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This story is part 4 of the locker room blues series. In part 1, Tim had dared himself to get naked in the university locker room, throwing his kit away in the bin in the hope that he would find some kit left behind to go home in. His plans went badly wrong, was caught by the security guard, and his tutor, finally driving off bare assed naked in his car home at midnight after an interview... read more

This story picks up from locker room blues 1 and 2 The pickup had hardly been gone two minutes before the squad car returns. The hobos explain to the officers what happened then the officer calls in, We have a situation here. Our naked student has disappeared. Last seen in a dirty white dodge pickup with two... read more


Originally posted with illustrative images on my blog . This is a real life love story of a guy who moved to a new city and shares a room with another guy. Follow the blog to read most recent incidents from his life and to see how the his roommate persuades him to fall in love and accept his love. ========================================== Thermo... read more

Originally posted with illustrative images on my blog . This is a real life love story of a guy who moved to a new city and shares a room with another guy. Follow the blog to read most recent incidents from his life and to see how the his roommate persuades him to fall in love and accept his love.... read more


June 2003, I had just turned 18 a week ago, I was finally a Man! Legally anyways, but I'd been living on my own for the better part of three years now. I had developed a pretty nasty crystal meth addiction at around the age of 16, which in turn led to me dropping out of school and becoming a full time dope dealer. I floated from couch to couch, was in and out of juvenile... read more

i had just moved to Hartford, CT for a low paying job at one of the large insurance companies. looking for apartments sucks. i was having trouble finding a one bedroom in my range and even met a couple possible roommates. a lot of people weren't even calling me back. i was about to call one of the possible roommates when my phone rang. it was an 860 area code. i answered. it was a... read more


Told by a young boy who meets a gay older man.I had just graduated from high school and wanted to make some money during the summer, before going to . I posted a message on the community bulletin board at the mobile home park where I lived, saying, “Reliable Young Guy looking for odd jobs to make some money. Contact Joey at lot 12 call 555-4692.”Soon I was making a dollar here and... read more


The Valet, Part 2

by Jettero

Jun 06, 2012

The bathing and drying done, Ryan dressed Chris for the evening. Chris left again, and Ryan cleaned the bathroom, again. He had found a large supply of towels, and it was a good thing since they were going through them.After he finished cleaning, there was another knock on the door. He found a place to hide a pair of pants and shirt next to the door, so he could put them on quickly.... read more

The Valet, Part 1

by Jettero

Jun 04, 2012

Ryan was looking through the want ads trying to find a job. At 22, he just graduated college, but the economy was bad and he had no real experience. He was getting desperate and stopped looking for a career and started looking for a job, any job.He was answering any ad he thought he might have even a slim chance at getting the job. One ad was for a valet, and it showed a website. He... read more


Mark is 45 years old and an adonis. He's 6'2... read more


Ryan left school that day wondering, as he often did these days, what he would do with his life in a month. He had turned 18 in March, now it was May and graduation was a month away. He had made the controversial decision to forgo college -- at least for a year. He was always a decent student, but for Ryan, school was never his big thing. And he honestly just wanted to take some time off to have... read more


Heath was the winner of the master bedroom for the night. Jack was again the low boy in the card game. Jack was not happy about his position, but accepted his duty as the houseboy for a second day. He was hoping for better luck tomorrow. The boys had slept late as one does when on vacation at the beach. A full day of fun, sun and sand was on the schedule. While on the beach the boys did not... read more

I would like to take the time to tell you about an experience I had a few years back. I was 18 years old living at home still in school and quiet innocent, I had not so much as even kissed a girl. Our house had two detached rumpus rooms, I lived in one and my parents had a lodger living in the other. The lodger’s name was Darren; he was 28 years old, red hair, and had a large muscular build.... read more

I could hear a commotion going on outside in the gym room. I could hear them walking around room and moving things around. I heard a loud clacking of the latch snap shut on the running machine as it was folded up. I could hear them still talking about the football game as well as their experiences shoving their manhood’s down what I heard Louis calling it a snake pit. Something told me he used... read more


