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I’m still in shock confused embarrassed scared..Excited?WTF did I do last night.. Went to my first XXX movie theater just curious finally old enough to go. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would not only let an old fat man play with me getting me naked but I sucked his cock in public letting other strangers watch me. I not only sucked him that night but five... read more


by Alleykat69

Feb 20, 2023

I’m a pretty femboi nice clean naked body 5’5” 100lbs I’ve become addicted hypnotized like to suck strangers in public places… parks rest-stops restrooms usually wear panties short shorts my sweet ass- cheeks slightly showing it turns me on feeling sexy slutty like…flirting teasing.. I heard that old men hung out at this mall looking for young boys like me. Checked myself out... read more


More Lido Tales Part-1-of-1 Here's a tale that I've always thought was funny. It happened one Saturday afternoon in an adult bookstore called Lidos in Dallas. When you go in the door, on the left is the bookstore where you pay your admission, on the right is a gay movie theater and upstairs is the straight theater. The hallway leading back to the adult theater is line with private viewing... read more

Eighteenth Birthday Part-1-of-1 I don’t mind telling you that I was excited. It was my eighteenth birthday and my first trip to an adult movie theater. When I moved across the lobby and walked into the darkened theater the smell had been overwhelming. The pungent aroma of sex was thick in the air. The room reeked of the quasi-chlorine smell of cum, cigarettes, sweat and the pungent ammonia... read more

Strange Adult Theater Fun Part-1-of-1 I was feeling kind of horny and didn’t wanting to jerk off so I decided to go to a place where I’d heard a guy could get sucked off with no problem. In fact there were a couple places in town that was rumored would accommodate a guy’s cock. One was a bookstore with private viewing booths and a couple of glory holes. The other was a small adult... read more

One thing I've never been able to resist is Transvestites. Mature TV's are my kryptonite, when ever I see one I get an instant hard on. One thing that really gets me hard, is seeing a Mature TV dressed up with her cock hard and exposed. One day I was visiting the local adult theater, and jerking off to the movie. It was mostly empty except for a few guys around 30 or 40 = not to my liking... read more


This story begins 30+ years ago when I was 18........I graduated from high school in 1979-I had my own car, my own... read more


Afternoon Delight

by LJonny1

Mar 27, 2014

You would think that an adult cinema’s business was primarily at night....... read more


The Video List

by Habu

Aug 09, 2013

“It sounds too complicated for you, Matt,” Jason had said. “Getting a list would be the hardest part—impossible, I think. This is a small potatoes town. I think you should just keep it to the street and be happy when it works out. And get a job.”I’ll admit that getting a job was what got the plan rolling. Then getting a list turned out to be one of the easiest parts. The roughest part,... read more

I love black cock. I simply can not get enough of it. Any time; any where; did not matter. I'd gotten to the point, I would do it in public if that was what it would take. I was wearing a thin pair of terry cloth boi shorts, a belly chain with my car keys attached, and sandals when I entered the bookstore in Goldsboro. No shirt; and that seemed fine with the manager. I paid my... read more

So this story fits in somewhere in the married man tales. This story is true and only names have been changed. So when I was married to my first wife I went through a period of serious curiosity of my sexuality. Now, I had... read more

Into the Dark

by Habu

Feb 16, 2013

Momma, please. I won’t talk back anymore. Let me out of the closet, Momma. Or turn on a light. You know how scared I am of the dark. Don’t leave me here in the dark, Momma. Please. Please Momma. Momma? Momma?* * * *Brandon leaned over the low, padded cubicle wall and winked at Colleen and told her she was looking mighty fine today. Then, as he turned and moved down the corridor between... read more

I helped my son load up the last of his stuff in his car, he was going away to college. I turned to his best friend Brian "Well I guess the house is going to be alot quieter now with two of you not up half the night making all kinds of racket." Brian smiled "Well I can come over at odd hours of the night making lots of noise if it will make you feel better." I laughed "And what miss... read more


Als wir die Kabine verlassen, glotzen die Kerle aus dem Cruisingbereich zu uns rüber und auf dem Gang zu der größeren Kabine begegnet uns noch ein älterer Typ. Irgendwie ist es peinlich, dass die einen sehen und wissen, dass man gerade rumgemacht hat oder rummachen will... aber irgendwie turnt es mich auch ein bisschen an. Wir sind da, mein Begleiter verriegelt die Tür und ich fange an mich... read more

Ich bin 24 Jahre alt und lebe in einer ziemlich konservativen Kleinstadt. Also fahre ich gelegentlich in die 30 km entfernte Großstadt, die mehrere Pornokinos hat; teilweise mit Gay-Bereichen, teilweise für ein rein schwules Publikum. Diesesmal besuche ich ein kleines, schon etwas älteres Gaykino. Im Erdgeschoss gibt es 6 abschließbare Solokabinen mit Gloryholes, eine offene Solokabine, eine... read more

