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Looking out an airplane window never got old. Seeing the blue sky while flying above the clouds had a beauty about it, yet at the same time the view was also quite surreal. I looked to my left and saw my sister Katie sleeping in her seat. It was because of her we were on our way from Cleveland to the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. After working as a manager of a hotel for the last ten... read more


I came around the bend and I realized I had energy left in the last fifty meters. I only saw Chris in front of me and decided to go for it. I noticed I was getting closer and closer and I just crossed the finish line before he did. “Well done, Toby!” New assistant coach Sowders clapped for me. He had replaced Coach Rivera only a few weeks back and what a replacement he had been. Short brown... read more


Side Note: Hey guys I know it's been awhile since my last story I just wanted y'all to know that the reason I haven't been on lately was because of work and such so without further a do please enjoy the show It started on a day like no other it was my senior year and I'd be graduating soon I was scared and wasn't ready but all that changed when I met someone the bell for 6th hour class... read more

I had been teaching for 8 years by the time it happened. I had resisted fucking a cute student for 8 years. I started teaching at this very school right out of college. I had seen many cute boys come and go. I would watch as they came in as freshmen looking like little boys but leaving as seniors looking at the cusp of manhood. While they were great looking I always resisted the urge to... read more

Coach Kennedy had truly rocked my world by having me swallow his cock and hot load. I had no clue that he was interested in guys at all. I had always had a crush on him but never ever imagined it would be anything more than just a fantasy. After our shower encounter, I cleaned up and got dressed. As I was leaving the locker room, I saw Coach's girlfriend pull up. I overheard Coach... read more

This is a true story of my first time with a guy. Coach Kennedy was my high school football coach and was constantly pushing me to do more. One day at practice he told me was riding my ass over a dropped pass. He told me to start running laps and not stop until he told me to stop. When practice was over, I was still running. My teammates hit the locker room and I was still running.... read more

Trevaughn and Shane were Jamar's I.T Professors in community college. Trevaughn was about mid-late 40's, 5ft 11", Buff Brown skin, handsome, and weighed 255 lbs. Shane was about the same weight, 6ft 2", Ugly as hell with dead eyes, Chocolate Brown skin, thick near tar black lips, and weighed 282 lbs. It was 4 in the evening and they arrived at an abandoned lasco warehouse as they were texted.... read more

It was 6:00 a.m. in neighbourhood Gym Raw Time. It was hours from opening but Diego would help clean up before work. Mickey was on the bench, shirtless and caressing himself. His abs glistened with baby oil. Mickey was the owner of the Gym. He was 39 years old, 6ft 1.5", had caramel brown skin, Cornrow hair, long pink lips, a strong jaw, and brown eyes. He was far from ever being a pretty boy but... read more

Mr. R. Goshop was the name of the next target. He was Diego's Art Teacher in Edna Manley Art High School. He tracked down his address and called in sick for the week and worked on new batches of Prostajuice. It was Tuesday evening, he was walking on the street across mauville drive, when he caught up with him as he was on his way home which was only a few meters. They caught up and began talking... read more

Between working at the gym and picking up modeling jobs arranged by my art professor, Dr. Roberts, I was doing okay financially. I was still worried how I'd find the college tuition for next semester but the money earned was meeting immediate expenses, with a little left over. Besides, I was really starting to enjoy the attention I was getting by showing off my body, and why shouldn't I?... read more

I didn't care. No, it was more than that. I did care but not in the same way someone should who unexpectedly found themselves half naked, lying on the floor and surrounded by 30 art students intimately exploring the male form, hands on! Instead of being embarrassed and pissed off that the professor had turned me into an object, a piece of meat to be used and consumed to satisfy... read more

HI, may name is Jay and this is a true story. When I was 19 my I was able to scrape together enough funds to attend a university in a major east coast city, although just barely. I knew I could cover one semester's tuition and possible could fund a second if I found a job and saved like hell. I found a job working in a gym, which was great because I had been working out four to five days... read more

It wasn't as though Braydin were a bad guy really. He just has strong opinions and views. And no tolerance for those he deemed stupid. The problem was that he was an 18 year old high school senior and had no problem telling Mrs. Sloan, his fifty something year old English teacher, just what he thought of her. That is why on a Monday morning at 10:00 am he was sitting in front of Principal... read more


Coach Winchester was hot- there as no denying it. At 35, with tanned skin and powerful frame, the guy was built like a mule. He scared the guys in truth- the way he looked them up and down, towering over them with hand casually on hip, explaining the rules of soccer, wearing hotpants basically- to show off his huge ass, and intimidating the teenagers with his thickly haired things and fat... read more

This was intense. Matthew walked into the sports hall to find just about every senior boy sitting on the stands in anticipation. In front of them stood Coach Walden and the new guy who had held his towel for him when he jerked off in the locker room in front his team mates last week. He knew this was what the gathering was about: the coach had told all the senior boys they’re encouraged to... read more


