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Black Panther Vs. Tentacle Man Part 1 Black Panther patrolled in his new state of the art suit. He had nipple pieces and anatomically a correct latex like suit that showed off his plump butt like a canyon. His 11 inch cock was think and coiled in a tight cod piece. The suit was black but had a glossy finish which showed off his features. He was tall, dark, handsome and packed with... read more

"The Bat," The Joker said. Bane put on a powerful glove with Titanium electric pulses. Batman tried to dodge, but Killer Croc put him in a full Nelson. Batman's ass rubbed against Killer Croc who was horny from the Nightwing ball busting abuse. Bane did a flying kick to Batman's codpiece. His plump balls smashed into the pit of his stomach. Next Bane kneeled and twisted Batman's balls... read more

Nightwing was tied up like a slab of prime beef. His lacerations and bruises were all over his body. His handsome face was bruised and the hero tried to get away. Nightwing's muscles still were in tact. Killer Croc began his assault with his claws and gripped the hero. "don't hurt his genitals," Joker said. Killer Croc looked at Nightwing's compact nuts. Plump and juicy. He couldn't help... read more

Sweat dripped down Nightwing's body. Stripped down to his boots, torn codpiece and mask, the vulnerable hero endured his cock torture. Bane stepped in front of Nightwing. Bane had an erection looking at the smaller muscle hero bound and unable to move. His dick throbbed at the thought of Nightwing begging for mercy. Bane put on titanium brass knuckles and went to work. POWWWWW POW... read more

Nightwing woke up with only his codpiece and his pec armor and boots left. The spotlight was turned on and he could hear the laugh. The Joker appeared and smiled with an evil grin. He had a needle in his hand. Nightwing was tied to the ceiling with barbed wire and to the floor. "Hello Nightwing," The Joker said. The room was damp, moist and humid. Nightwing's abs dripped with sweat and... read more

the Joker's Wild

by Vorlon5

Jan 13, 2017

Batman found himself tied spread-eagle on top of an old boxspring, minus the mattress...the smokey haze in the room made it hard for him to see where he was. He couldn't remember what happened, he was...somewhere but couldn't remember where. But that voice was unmistakable...the Joker! But, but it couldn't be! “Well Batman, we meet again!” “The hell?!” Batman said incredulously. “You were... read more


Super Auction

by Todd Fleming

Sep 03, 2014

The following is an original work of adult fan fiction involving the erotic adventures Superman. Superman is the intellectual property of D.C. Comics. This story is strictly not for profit and no copyright infringement is intended. No super heroes were harmed in the creation of this work. For more stories by this author visit Nik waited nervously in a very... read more

no copyright infringement intended, implied or otherwise infered. Just a wicked fun nasty sex story of a superhero & his kinks... enjoy.Super Slut Slave :Part 1... read more

... read more

Jeremy has always been able to get his way, or talk anyone into anything, no matter how absurd. When he would get caught red-handed committing some offense or another, he could persuade people to look the other way or even into believing that this didn't see what they clearly saw. Jeremy never knew why he was able to do it, but he definitely took advantage of it when he could. As a... read more

Superman Meets The

by tynfyr

Apr 27, 2014

Superman Meets The New School Thug pt. 2Prologue:... read more

Superman Meets The

by tynfyr

Apr 27, 2014

Here is the beginning of a story that was inspired by the new 52 superman. Superman Meets The New School Thug... read more

Jason Mendez is solid like a rock. He has an eight pack, chiseled chest and he's rock solid. He calls himself Slate. A nickname he was given because he was solid like s rock since high school. Slate's Puerto Rican and former marine from Grand Island City. He has chestnut eyes, and pecan colored skin. Slate is 32-years-old with a square jaw. He cut his hair and now has a bald head. The... read more

At early morning in Italy, there’s clock that alerted so loud and Jacob Don Lothario woke up in an excited mood. He got up and pressed it to be quiet. Then, he made his bed in the perfect way as if he did it every day so he can welcome people to fuck. He just wanted to make people happy. However, he took shower and masturbating himself for 30 minutes as he groaned. After that, he ate his healthy... read more