I had always known that I was bisexual but had repressed that part of my identity because,... read more

Whenever i snort cocaine i want to drink smoke cigarettes and turn into a faggot.I stick huge dildos up my ass.Fantasize about everything sexual. 2 huge cocks fucking my hole hard .The list goes on.I was so horny one day i had driven into the city and was supposed to hook up with this guy his cock was so mall i was really disapointed i did some lines and was wanting... read more


I have a dirty little secret like many of you men who are reading this story. By day, I am a married, masculine man. I am married to a wonderful woman who has adored me for twelve years. To her and to my friends, I’m a burly, bearded, talented musician about six feet tall and weighing 200 pounds. They all know me as a gentle, friendly guy. But in private, I’m a closet queer. I don’t like to use... read more

I spend a lot of time in adult theaters and I’m always amazed at the quirky, unusual people I see there. At first, everyone seems pretty average, but as the dynamics of the situation evolve, you find that people have extraordinary tendencies.Take for instance the friendly coed and her studly boyfriend:This guy came in the theater with his pretty girlfriend. They looked just like a young... read more

When I was married in 1985, I used to enjoy occasionally going out at night by myself and frequenting my favorite adult theater. I would always watch a couple hours of porn and then jack-off in the restroom before returning home. It used to be that guys in the audience were discrete in the theaters; nobody ever exposed themselves. However, it had been a year since my last visit and I guess that... read more

I know i have always been a faggot for men and cock ,i was married had kids but i always crossdressed and thought about getting my faggot hole stretched.always dreaming of having many men fuck me.when i was young i went into a video place and i had never seen such big dildoes and porn like that.i was walking around the booths and there was an older man in one .no one was around except this girl... read more

I went to meet a friend and when I got there he wasn't there yet so I went looking around the area and when I got back to where I started he still wasn't there so I called him to find out how much longer he was going to be,and he said it would about another 3 hours.It was winter time and I didn't want to go all the way back home so I went to see if there was anything I could do that was inside. I... read more


First Blow Jobs

by txbearman

Aug 01, 2010

I had been going to this Adult Book Store. It had rooms in the back. You got a hand full of quarters and headed back. Each room had a movie and two chairs in them. I had gone back befor and locked the door, dropped my pants and shorts, sit down and jerked off to a movie. That is what I had planned for this Saturday.I went into a booth with a woman giving a man a blow job. Dropped in some... read more

Four in One

by Justmeintx

Jan 12, 2010

There's a bookstore in the town I live in that I would go to every once and a while. It wasn't on my normal cruise route, but it worked at times. This place had a large arcade area that was sort of U shaped with a second set of booths towards the end. Towards this end was where guys normally cruised since they wouldn't be scene from back there.I went into the booth with this guy that was just... read more


Hungry Strangers


Jan 26, 2009

It remains a world of mystery to some, but through many years of experience within it, I’ve come to know it well. My knowledge of the mansexually hungry male species has been not only gained by way of, but also adapted for use strictly in that world. Like the rest of the willing participants, I was on a hunt that balmy summer night, there in that world. For something hot, hungry and hopefully... read more




Nov 14, 2008

I was already down on my knees sucking a nicely throbbing familiar seven-inch cock when he peered through the glory hole. I repositioned the guy I was sucking so I could look through and I liked the heat that showed on his mustachioed face. Also the way his hand massaged his crotch said he was ready to get something else going. Or so I hoped, for within seconds after that thought, he was out the... read more

Bookstore Bear Sex

by DJR

Sep 23, 2008

My Johnny bear and I were near my hometown when we decided to stop in at the local adult book store. We were looking for a double sided dildo for the both of us. There were a few different kinds, but we decided on the 18 inch purple one. We paid for it at the counter where Johnny saw a sign about the viewing booths. It said something like, ”$5 minimum to enter.” He looked at me and asked, “Do... read more

For a short time after Raul returned to Los Angeles, I was at a loss to find the entertainment I needed. Incidentally, I consider my sexual exploits to be my entertainment and not necessarily my life style. For almost a month, Raul (See my story, Under The Bridge) stayed in an empty garage behind my over-the-garage apartment in my folk’s back yard. He remained straight trade and I kept him... read more

Return to Service


Feb 22, 2008

It felt just the same, yet ultimately different being there again after almost a year. Entry into the corridor showed me there were still two familiar faces around from a year ago, and they still looked the same. Hungry and just waiting for that right guy to walk in and pick them as the one they would exchange cock favors with. I burned with the excitement of what I had possibly missed, and felt... read more

The Gang


Jan 24, 2008

THE GANG I had a really good feeling that there was going to be some guy there on that relatively warm winter morning, willing to experience the suck lust I harbored and was willing to unleash on their cock. No more than five minutes in, I noticed that the door to the giving room was closed, but the receiving door was open. I followed my hunger and investigated, letting the coin fall as I... read more