June 2003, I had just turned 18 a week ago, I was finally a Man! Legally anyways, but I'd been living on my own for the better part of three years now. I had developed a pretty nasty crystal meth addiction at around the age of 16, which in turn led to me dropping out of school and becoming a full time dope dealer. I floated from couch to couch, was in and out of juvenile... read more

Simon Grows up

by thom1102

Nov 23, 2014

The first time that I met Simon, he was a freshman. He was raising a ruckus outside of my classroom and I stepped out and in my best teacher voice, I asked him what he thought he was doing. He was a handsome kid, with an affinity for sunglasses, and I thought he was trouble, in my limited experience as a teacher, but he came into the classroom and asked me to forgive him. I was... read more

In early 2030s, there are lots of international students in West Hollywood, California at small private porn university. Most of them look so insanely hot, walked around park near beautiful modern building in college area. They wore too sexy because of that rule as if they have to be open-minded and friendly in somehow silly in way to get good grade. If they flunk it, they must stay there until... read more

Before reading this, please read High School Memories: Part One - Six.Apologies for my delayed posts! I will do better....promise! Thanks to those of you who rate and comment! Most appreciative!Let's get back to where we left off.----------------... read more

I guess it is safe to say that I'm a daddy's boy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In school, I tended to get what I wanted from the older teachers. Of course, I never did any sexual favors until a few days after I had turned 18. My gym teacher, Mr. Browning was one of the teachers I had wrapped around my finger and I knew he would do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I... read more

The Professor

by vacili

May 27, 2014

Hi Guys I just couldn't wait to write this story I am a student at UCI in Irvine Ca.For the longest time now I have had a professor names John and I am Steve studying anatomy. I always notice John he is six foot six with a mustache and blonde wavy hair and I can not help but notice the huge bulge in his pants day after day.Well one evening around ten p.m. he asked me after class if I would... read more

Alonso was not a bad kid. But there was something different about him. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Matthew Carns. I teach twelfth grade English at St. Manuel's School For Boys. Alonso Ortiz is one of my students. He's not a trouble maker and always scores above average on his tests. Though I suspect that with just a little more effort he could excel. Alonso seems to be a... read more


Pengalaman Gay Aku

by roy_darwis

Nov 20, 2013

Cerita ini merupakan nukilan asli penulis sendiri dan segala cerita serta watak tidak berkaitan dengan yang hidup mahupun yang mati. Semoga para pembaca terhibur dengan nukilan ini.KIsah ini berlaku sewaktu aku masih muda dan pemikiran masih lagi bersih daripada segala unsur seks songsang. Ketika itu, aku masih lagi naif dengan perhubungan intim kerana tumpuan utama hanyalah untuk... read more

Badly Drawing Boy

by Furlong

Nov 05, 2013

BADLY DRAWING BOYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===While Matt Strickson's PowerPoint presentation was unremittingly dreary, the way his arse flexed and rippled in the back of his tight grey trousers every time he turned towards the whiteboard was more than enough to keep me entertained.... read more

Vierzehntes Kapitel: Herr SchneiderMeine Lust auf Schule war heute gelinde gesagt ziemlich im Keller. Grandpa war nun schon vor zwei Wochen zurück nach Bayern gefahren. Ich vermisste ihn jetzt schon sehr. Zum Glück standen die Sommerferien vor der Tür. Granpa hatte mir versprochen, dass ich in den Ferien zu ihm kommen dürfe, außerdem hatte er mir ein Praktikum in der Firma in der er... read more

Only a Custodian

by Habu

Oct 27, 2013

“And a ten-inch cock.”“You’re shitting us now,” Oliver said.“Yes, I’m shitting you,” Porter answered. “But, really, I would want him to have a nice cock on him.”“Well, high on my list is that he has to be willing to take out the trash without being asked to,” Adrian interjected.“And put the toilet seat down too?” someone asked. They all laughed.“No, thank god,” Adrian answered... read more


by Habu

Sep 27, 2013

Is this the very café table where we sat? Yes, I think it is. In fact, I’m sure it is. It’s as if time has stood still. The café is just as it was nearly thirty years ago—or at least I don’t remember anything as different. It’s hard to believe that as much as London has changed over the last twenty years, Norwich might not have changed at all. Or so it seems. And so I want it to be. I don’t want... read more

Pantomime Cow

by Furlong

Aug 11, 2013

PANTOMIME COWPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong=Jake mentioned over tea that the drama department at his college was looking for someone to help out with the Christmas pantomime. It was still early November but rehearsals were already underway.... read more

PE Teacher’s Physical Part 6They woke at almost the same time, it was almost 6 AM, turned to each other and kissed, “Do we have time for a fuck” asked Steve, Keith looked at him and replied “Yes I think so, but who gets fucked?, its your bed so its your choice”. “Mmmm what a choice…. will you fuck me please Keith, and this time I want to be on my back so I can watch you cum inside me”,... read more

PE Teacher’s Physical Part 5During the following week Keith was on his own as his wife Carol was away on business for a few days, he was at a lose end when he received a message to meet Steve in his office after school.He felt worried that perhaps Steve was going to cause Mike and himself trouble as he and Mike had almost raped Steve the week before.Keith entered Steve’s office... read more