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Chapter 1 - The Theatre The smell of sex and desperation hung heavy in the air as Luke stepped through the doors of the adult movie theatre. He had been coming here for months, drawn to the seedy underbelly of desire that thrived within its sticky walls and general sense of depravity, within its charm. The darkness was overwhelming at first, flashes of white merging to grey then... read more


The next morning I awoke cold. I reached to pull up the covers on my still naked body and realized that Pup wasn't there. I rolled over to face the window. The memory of Justin being dragged off last night was trying to replay its self in my mind. My eyes locked onto another set of eyes in the window. I jumped before realizing it was just an ordinary fox. The fox held my gaze for a... read more


April Neil

by Stepiquno Toglio

Apr 01, 2017

Struggling though out two years of college terms in New York, Tiyo Lan didn’t feel that he have passion there so he had plan to quit after waste his time and had no respect on those immature people. He was very disappointed about how they turned out. They were just so young and didn’t understand how the seriousness was. For his lost passion, his major was to be graphic designer. He loved drawing... read more


The First was a 6ft tall Gargoyle with black leathery skin and bat wings, a bald head with curved black horns encircling his skull. His black leathery cock was 12" long. He plunged it in Matthew's ass with no mercy. Matthew yelled and moaned and the monster fucked his little human ass up. The table shook with tremendous strength, the scratches all over Matt's body healed almost as soon as... read more

Jooku's cock was 9" lodged down matt's throat. The boy sucked and sucked off The red beast's dick with much vigor and content. "Haha! That's how you do it boy!" Jooku yelled. The human's ass was still being stretched out by 1 and 2. Suddenly they changed positions. 1 was deepthroating 2 on the edge of the bed as Jooku went full doggy-style on Matt. "Fuck yeah! Gimme that demon dick! Fuck me!... read more

Matthew's head was out the window as his ass was getting invaded by Jooku's big red dick. They were up about over 50 stories and outside was enveloped in lava and flames with gargoyles. Suddenly Jooku pulled out, and pulled Matt's head to his sack. Matt sucked up Jooku's hairy red balls and kept them in his mouth like nuts for the winter. After a few second Jooku pulled them out and... read more

Jooku's hot cockhead rubbed against Matthew's pink hole. There was no magic BS to make him feel more pleasure than pain like with Asmodeus. Matt then did the last thing he'd ever do, he started praying. Jooku then blurted out in laughter. The demon laid on top of the human who was on his stomach. Jooku was almost 300lbs fat with bulging muscle. The demon then grabbed matt's thighs and sprud them... read more

"Leave Us!" Asmodeus bellowed. Reluctantly the demons left the room. In a few minutes there was no one in the enormous empty room besides Matthew, Asmodeus, the few winged beasts latched on the ceiling, and the red skinned demon, who then left with a scowl after receiving a low growl from Asmodeus. It was now Asmodeus and Matt who was naked and afraid. "Closer" the demon king demanded. Matt... read more

Matthew on the sharp black ground of hell, completely coated in cum. He was fucked raw, hard, for hours and tossed out like an Orange carcass. As he twitched, cum leaking from his ass, he remembered everything. He was in the beast's belly, it was pitch black, the pit was suffocating with the stench of cum. The turgid long cocks caressed every inch of his body, they slithered along his face... read more

Old Octopus Tentacles turned out to be regular for Matthew. He grunted and moaned at the 3 Octopus arms inside of his hole caressing his anal walls. Suddenly a watery liquid shot up his ass as he cam, and the tentacles drew out of his hole, cleaning and lapping up the boy's white sex juice. It was lock up time, the bar was empty and the room behind the wall, cold with darkness. The wall... read more

Matthew's food fell from his hand. Suddenly he felt something thick and wet lick his newly virgin hole. His toes curled and his cock jumped. It was a Tongue. He tried to kick this demon away, but the unknown beast was strong, it widened Matt's legs, and its tongue slowly started slipping in. Matt winced and groaned loudly as the demon's tongue now extending in feet into the boy's rectum,... read more

They would always tell Matthew to repent and to beg forgiveness for his unnatural lustful sin but he didn't listen. Matt had died in a car accident and now he woke up in a place with black skies, ruined cities, and bodies of lava with sharp air that could cut lungs. He knew this was hell, the ACTUAL HELL of the of that stupid church book Christians would force down his throat. Matthew was... read more


PART IThe popping of his ears indicated to Joe just how fast the elevator was traveling. Alone in the marbled wall box, he saw his reflection in the stainless steel doors. He fixed his hair one last time before he would enter into the most important interview of his life. At 5 foot 6 and just 130 pounds, he wasn’t very physically imposing and often felt embarrassed by his body. He was... read more


Muscle Mentor

by Peterson

Nov 23, 2014

This is a story of sex between adult males. All legal disclaimers apply. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas) and too young to be reading such material or if you are in a locale or country where it is not legal to read such material then please leave immediately and come back when it is legal for you to do so. We’ll be glad to have you back. This is a work of... read more

Es war einer dieser dunklen, tristen Herbsttage an denen man eigentlich den ganzen Tag nicht so recht weiß was man tun soll. Ich war gerade 19 geworden, hatte vor kurzem mein Abi gemacht und jetzt jede Menge Zeit. Das Studium würde erst im Oktober beginnen und die viele Freizeit wollte ich dazu nutzen meine Erfahrungen mit Männern zu intensivieren. Seit ich als Jugendlicher gemerkt hatte, dass... read more

At early morning in Italy, there’s clock that alerted so loud and Jacob Don Lothario woke up in an excited mood. He got up and pressed it to be quiet. Then, he made his bed in the perfect way as if he did it every day so he can welcome people to fuck. He just wanted to make people happy. However, he took shower and masturbating himself for 30 minutes as he groaned. After that, he ate his healthy... read more