Doing the Men in the Super League of the SuperheroesHi my name is Darian Wolverine, but I like to go by the name Wolverine. It just sounds more exciting. Late one weekend evening, I was sitting on the front porch at my farm. Just sitting there looking up into the crystal clear sky. You could see almost every star up there. Suddenly I saw a shooting star. Well they say if you make a wish... read more

Max B., our white bubble-butted 20-year-old cutie (blue eyes, sandy hair, toned body) and the hero of our tales, has been called into Mr. Gregg's office at Fantasy Point Amusement park.The office--stylish, modern, air-conditioned, and expensive--is located on the northern end of the park away from most of the crowd foot traffic. Fantasy Point--an exceptional attraction on the... read more

Max is a 20-year-old bubble-butted white guy who lives on the East Coast of the USA. A nice enough young dude, he always seems to be the center of attention due to his massive butt cakes which stick out like a pair of perfectly round, bouncy, delicious globes. It seems that no one can resist his... read more


Superman's Dilemma

by krysm

Nov 27, 2011

He was getting close, and Lois showed no signs of stopping. She was riding his sodden shaft like she was riding a bucking bronco, except he lay utterly still. Her bouncing breasts drove him crazy. He wanted so much to explode right inside her, but he couldn’t.“Stop, Lois.”“Almost there. Just a little –”He lifted her off his penis with utmost care and set her down. Seeing her... read more


Dopo che Spider-Man sborrò per 2 volte,contro la sua volontà,il ragazzo lo fece addormentare con un sonnifero.Dopo lo svesti del suo costume da EROE e gli fece indossare gli abiti da Piter Parker cioè,i jeans strech,che aveva durante il primo incontro,le calze nere nike,le scarpe nike R4 bianche e argento,e la maglia nike bianca e lo legò alla sedia con le gambe divaricate e le braccia dietro la... read more

Spider-Man era alle prese con Goblin il qluale cercava di asapettare il momento giusto per usere l'arma.Goblin fece cadere l'impalcatura molto pesante su spidy il quale la afferrò.Mentre Spidy era alle prese con l'ipalcatura aveva le gambe accovacciate un po divaricate.Il suo pene era abbastanza evidente,subito Goblin afferò l'arma e sparò due siringhe una ai tesicoli di Spider-Man era viagra... read more

Un fotografo molto esperto mandato e pagato da Goblin per fotografare spider-man x scoprire chi si nasconde dietro a quella maschiera.Tanti momenti andati vani,ma alla fine il fografo riusci a fotografare Spider-Man senza la maschiera.Portò la foto a Goblin il quale fece una scansione nel tantianni Goblin non aveva mai capito in punto debole di Spider-Man ma stavolta con la foto del... read more


by galeazzo_45

Feb 27, 2010

Odissea di GaleazzoCapitolo I. Il banchetto degli Dei.Ci fu un tempo in cui, copiando dagli esseri umani anche gli dei e semidei dell’Olimpo presero l’abitudine di prendere in affidamento un giovinetto, allo scopo di educarlo e di insegnargli le virtù di coraggio e saggezza che lo avrebbero fatto diventare un uomo ideale. Ovviamente l’educazione comportava un contatto fisico... read more


... read more

The new and improved Metallo, Part 6 Final Chapter.... read more

The new and improved Metallo: Part 5... read more

The new and improved Metallo:... read more

Superman is totally powerless to Metallo's new and improved body ...... read more

Superman totally drained of all his super strength...... read more

The new and improved Metallo, Part 1 Superman while flying over Metropolis hears an S.O.S signal from outer space. He flies to Starlabs and gets the oxygen apperatice he needs for space flight. Superman at light speed heads into space and goes to the source of the emergency signal. He comes upon a Black hole and is looking at a round human sized spinning blinking devise silver in color. ... read more

... read more