking him off. Shortly after he shot a load in my mouth and I start gulping it all down. I then crawled his to his face and... read more


***This story was posted previously on my blog*** I realized I woke up smiling. I felt relaxed and at ease. I opened my eyes and noticed I was spooning Dylan. There was something so very comforting about not waking up alone for the first time in a while. At the same time I was surprised about enjoying myself so much last night. I had definitely temporarily forgotten why I had met... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** I woke up and looked around the room. I stretched my body without getting up. The duvet was tenting by my crotch, but I ignored it. Yesterday had been a pretty good first day. Five of the hockey guys stuck around in the cafeteria to have a few drinks, and get to know me. Or at least, Josh Roberts, a fake me. Ed, Aaron, James, Brandon,... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** “Southwick?” “Yeah. It’s in the Southwestern part of the state. South of Springfield. Less than a two hour drive.” “Well, all right.” That’s about how the conversation went. At 92 degrees (33 Celsius) it had been a hot day. With my sunglasses on and the AC blazing, I was driving along the Massachusetts turnpike. The sky was a... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** Scott and I walked through Manhattan. He was absolutely ecstatic with the news that he got a job in an esteemed kitchen in New York. “We have the rest of the day”, I said, “what do you want to do?” “I want to go and get drinks! In a gay bar! I’ve never been to one.” “I love that idea!”, I said as I felt Scott reach for my hand to hold it.... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** I woke up. It was clearly morning as the sun made it into the bedroom. I felt Scott’s head on my shoulder and his hand on my chest. He was cuddled up so close to me, like he was scared to lose me. I suddenly remembered it was Monday and looked at my phone. Two minutes before it was time to get up. I carefully turned off my alarm and... read more

***This story was previously posted on my blog*** I woke up and the second I realized what day it was, I smiled. I jumped out of bed and did everything I could to look my best. I tidied the apartment and made sure everything was just right. I walked to Bravo Food Market, which was right next to my apartment building. I bought the things I could remember Scott liked to eat and drink.... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** Scott dropped me off at home and said he genuinely hoped he would see me again while I was here. This time we did exchange phone numbers. He gave me a hug while we were still seated in the car. It was slightly awkward, but also nice. When I walked into the house, I saw that my sister Louise and her husband Robert had arrived from... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** I was well aware that it was a five hour drive, but every time it bit me in the ass how boring it really was to drive for so long. Visiting my parents upstate for my Mom’s 50th birthday was something I gladly did, yet partly dreaded. Going back to Elizabethtown, New York, was quite the culture shock from my Long Island apartment. Apart... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** Usually I loved walking through one of the many parks in Columbus, Ohio during spring. But today, mid-April, spring definitely had not sprung yet. At a chilly 37 degrees (3 Celsius) I walked through Thompson Park and noticed a severe lack of leaves on the trees and even some leftover snow. I had brought my camera to take some pics to... read more


Looking out an airplane window never got old. Seeing the blue sky while flying above the clouds had a beauty about it, yet at the same time the view was also quite surreal. I looked to my left and saw my sister Katie sleeping in her seat. It was because of her we were on our way from Cleveland to the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. After working as a manager of a hotel for the last ten... read more


“Ssshhh… we have to be quiet for Mum”, Matt said, as he stumbled through the door. In the taxi ride from The GPO to his mother’s apartment, he had been an unbalanced, mumbling mess. I was quite drunk myself, but I felt like the sober and responsible one compared to my boyfriend. Matt tried to tip toe to the guest room, but bumped into a chair and fell over. “Oh no!”, he said, laughing.... read more

Dave drove me and Matt around Brisbane, showing me their favorite places. “I contemplated taking you to the Koala Sanctuary Park”, Dave said during lunch at Matt’s favorite restaurant, Guilty Rogue. “Oh my God!”, I said immediately. The thought of petting a koala got me immediately excited. “That’s so typically Australian, we should do that while we’re here, right?”, I added. Matt... read more

I woke up back in Brisbane on Friday morning. Matt and I had gotten back the day before. Shannan had been so excited to see us return and again made us way too much food for dinner. She was so happy to have an evening with just us, it was quite adorable. My eyes gradually opened and I recognised the room. The sliding door to the balcony was partially open, to let in some fresh air... read more

I woke up, lying on my stomach. My boner was pressing into the mattress. Matt wasn’t in the bed with me and shortly I was confused as to where I was. I remembered just as I heard Matt’s voice. “What do you mean by that?” “All I’m saying, Matty, is that I’m glad he’s not the queeny type, yeah?” “I don’t even know what that means, but…” “It means he’s a regular man, yeah?” “Well what... read more

It had been so nice to meet Matt’s brothers and his sisters-in-law. It was a great night. Lots of laughter and good food. It was a surprise how different the Burne brothers were from each other. Jim was a successful business man, more the formal Burne brother. Tom sported a bushy beard and a slightly rounder physique. He wore a shirt with a floral pattern and seemed quite laid-back.... read more

I knew Diego would be teaching until late, so I suggested taking him out to eat after. He preferred to eat in and said he would bring back some Chinese takeout to his place. “Hey you”, Diego said as he opened the door. He was again in his traditional outfit: a tanktop, shorts and a baseball cap. We kissed. “Did you have a good day?”, I asked. “Yup, it was fine! Come on in”, he... read more


by bobapple

Sep 14, 2017

I met J through an internet gay site. We had been emailing back and forth there for a few weeks. Finally, circumstances arose on an afternoon last week whereby we could meet in person. The coffee shop was crowded so we went to sit in his truck. The conversation turned to sex pretty fast owing to each of us being horny and deprived of sex in our lack-of-sex marriages. Our horny talk soon... read more