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When I had graduated college I thought that the world was my oyster. I was going to be somebody! I had been offered a position at the marketing firm where I had interned during college and was moving to the big city. It was the dream of every privileged kid who grew up in a blue suburb like I had. Five years later my reality looked very different. I had never even been considered... read more


On the Road

by robbass

Dec 08, 2013

Car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and Rob is picked up by a dude with a body looking like Conan the Barbarian, handsome face, dick of death and a need to get it on with a man.This is taken from a Kindle book of short stories called Further Sexploits of Rob Harris. It is based on a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort... read more

Family Connections

by fellayshio

Nov 25, 2013

My dad Pete phoned me and asked me to install some extra power points at his house me being an electrician so I arranged to go over on the next day.He showed me what he wanted done and left me to it while he went to have his hair cut.To install the points it was necessary to drill a hole through the wall of his walk-in wardrobes and I had to move a plastic storage box on the top shelf to get... read more

Roadside Assistance

by Furlong

Oct 27, 2013

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCEPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===Driving over to Rugby for a meeting with a prospective customer, my car started spluttering on the A4304, and refused to respond when I tried to accelerate. Half a mile on, the engine was threatening to cut out altogether, so I pulled... read more

I’d just moved house and was settling in to the new place and neighbourhood. It was fairly quiet, not much seemed to happen but I liked the peace and quiet having moved from a busy city street. After a few weeks of sorting boxes and cases, I started to pay attention to the outside of the house and noticed that the windows really needed cleaning and, seeing as this was a new house I thought I’d... read more

The Early Bird

by prikz

Apr 10, 2013

... read more


The Trucker

by wordbear

Jul 16, 2009

Trucker gets hurt paving a driveway...... read more


The Hot Plumber

by erik_hunk

Aug 17, 2007

The plumber was a really big guy, a solid hunk; tall and muscular, about 40, dirty blond short hair, moustache and goatee. When Jim saw him, he was stunned. He was a boy of 18, with a nice wrestler body – medium height, well muscled, smooth skin, cropped dark brown hair, good looking face. He was still a virgin, he was attracted to men but was afraid to show it, so he concealed his sexuality and... read more

Unusual Truck Stop

by woofdaddy2

Jul 19, 2007

It was an unusual truck stop and the first time I had ever stopped at this site in my year of traveling back and forth between Omaha and Kansas City. It was an older building off the interstate and built into a hill side so there was a lower level. Being curious, I walked downstairs to the lower level. There was a large door that stated lockers and showers, limited access on it. As I turned... read more

Like Father Like Son

by Habu

Feb 07, 2007

As I walked into the city on the main street, Damrak, leading directly from Amsterdam's central train station, I nervously fingered the folded e-mail I'd been carrying tucked in my wallet for the past month and a half. Damrak changed into Rokin, and at the end of canal off the Amstel River, I made a right onto Heiligeweg. I had thought of this possibility on and off for the whole cruise down... read more


Track and Field, Part 2

by mgw2

Jul 17, 2006

I squirmed in my chair as I emailed the last corrections to a Maxim article that was nearly past deadline. Frankly, my ass still hurt. Since my rough encounter yesterday with my hot college-age neighbor, Kevin, I had been walking around in that lopey John Wayne way. (Maybe his ass hurt, too.) Not that I was complaining, mind you. If plowing me was the kind of tip Kevin was expecting for mowing... read more

Track and Field, Part 1

by mgw2

Jul 01, 2006

MGW2 (Also MGW) The bell rang insistently and I opened the front door to reveal two young men in their late teens or early twenties, one a slim but broad shouldered dirty blonde and the other, seemingly older, a more substantial, muscular brunette sporting a heavy five o’clock shadow. “Hi, Mr. Acuff,” the older one said. “We have a proposition for you.” I put the obvious response out of... read more


The building I work in has an underground parking garage. Also in the garage are several "utility rooms". One is clearly marked telephone, one has that classic lightening bolt DANGER sign and the third doesn't say anything. Between 3 and 6 inches of snow were expected this particular Thursday. So, most people from our office and the other offices in the small building were leaving early. ... read more

The Day the Earth Moved

by Habu

Aug 20, 2005

The two construction workers worked quickly and efficiently, cleaning up for the evening around the construction site on the new house on the steep hillside overlooking the pounding surf on the rugged coast below. The two moved together, in fluid motion. They were having a boisterous and obscene conversation of what the two horny hunks planned to do to their girl friends that evening after a... read more

The Caregiver

by Habu

Aug 13, 2005

Perhaps I gave in so easily because Lenny embodied the best of two worlds. First, he was a wonderful, gentle caregiver. He had been coming to my house twice a day for several weeks to take care of my bed-bound grandmother, who was recovering from a broken hip. Second, he was drop-dead gorgeous. All blond Swedish muscle with a shy smile to accompany his sensuous mouth. I’d had a rough week... read more