Diese Geschichte ist zur Gänze in meinem Kopf entstanden. Übereinstimmungen bzw. Ähnlichkeiten mit real existierenden Personen sind rein zufällig und ungewollt. Diese Geschichte ist nur für Personen über 18 Jahre geeignet…========== PART 1 - EPILOG ==========Mein Name ist Maximilian, ich bin gut 1,85m groß, schlank und muskulös gebaut. Ich besuche alle zwei Tage das Fitnessstudio in... read more

Satin Sleigh Ride

by Habu

Oct 08, 2013

Count Gregor Arninov towered over his elegantly dressed host and hostess in the foyer of their winter dacha as his sleigh was being brought around. He was leaning over them and holding the admiral’s wife’s small silk-gloved hand in his appreciably larger satin-clad one while he murmured how wonderful their ball had been and that, yes, he had enjoyed dancing with their daughter immensely. The... read more

I was told by a friend who reads my stuff that there should have been at least one sex scene in this chapter of Wolf and me. So I have revised it and added a bit more. After all I have to keep my readers happy. And I am always open to suggestions. I am an open book. If you have any suggestions you can add at the end of this or you can e-mail me. Wolverine4956@ymail.comDarianWolf and Me... read more

My Mate

by Foundhim2012

Feb 17, 2013

I knew that walking in downtown would not be a good idea. My thoughts were cut short every-time the man behind me ripped me more. Walking through downtown New Bern at night is pike walking in New York City's alleyways. It is highly..ow!!!!!! Why the fuck did this guy have to be so.................James was found two days later beaten and raped. He had little pulse and was barley... read more


Pup came back later that night with all the equipment he needed I sat and watched him set it all up. He pulled the arm chair into the middle of the room and told me to sit and get comfortable. He reclined me back and put the halved ping pong ball over my eyes. then he pulled over a floor lamp took out the white bulb and placed a red one in it and turned it on angling the lamp shade so its light... read more

Pup and I sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Pup started describing the sex we had while I was apparently blacked out. As he described it to me I was horrified. Justin and I only had that kind of rough sex and it was a rule not to do it with Pup. When I was working at the drive-thru he had pretended to be a robber and... read more

Ich wache auf. Ich liege nackt auf dem Sofa, ohne Decke. „Du hattest ja gestern viel Spaß mit meinem Bruder.“ Ich zum Sofa ende, wo Andrew sitzt. Sofort gehen meine Hände zu meinem Schritt, um ihn zu verstecken. Doch es ist schon zu spät. Mein bestes Stück ist schon steif. „Muss dir doch nicht peinlich sein. Mein Brüderchen erwischt mich ständig mit anderen Jungs.“ Er guckt ein wenig nachdenklich... read more

My Dark Angel

by tauger

Oct 26, 2012

First let me say this Vampires exist, not only that they walk among you, living beneath the radar as it were. hidden from the humans that are scattered across the world, my kind is secretive, and only one rule exists that all must follow or else find ourselves on the end of a stake and that rule is keep the secret.My name is Louis and I was turned in 1784 in Ireland by a vampire called... read more



by palover

Jan 12, 2011

Erwartungsvoll ziehe ich durch die nächtlichen Winterstraßen. Es ist Freitag und ich bin wieder einmal geil.Im Internet habe ich an diesem Abend, wie an so vielen zuvor, kein passendes Opfer gefunden. Also habe ich mich wieder auf den Weg gemacht, in der Hoffnung im Nachtleben dieser mittelgroßen Stadt jemanden aufzureißen. Ich gehe die verschneite Straße entlang. Es ist eisig kalt und... read more


Montag um 8 Uhr war Phillip pünktlich in der Schule erschienen. Schulleiter Radke empfing ihn und machte noch ein paar letzte Anweisungen. Dann führte er zum Lehrerzimmer, wo sich Phillip sein Fach einrichten sollte.„Die meisten Lehrer sind jetzt natürlich schon im Unterricht. So haben Sie noch ein bisschen Zeit, um sich einzurichten, bevor Ihre erste Stunde um 9 Uhr beginnt... read more

„Mein Tagebuch,im Keller fragte ich Martin, ob es nicht möglich sei, auf seiner Schule zu arbeiten. Ich hätte mich entschlossen, länger in Berlin zu bleiben, und würde eine Stelle suchen. „Und du willst eine Quelle für frischen Boysaft“, grinste mich Martin an. Das war weniger der Grund, weil ich ja eher auf die 30jährigen stehe, aber solange Martin das glauben wollte und keine weiteren... read more

Schnell lief Philip die Treppe nach oben und in Richtung des Zimmers von Thomas. Dort angekommen, sah er, dass sein Brüderchen schon nackt war. Er konnte gut seinen jungenhaften kleinen Schwanz schlaff runterhängen sehen, der spermaverkrustet schien. „Thomas, sag mir doch einfach, warum du vor zwei Wochen wieder nach Berlin zurückgekommen bist“, forderte Philip.„Lass mich in Ruhe, du... read more

Weiße und beige Wichse quoll meinem Brüderchen aus seinem Mund als er zu mir rief: „Scheiße, Philip, was machst du denn hier?“Ein weiterer Kerl rotze seine Ladung auf die Fresse meines kleinen Bruders. Ein animalisches Kreischen erfüllte nun den kleinen Slingraum und wusste, dass es aus der Kehle meines Bruders kam. Seine Pupillen waren gelbgefärbt und sein Gesicht maskenhaft verzerrt. Sofort... read more

„Mensch, Onkel Mark, du warst seit 1983 nicht mehr hier. Wie geht es dir?... read more