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Secret cocksucker

by Alleykat

Mar 13, 2023

I secretly go out like once a month looking for strangers to suck. It’s like an addiction a hot cock in my wet mouth feels sooo good satisfying ever since I sucked my first cock just last year it’s all I think fantasize about… me naked on my knees moaning begging pleading for sweet cum filing my belly. Nobody can know my darkest deepest secret desires to be a cocksucking cumloving... read more


***This story was posted previously on my blog*** --- I walked out of my house and dragged myself into my car. Monday. What an awful day. I drove out of Powderhorn Drive onto Whitegate Lane. First on the agenda this morning was chest day at the gym. I had been working out since I was 18, building myself quite the body now at age 27. I would classify myself as muscular, maybe even a... read more


I woke up back in Brisbane on Friday morning. Matt and I had gotten back the day before. Shannan had been so excited to see us return and again made us way too much food for dinner. She was so happy to have an evening with just us, it was quite adorable. My eyes gradually opened and I recognised the room. The sliding door to the balcony was partially open, to let in some fresh air... read more

The next morning I again awoke to the sounds of birds and leaves in the wind. I stretched out in the large bed. I had a rock hard 9’’ morning erection but decided to ignore it. I got up and walked onto the balcony, my cock bouncing up and down in front of me. I felt a breeze over my entire body. I did this every morning and I just didn’t tire of it. I looked out in front of me and it... read more


Hey, my name's john abby, I'm 22 years old, tall, and good-looking, I have short black hair, and I'm a Filipino by the way (I live in cebu city, philippines). I'm bisexual, but more on the gay side, hehe.I have a church friend that I've had a crush on for a while now, his name's Deimos; he's 26, very tall (much taller than me), his hairstyle is usually a buzzcut, he has nice light... read more


Last Sunday, mid-afternoon, I went to the northside mall and immediately went to the washroom in the food court. There, I met a guy just leaving the washroom. He has sort of a funny horny grin on his face. A few steps behind him, I meet another guy leaving the washroom. I quickly glance at his crotch and see that he has a boner or at least a semi going on in his jeans. To me it seemed obvious... read more

Saturday afternoon I was at a downtown mall & decide to visit the washroom. There is a guy ahead of me & as it happens he is going there too. As he is opening the door, I notice a guy in a green shirt on my right and it may be that he is going to the washroom as well. I follow the guy into the washroom. There is a guy at the far urinal so the guy ahead of me takes the near one, leaving the middle... read more

At the mall

by williswhite

Oct 21, 2013

I was shopping in the mens department at a local mall here in Norfolk, VA.I kept seeing a man, older, and from appearance, well-to-do. Everywhere I went in the mens dept, he seemed to also be. He appeared to be around the age of late-60's, whereas I am 48 years of age.I looked a little more closely at him, the next time our paths crossed, and noticed he kept rubbing his crotch as he got... read more

The Right Trousers

by Furlong

Aug 15, 2013

THE RIGHT TROUSERSPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===On Friday afternoon, after meeting a group of potential clients at their Coventry head office, I thought I'd take a walk into the city centre before the shops closed to see if I could find a new pair of trousers. I'd been wondering what... read more

looking for pipe

by vancecd70

Feb 25, 2013

i woke up one morning with a big hard-on and wanting some man to man sex , let me say first i am a married sissie-man and my wife knows all about me being a crossdresser/sissie-man., and we stoped haveing sex years and years ago , she does not care for sex at all ,,,,,,,, anyway , back to me , like i said i wanted some hot good man to man sex , so i got out of bed got something to eat and drink... read more


Remember my online friend Paul, from my... read more

My First Encounter

by fitlad91

Jun 07, 2012

A Malaysian-born Chinese with mixed look. I am a genuine Chinese with no mixed blood but my friends keep telling me that I have a figure that no Chinese has. The big round eyes with brown colour pupil, high cheekbones and brown colour hair. I am very keen in keeping my body in best shape so I work out 4-5 times a week and yeap, I have a fit Asian body with fair skin. 1.71m in height and... read more

Dan drove me home to my grandparents and stressed to me that this was to be our... read more

This isn’t my next SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE but, at popular request, it is my first gay one. I was labelling some new stock in the back room. My uncle was dealing with a customer about his age. He was a cute bald headed dude, wearing a nice blue suit. I finished the pricing and took some new stock out to the front to put on display. The customer was leaving empty handed it appeared and my uncle... read more

I am drinking a coffee at the local mall when my eyes spy her walking by. Simple skirt cut just above the knees, black stockings, 3/4 length coat hiding everything else...but for her darker hair and the fact that her walk is her shoes are too small. Something always get my radar going when I see a transvestite. The coffee is what I need...but my focus is drifting to the... read more



by bobapple

Oct 04, 2011

Wednesday Sept 28, 2011, about 2:00 P.M. - I was walking in the mall and see a guy hot-footing it towards the washroom. I follow him in and stand at the urinal beside him. Fishing out my pecker, I take a peak and like what I see. He is uncut, his foreskin is pulled back behind the ridge and he is very nicely hung, mmmmm. I peak again and notice that he is looking at my dick too so I then look at... read more