Ho Jo's Hoe

by dead serious

Dec 03, 2004

Ho Jo’s Ho “Oh if the walls could only talk…” or “Man, I’d sure like to have been a fly on the wall…” Yep, we’ve all heard one, both or something similar. I’m here to tell you (1) they do, and (2) I was. Working for a bi-coastal company, I travel from time to time…be it business within our company, or to various conventions and trade shows. What it all boils down to is that I make it to... read more

by RimPig (c) 2002 I woke up very early the next morning. My cock was harder than hell and I needed to piss really badly. I guess having all of Dad’s piss from last night plus my own, really put a strain on my bladder. Plus the fact, that when I woke up my nose was in my Dad’s raunchy pit and smelling his pit-funk from yesterday. God! There’s no fucking better way to wake up than with my body... read more

Karl Vronski grunted as he shot a load of cum toward the TV screen across his bedroom. The first lob actually hit the screen, landing on the leg of the larger figure frozen onscreen thanks to the hold button. He’d been kneeling at the end of his bed, naked and sweating, as he watched the tape for the umpteenth time, hitting the slow and then hold buttons at the same time with each viewing. As... read more

On that sweltering July day I pulled into the landscaping store and spotted him -- 6', blonde, beefy, loose ripped t-shirt, cut-offs that must have been from jeans that fit him last year, black leather boots, and with a sheen of sweat over all his exposed skin that made my mouth water—I had to have him. Bought all the stuff I needed, while watching the kid parade around the place moving things... read more


Firehouse Blows

by SirRichard

Dec 06, 2003

Story by Richard Barber at Keep Our Firemen Happy I was invited to a party in the city with about 25 other people. Most of them were strangers and older than myself. It was a gay party with mostly men. Most were drinking and seeming to have a good time. But, since I did not drink nor did I know too many people there, I was getting bored. That is until I met... read more

Tree Cutter

by LuvCum1

Nov 23, 2003

Cutting Trees (True Story) Last week I had three very large trees cut in my back yard. I wasn’t home when the owner of the tree cutting company came to give me an estimate two weeks ago, so I hadn’t met him until he and his crew of men showed up to do the work. I was almost speechless when I came home from work to oversee the work and met the owner for the first time. In a word, he was... read more

Lawn Service

by Jimmy Gordon

Oct 28, 2003

By Jimmy Gordonjimmygor@optonline.netThe noise was deafening. The big lawn mower was crisscrossing the stretch of grass between the house and the pool, carving even stripes into the blue-green fescue. It had been a long winter, cold and gray. This was the first really beautiful day of spring, hovering at 78 degrees. My blonde hair had gotten dark, my flesh white and pasty. I longed for the... read more

Again, y’all, this here is a partially true story where everyone is over 18. Do not continue if you’re under 18 and don’t continue if you get offended by a man having dozens of inches of dick in him at the same time… The Gang’s all Here, Part 2 As I lay there on my back in the middle of my new living room floor, surrounded by boxes, feeling Jerome and Terrance’s cum drying on my face,... read more

Constuction Guy

by Big Dude

Sep 04, 2003

I’ve been an independent homebuilder for about eight years, since I left college. I hire a number of subcontractors over the year to do the more specialized jobs. I hire guys with experience and good references and if they happen to be nice to look at, that’s icing on the cake. I’d hired this one kid as kind of a general laborer. He was going to school at night, needed the bucks, and was a... read more

This story is part fiction/ part true story. All characters are/ were willing participants. Names have been changed for anonymity. If you are under 18 years old, please do not continue. The Gang’s All Here Waking up the day after moving is always a frightening thing. There are boxes to unpack, things to organize, things to clean. I climbed out of bed around 10 am and staggered out... read more

The story you’re about to read happened last summer. My name is Brad and I work in construction. I am 6’, 195 lbs, with brown hair and green eyes. The company I work for is a small electrical company in the bay area; it’s a family operation with me being the only non-family member working there. One of the steady jobs we get is to work at a public park located in a small town outside of San... read more

Wood Worker

by maverick

Apr 15, 2003

WOOD WORKER Maverick’s second story Copyright ¨ maverick 2003. All rights reserved. ========= He’d been due to come around at eleven but he turned up at half-past twelve. As I opened the door, I was ready for an argument. But the guy standing in the doorway threw me. I’d been expecting an old man with faded overalls and a battered toolbox. Whenever things had bust, collapsed or... read more

What a gorgeous specimen!! I’d never delighted in something so magnificent and breathtaking in all my life. As I ran my hands over that steel-hard body, I could feel the power lying beneath and it made me hard thinking about how incredible the ride was going to be. But I was getting ahead of myself. It isn’t every day that one is in the presence of such beauty; every minute should be drawn... read more


I never got the same feelings for girls as I do for guys, I tried and classed myself as straight, just thought I hadn't met the right girl. That was right up until I had my first man on man experience. The feelings I got were so intense. I felt more alive than ever. I was a nineteen-year-old thinking about sex every minute of the day. I went through quite a few guys whilst discovering... read more

I was standin' at my usual spot, just off an alley near the hotel. Sometimes the johns like to pull a quickie in the alleyway. It's dark and no one goes in there, and I guess they like the thrill of sucking a kid like me off where they might get caught. Actually, it's kind of kicky for me too. I was leanin' against the brick wall of the old abandoned warehouse. It's my corner. A corner is a... read more