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I was greeted at the door by a very hot nude male stripper for a birthday party I was invited to over Memorial Day weekend. I found out that his name was Derek Tyson and that he entertained for different private parties and events along with dancing at some regional strip clubs. I was also told that he had done several porn shoots. There were at least fifty or sixty people at the... read more


Walked inside the porn industry where Kyai’s friend worked. Kyai wanted to show Nahi what they do it for a various living to experience and learn about how they working. Nahi found it so heartbreaking as if he cannot believe what he saw. Nahi preferred his love relationship to with one person, not multitudes. It would be too much for him if he did. To meet Kyai’s friend, they just had introduced... read more

Had plans to take break from work as businessman in New York City for two months. He’d deciding to travel all over USA by driving his rented car, green military jeep Cherokee sport, in the cool days. He informed his business partners that he won’t be back until he would be ready to return to work again. Pretty excited for his journey on the traveling to see what’s up with those cities. On... read more

Completed on everything after Nahi had plan to leave his home for new life in California with Kyai, he had mixed feeling about it because he haven’t been there before until this moment. His new boyfriend Kyai explained Nahi everything about being in that state with some experience what Kyai went through for. Nahi wanted to know how to able to work with him and other one in that workplace but... read more

It was just past midnight, and one of Matthew’s grandfather’s friends was leading him through the halls of the old age home. The 18 year old swimmer wore a sleeveless shirt and running shorts to show off his incredibly toned body which he pumped often at the gym. He was excited for his first act of giving back to the old aged community. Everything had been planned. The old men in the... read more

On Friday at 4’o clock after the party in the previous day, the futuristic dreamed mansion where Lucheavi Sellucci owns. He was good at welcome those people whom worked with him for his mature career. He liked to have party in his own home. He enjoyed fuck men but didn’t have true lover to live together yet. So, he was excited for his first party after won the award for the best gay porn star.... read more


The dark evening at Harvard University, invitees, from other Greek communities, were there to party in frat house as they just wanna have fun, like they liked to be wild for once. One guy was extremely important person to Greek communities because he was son of President Victor Nino in 2032 A.C. They did something what Jerry Nino want to as if he influenced them. For Jerry’s appearance, he... read more

So I had been attending college and working at the gym for about a month. During that time I became comfortable with the revealing gym uniform the owner, Todd, had required me to wear. Todd was using a similar marketing approach like that clothing store that has giant pictures of shirtless men in the entrance, only I was real, not a picture, and wearing a very tight muscle shirt and... read more

It was my second year of college and thus, my second year of living away from home. My parents lived halfway across the country so I only saw them on major holidays, and usually only when I went to visit them. I didn't have a living arrangement for that. I was renting a room in a large three story house owned by a lovely older couple, Jon and Barbra. About 10 years ago, after Jon... read more

At 10pm on Friday at gay small stripping club in Florida, there were filled with the naughty talented strippers that danced around the pole. About 10 performers did their work to get their customers happy. They had fantastic body. Some had muscle, fit, lean, and skinny as if it had varieties of size. It was nice to pick one for them to enjoying watch them that got their boring clothes off except... read more


The Spa/Sauna Trap: Into My Parlor said the Spider to the 'Wasp' #2Nine months after my humiliating entrapment (refer to the story:The Spa/Sauna Trap: Into My Parlor said the Spider to the 'Wasp') at the hands of Cameron and his aunt in their Spa/Sauna complex, I was accepted into the police academy.Ahead of me lay a further 6 months of study and physicals.By now I was also starting... read more

In early 2030s, there are lots of international students in West Hollywood, California at small private porn university. Most of them look so insanely hot, walked around park near beautiful modern building in college area. They wore too sexy because of that rule as if they have to be open-minded and friendly in somehow silly in way to get good grade. If they flunk it, they must stay there until... read more

I was 18 when I entered the employ of Ashan Bedoin. He operated the top notch male bordello in Washington, DC. He catered to the elite and powerful in business and politics. And he chose me to be a member of his staff. He served only the best -- the best scotch, Cuban cigars, and fine young males to provide the best in entertainment and pleasure. I was 5'8... read more

Alonso was not a bad kid. But there was something different about him. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Matthew Carns. I teach twelfth grade English at St. Manuel's School For Boys. Alonso Ortiz is one of my students. He's not a trouble maker and always scores above average on his tests. Though I suspect that with just a little more effort he could excel. Alonso seems to be a... read more


I love sex in public places and one my favorite places was this book store with a video arcade that had strippers. I'll be honest, I don't like to tip guys to show me some dick so I never went in the stripper area much. The area was set up with a bunch of booths with doors set up around an open dance floor. When you put in a token the lights would come on and the dancers could be seen.... read more

