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I guess like any normal kid I’ve been watching to much porn on my iPhone harmless enough or so I thought.. No real girlfriend just making out touching/feeling kind of stuff Im 18 petite body 100lbs 5’5” long hair babyface I look like I’m still younger or so..probably why no real girlfriend. My favorite videos are those of young hot girls sucking cocks I’ve always imagined it was me they... read more


Jim and I - Part 7

by bikiniteen

Oct 14, 2022

“Hey man, what are you up to?” the text from Jim read “Just working at home in my underwear, like normal” I quickly replied It had been a couple weeks since we were all sent home from work but luckily Jim and I were both able to still telework. I know I was taking full advantage of spending most of the work day in just a t-shirt and underwear but I don’t think Jim was as lucky... read more

Jim and I - Part 6

by bikiniteen

Oct 14, 2022

The rest of my weekend went by much like any other – pretty boring. Did some work around my house and got acquainted with the latest release on Netflix, but didn’t hear from Jim since I left his house. This wasn’t too surprising since I’m sure he wanted to spend time with his wife, but I know I thought about what we did several times that weekend and imagined being in his arms again... read more

Nacktputzdates 3

by vorfuehrbar

Jul 06, 2022

Die Geschichte ist nicht für Leser unter 18 Jahren geeignet. Die Geschichte ist vollständig frei erfunden, in allen Darstellungen und Praktiken handeln nur volljährige Charaktere. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Es war in der dunklen Jahreszeit. Berlin. Ein 24jähriger Typ, ich nenne ihn Simon, blond, nicht schlecht trainert, hatte... read more


by schtho193

Feb 04, 2022

,Unverhofft kommt oft´ - ich weiß nicht recht, weshalb mir ausgerechnet jetzt dieser alte Spruch, den mein Opa immer wieder gern gebrauchte, in den Sinn kommt. Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass Jo - eigentlich Johannes-Vincent, aber wer nennt seinen besten Kumpel schon bei einem Namen, der einer Kurzgeschichte gleicht? - in letzter Zeit immer wieder seine neueste Eroberung angeschleppt... read more


by schtho193

Feb 04, 2022

Überraschung Verbrauchte, stickige Luft schlug mir entgegen, als ich meinen Lieblingsclub betrat. Die Floors waren gerammelt voll. Überall tanzte man zu hämmernder Musik. Mühsam kämpfte ich mich auf der Suche nach einem bekannten Gesicht in Richtung Bar. Ich konnte keinen meiner Bekannten ausmachen. War ja auch kein Wunder bei dem Gedränge, das hier herrschte. Ich bestellte mir ein Bier... read more


I was greeted at the door by a very hot nude male stripper for a birthday party I was invited to over Memorial Day weekend. I found out that his name was Derek Tyson and that he entertained for different private parties and events along with dancing at some regional strip clubs. I was also told that he had done several porn shoots. There were at least fifty or sixty people at the... read more

I have a best friend that for the purposes of this story, I’ll call Ben. Ben is straight and has a girlfriend, but he sometimes sends me mixed signals. He’s sent me kissing face emojis, has talked about his crotch to me, and has told me that he’s had wet dreams. I know, this can be normal stuff friends talk about, but to my bi ears, it just makes me fantasize about having sex with him.... read more

Fehler müssen bezahlt werden PROLOG Da ist es; blitzartig und ohne Vorwarnung: dieses eigenartige, schwer zu beschreibende Gefühl, dass jemand von hinten ganz nah herantritt. Man hat nichts gehört, keinen Schritt, keinen Atemzug und doch richten sich abrupt die Nackenhaare auf, durchfährt einem die Gewissheit, dass es irgendwie zu spät ist. Instinktiv lässt Mark den Karton, den... read more


by idot316

Apr 03, 2021

I just finished boot camp and was off to security forces training and would be staying at Lackland AFB. I listened to my dumbass recruiter and went in with an open contract so the Air Force gave me the shittiest of shitty jobs. I started unpacking the first evening there when in walked my roommate, Jeff. He was the most gorgeous guy I ever laid eyes on. He had the perfect build. He was... read more


How I lost my virginity at 18 - True Story I had just turned 18 and been in the military six months in 1980. I went to a local public park on a Saturday that had hiking trails at my new duty station in New Orleans. After hiking a bit I had to pee so I decided to step off the trails to find a tree to relieve myself. I hadn’t barely pulled my cock out when this older man about mid 60’s... read more

I'm in a bedroom and in the double bed, I see YouTube brothers Tal and Adi Fishman smiling at me invitingly. I sit down on Adi's side first, I lift up the covers where I realize that both boys are completely naked in bed. My eyes wander all over their fit and muscular bodies and then I ask them: "Can I touch your dicks and balls?" "Sure, go ahead" they reply. I start touching Adi's dick... read more

When I had graduated college I thought that the world was my oyster. I was going to be somebody! I had been offered a position at the marketing firm where I had interned during college and was moving to the big city. It was the dream of every privileged kid who grew up in a blue suburb like I had. Five years later my reality looked very different. I had never even been considered... read more