First of all if you’re not legal, don’t read this.Below is a story taken from my book Isla Tropicale. this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.Rob Bass... read more

Mar 10, 2011:Today at the mall when I went to the washroom, I passed by the cafe there and noticed that it was empty except for 2 guys sitting together at the front table. Thewashroom was empty. There are 3 urinals in this washroom and I stood at the right one. After getting my dick out, the door opened and one of the guys who had been sitting in the cafe came in and he stood at the left... read more


by bobapple

Feb 16, 2011

Valentine's Day, 2011:I got me some hot cock today in the Sears washroom. I followed a guy into the wshroom. He was nicely dressed, suit, tie and black topcoat. He was on my right and I could see the tip of his pecker pointing into the urinal. I was holding my dick with my left hand so he wouldn't see it. I started talking to him about the mall and the weather etc and after a few peaks in the... read more

This is fiction and a have to say sorry 4 my bad english :-)The MallFrank is a handsome guy, 27 years old, brown short cut hair and blueeyes. He is 5,7 (190 cm) tall and his waight is allmost 140 (70 kg).He is not built like a bodybuilder, but in real good shape.But the most important thing is: He is an exhibitionist at all. Helike the really, really risky kind of... read more


Now Servicing all Men in MenswearBy saltlakecockslaveI sometime will go to the mall and open up shop in some unexpecting department store's Men's wear dressing rooms. I come with a stack of buiseness cards that say.... read more

Mall guard

by xmengay

Aug 21, 2009

This is another true storey in masturbation filled life. I was 19 years old at the time when this happens, and by this point in my life I was pretty much masturbating in public daily. I got a real thrill of masturbating in public restrooms, and had been caught once and I let this guy watch me shoot my cum. And ever since that time I had been doing it more and more. This time I again got... read more


Once again the holidays were rapidly approaching and once again Brad Tomkins had no money for gifts. And he had no one to blame but himself. Brad had quit another job on a whim. He had wanted to attend a concert but he had to work. When his boss wouldn't give him the night off he quit. Being nineteen years old and a freshman in college with a full class load Brad didn't have many options open to... read more


IN AND OUT OF FOCUS by Sebastian Wallace === E-mail: Website: === I saw him glancing over at me while I was with my wife and daughter in our local Focus DIY store. He was dressed in a tatty-looking polo shirt and a pair of dirty jeans with a navy blue shop assistants' apron hooked around his neck and tied loosely around his... read more

I was cruising the local mall after work looking for a hot jack-off session when I encountered my dream man. He was tall, totally furry, dark five-o'clock shadow and horny! While I sat in the bathroom stall looking through the peephole, he pulled out a massive cut dick. It was a monster and I wanted it up my tight butt. I had not been fucked by many dicks, but his was so beautiful I wanted it... read more

The Shoe Man, Part 2

by artyn

Sep 09, 2006

My balls felt like they were turning blue by the time he had finished manipulating them with this foot. He got me to stand up, turn around and then un-tethered by genitals, he removed the red Speedos and unbound my hands. I was again free to move around. I was told to stand bedside the chair that was in the middle of the storeroom because we needed to have a little chat! He said that he was... read more

The Shoe Man, Part 1

by artyn

Sep 09, 2006

I was in my early 20’s when this particular event occurred… it changed my life forever. As a youth I always dreamed of an older more mature gent taking charge, immobilising me and having his way but that is really as far as this fantasy went, until this day. I had finished work early afternoon and went into town to find myself a pair of black shoes to wear with my new trousers I had bought a... read more

Vancouver is a great place with lots of different nationalities living there. As I am into Asians (among others), I always have a great time there. There are cruisy tearooms, sleazy and very little action video arcades and a bathhouse. Some of the tearooms have been active for years, and I have always found some fun in them. They are located in some of the malls which are all around the city. ... read more


Hot Stud At The Mall

by biman2

Nov 29, 2004

The following is a true story based on an experience that happened today. All persons are of legal age. Please do not read if you are not of legal age or are offended by the story content. I had made plans to have my automobile serviced and had planned to take the day off work. The dealership is about sixty miles away from my community; a community that I lead a normal straight life with the... read more

Story by Richard Barber I took a long drink from the bottle of water I brought with me along with some breath mints, Vaseline, some condoms and a book. I hadn’t had time to read much this time but had no complaints. I was having a good time but was still hoping for more cock to suck and more cum to taste. I heard more talking outside as the door opened, and in... read more