Snaked on Anjajavy Beach

by Habu

Dec 02, 2013

I had both the advantages and curses of being a rock star. I could afford to go anywhere I wanted on the spur of the moment or as the mood hit me, but if a mood hit me that would land me in the tabloids, I’d better be prepared to go to the ends of the earth.The mood had hit me to get the most exotic and total fuck that I could find by the most talented cocksman I could attract. I had been on... read more

Dad went to use the bathroom leaving me alone in his room and I could not help but open the magazine we had been looking at earlier. “Anything you find interesting?” Dad asked catching me deeply engrossed in the pages “Maybe” I replied looking up as I closed the magazine “Well maybe we can try something you want later” Dad added with a smile I nodded and smiled back“Or we can just hang... read more

I just graduated from college after taking a few years off after finishing high school. I'm pretty average for a 23 year old. Somewhat twinky. Not muscular but not really thin either. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. About 5'9 and 160lbs or so. I get complimented a lot on my looks. Some might say I'm cute. I never argue with a compliment like that. ;)I've been helping out my neighbour's... read more

A Room With A View

by PudGunner

Feb 16, 2013

Disclaimer: This story is a complete work of fiction, written solely for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real life people, places or events are completely coincidental. This story also contains strong sexual content between two or more males, so if you find m/m relationships insulting or if it is illegal in your country to be reading this, please leave. Please don’t re-post this... read more


I was so stoked. It was my first time at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I'd booked my flight and got an amazing hotel room – four poster bed, and floor to ceiling windows with shutters opening onto the street. I wasn't so familiar with the city or how I was supposed to prepare for the event – I was just an budding slut at the time. So I went out on Fat Tuesday hoping for the best, with a nice new... read more


By Write me and let me know what you think. I answer all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. Characters & events that are referred to in previous chapters will have the chapter number in parenthesis. As the crew... read more


Another St. Paddy's Day had rolled around. March 17th came out on a weekday and I wasn't sure if the crowds would pack the gay bars on a “school night.” I'm not of Irish extraction but you know how us fags are - any excuse to party. So I searched my wardrobe for some sexy green apparel. My dresser drawer produced a green jockstrap - just in case. A slutty sleeveless green t-shirt and my greenish... read more

Interested... Part 1

by josh105

Feb 02, 2009

We met over the Internet. We were to meet at my hotel room. He had his instructions: wear a T-shirt, jeans, boxers, tennis shoes, and socks; bring a pair of shorts and flip-flops. I sat on the bed of my hotel room a little nervous. I had never done this before. Right on time there was a knock on my hotel-room door. I looked through the peep-hole. Not bad. He was tall and slender, a slight... read more


It was that time again--the time where Brad Tomkins found himself short on cash. At nineteen Brad was in his first year of college and had already gone through a string of jobs. The simple truth of the matter was Brad was lazy and he tended to coast through life on his good looks and wrestlers body. Not to mention his big round booty, which he was not above wiggling to get what he wanted. So... read more


The Set Up, Part 2

by smapdi

Aug 28, 2007

What happened next was my worst nightmare. I heard cheers coming from behind me and in my half-drugged, sex-high state; I turned my head to see Jessie wheeling in a cart. It was a steel cart, like the one's you see in a dining hall, and on it was a weird contraption of some sort. I couldn't make it out clearly, with my head turned sideways and down on the plastic mat-trussed and ass-up, but it... read more


I felt so embarrassed after what happened in the class but I couldn't believe how turned on I got from having my body and muscles touched in certain areas. I felt so helpless and powerless. I decided that I needed a weekend off from seeing Brandon and his friends at school. So, on Monday when the guys at the station said they were going out next Saturday, I quickly agreed. I asked Tony where we... read more


I was 22 when I went to America to study for my master's degree. I was supposed to be accompanied by my parents, but because my dad was sick they both couldn’t accompany me. And so I flew alone. On my flight from Manila to San Francisco I sat beside this hot Caucasian guy whom I guess was a tourist who was about to go home because of his tanned skin. Anyways we sat at the right side of the... read more

The Set Up, Part 1

by smapdi

Aug 05, 2004

By Stimle and Glaucon55 July 2004 NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no farther if you are underage. If you are not 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. ________________________ This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is... read more

One summer I felt that I would treat myself to a vacation. I was in a pretty wild and promiscuous state of mind at that point so I decided that I would vacation to the downtown gay village area of a major city. When I arrived the place was just pumping with hot men everywhere. The temperature was at an all time high in the city and clothing was becoming more and more optional as the sweat level... read more


Hot Frottage session: Clash of the Titans “Huge” is the only way I could describe his thighs, like tree trunks, monument pillars, these things were amazing. “He” is a body builder I met at my local gym a couple months ago. He was 6” 2 235 lbs of pure black muscle. His muscle had that soft puffy look like an off-season bodybuilder before they cut down on their carb intake before... read more