***This story was posted previously on my blog*** I woke up and looked around the room. I stretched my body without getting up. The duvet was tenting by my crotch, but I ignored it. Yesterday had been a pretty good first day. Five of the hockey guys stuck around in the cafeteria to have a few drinks, and get to know me. Or at least, Josh Roberts, a fake me. Ed, Aaron, James, Brandon,... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** Scott dropped me off at home and said he genuinely hoped he would see me again while I was here. This time we did exchange phone numbers. He gave me a hug while we were still seated in the car. It was slightly awkward, but also nice. When I walked into the house, I saw that my sister Louise and her husband Robert had arrived from... read more


Part 1: Introductions and fucking poolside. I met Sara in college. She and I had started sleeping together but it was just for fun and nothing serious. Eventually, she met Jim and they became an item. Somehow we still stayed friends even after they married. Jim took over his family’s construction business and Sara became a lawyer. They did VERY well and had an amazing house that I... read more

“Sam, I need a new phone. I am cash trapped but if you could lend me the money, I promise to pay you immediately I collect my salary – which should be in about two week’s time,” I pleaded with my buddy Sam. “I am sorry I am also in the red now, Bright. But if something comes up, I will let you know.” The line went dead before I could plead further. This was one of my close friends. He... read more

I was a taxi driver around the city because I had a family of five to feed. My job entailed picking up people of different races and sometimes I picked the good, the bad and the ugly. Some were kind and some are darn obnoxious. I picked up a white man named John from the airport to a hotel. En route the hotel, we struck a conversation and became instant friend. It was his first time... read more

The Job InterView

by Omofineboy

Nov 08, 2017

After graduating from the university, lived in Accra for two years hoping to secure a nice job and start my life in earnest. I dabbled into small entrepreneurial ventures that saw me through hard times. My aged parents lived in a village and I was their only benefactor. On a breezy morning, I had a call to attend an interview. I was short of cash so I borrowed a few Cedis from a... read more

I recently returned from a business trip that I believe I'll remember for quite some time. I'm a happily married masculine man in my mid-fifties...with a building curiosity and desire. As a bit of background, I had my first man-on-man sex when I was in my early 20's. I was traveling across the country and stayed overnight at a Motel 6. After a long day of driving, I wanted to unwind and... read more

Please only 18+ read this story and 21+ in certain areas. This is a true story of man on man sex if you don't want to read it then, please leave this page and find something else to read. This story involves two friends of mine Cole, who is the friend of my little brother and my other friend Tim. Now Cole is straight and Tim and myself are gay. Cole and I have a history of hooking up, Please... read more

Please only read these stories if you are 18+ or 21 in some areas. This is a true story between my little brothers friends' brother Ethan. He was in another story with me and his brother check out my account to read that story. The only thing that aren't true in these stories are the names, other than that this is a true account. I never thought this would happen again, I mean ever!!! Ethan... read more

Please only read this story if you are 18+, 21 + in some areas. This is a true story about my brothers friend Cole and myself, this is not the only true story that we have shared look at my account for other stories. Cole is straight. The story is true, the names are fake though. In this story all parties are consenting adults. Please let me know what you think of this story and what you think... read more

Must be 18+ to read this story. 21+ in some areas. Everyone has consented to the activity in the story upon their own free will. This is a true story, only the names were changed as two guys in this story are "straight" I am the only gay on in this story. My name is Lachlan, my brother's friends name is Cole. So Cole and I have had many sexual experiences, since we started talking to each... read more

Bobby Ryan and his new sex slave ( this is a continuation of Bobby Ryan get captured same note as always) Bobby walks Joe into his bedroom what are you going to do to me call the coos Joe asked as he held Bobby captive for 10 hours and raped him twice No I am going to keep you as my slave you are mine now Bobby said as he pushed Joe on the bed and cut off Joe's cothes lube up... read more

I lost my parents two years ago to the Boko Haram insurgency. They sacked our village while we were away selling goats in a nearby village. Most male captives were massacred and some of the women abducted. When we returned, we organized most of the other village youth and formed Vigilante groups. The villages then opened up as one big town. So far there had been relative peace in the... read more

Lately I have been thinking about it a lot. It has been years but I keep fantasizing about sucking cock again. I don't remember the first time I thought about it. It's just kind of been there, lurking in the back of my mind, wondering what it would be like. This thought had been happening more and more lately. I'm not sure if it was my desire to try it that was growing, or just the influence of... read more

I am driving from Portland to Seattle when a glance at the fuel gauge indicated that it was time to fill up as soon as possible. I guess time had just slipped away from me on the drive. It was now a dark and lonely night! About ten minutes later, I see the sign up ahead of a gas station. I pull in, get out and start the gas going in the tank. A car pulls in and stops on the pump next... read more

This is my first story so please bare with me. Names have been changed in the story so the straight men can stay anonymous! Must be 18+ to read this. Hi my name is Lachlan and this happens to me years ago, I just found this site so I though I would post. This is a true story only names are untrue. Please let me know what I can work on in my stories or if you like it! I was 21 and... read more

This is a true story of what happened to me during college. Go back and read part 1 (The Quarterback and Me) to hear how Joe and I hooked up. I'm Sam. I work in the college Activity Center. It's a place where students can come work out, play intramural sports, and just hang out. Joseph was our college football quarterback. Standing at 6'3", 180 pounds, abs of steel, tanned skin--he... read more