An In-Home Visit

by blueboymjc

Feb 20, 2005

This story is fictional. This story is about sex between men. Should this sort of fiction not be to your liking please go find the proper website. Visitation Recently I was asked by a friend of mine if I would mind filling in for one of his employees while she took a holiday. My friend has home visitation service for people who have just had surgery. Most of his patients have had this... read more


Solarium Sex

by tutus69

Jul 11, 2004

Solarium Sex by Allen Giffen at Allen’s stiff prick slid sloppily up and down Donny’s ass crack as he hugged Donny tightly, his breath pumping hotly into Donny’s ear, accompanied with small jets of spittle. Donny’s head had fallen backward in languished relaxation as he gave in to the multiple pleasures coursing through his body, one of which was the hard dick massaging... read more

The war was over. We had won. Men were tired and yearned to go home to their wives. The closest they got to the same satisfaction were the women of the enemy who wished that they had died with the rest of their people. Or they could use the servant boys which were young boys from home which were brought to the war to help in menial tasks and in satisfying the soldiers. The year was 1323 and... read more


Pool Boy

by mgw2

May 06, 2003

"Come in." He walked into my study and closed the door behind him. I looked him over closely. He was in his mid-twenties with a devastating tan and an ill cut, sun bleached shock of light brown hair. We’d have to do something about the latter. He was wearing the custom summer uniform I had specified to my haberdasher: a tailored white shirt with epaulets and white shorts that ended in... read more

Energy Supply, Part 1 Energy comes in a variety of forms... I am American and I’m gay but shit, that’s not to say that I go for every piece of ass that comes my way. I have learned to take on only high-class lovers who have millions in the bank and wives and families to boot. I love to service the needs of these high rolling guys whose corporate decisions rip off you and me every day of... read more


A Certain Passion

by Dale Hart

Dec 26, 2000

Write me if you believe as I do, that it is possible to write moral erotica. Write me if you think different: I hate using people, especially those who are poor, so poor that what little I have is a fortune to them and likewise my power, which comes with money. That Frazil, the come-with-the-house boy roughed my cock to its needed stand-up and by fortune of this... read more



Aug 25, 2000

As the door opened to my apartment, I saw him there—standing and holding my doctor’s coat and hat. “Listen, this is Danny,” Jim said as he motioned for Danny to come closer. “Hello,” Danny said as he pushed out his hand to shake. “Get him to his room down the hall,” Jim told the people from the ambulance. “I don’t need anyone to take care of me. I can manage,” I told Jim as Danny... read more



by Nathan Harvey

Apr 20, 1999

In the six months since I’d moved to Chicago, I hadn’t been able to find a job. I was at the end of my rope. Finally, I had to go to my landlord Mr. Clint to tell him after living there for only six months, I had to move. I knew I had a year’s lease, but I told him I was desperate, broke and I’d done everything to try to find a job. Mr. Clint seemed very understanding. He said that... read more


A New Life?, Part 3 I couldn't much help myself. He looked at me like I was the most exciting man in the world. Then, our attention narrowed to his erection. I took it into my mouth watching him reel and shudder with excitement. The pleasure give and take played out like a ballet until he lowered himself back into my arms shaking, jumping from my gentlest... read more

A New Life?, Part 2 At dinner that evening, we were talking about something (I don't remember what) and he suddenly began laughing. "What?" I asked. "Nothing," he said. "Tell me?" "I'm sorry," he said, and he raised up out of his chair, leaned across the table and kissed me on the left cheek. Well, I was . . .... read more

A New Life? When you're a 30-year-old workaholic juggling two jobs, you don't have much time to think about a companion who should be there for you, but isn't. A gorgeous young man can make you think about companionship. He can make you wonder if you have any kind of a life at all. Such a young man was at my backdoor recently asking if I needed someone to clean... read more


The House Boy

by no name

Jun 13, 1997

This was my first visit to India, and my host was being kind lending me his house boy, Habib. My host said that Habib would assist my every need, and that is just what he did--and more. I followed Habib to my room in the guest house. This was a small, private abode across the garden from the main house. The first floor contained a sitting room, and my bedroom was on the second... read more