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***This story was previously posted on my blog*** The last week at work had been slightly awkward. After Greg and I had practiced wrestling at my apartment last weekend, and I had knocked him out cold three times, we sat down and talked. I advised him again not to come to tonight’s wrestling meet, as I knew he would be eaten alive and be expected to engage in gay sexual activity. The... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** The past week had gone by so fast. Greg had been really friendly in the office, we were starting to become friends. Elsie had become suspicious, asking me if I was sure nothing had happened once I dropped Greg off at his place. I had promised Greg not to tell anyone in the office about the attempted robbery, and I had kept that promise.... read more

***This story was previously posted on my blog*** “I told him the file is on the bottom shelf. I have it right here.” I snapped out of it. For maybe only a few seconds I had been staring at my new co-worker Greg. His khaki chinos were tested to the limit as I saw him walk to a file cabinet directly in my eye sight from where I was sitting at my desk and bend over at the waist. It felt... read more


The premise: Chinese man XP has been exchanging e-mails and texts with an Indian man he met online. They have scheduled a heated, no rules interracial erotic wrestling match, China vs India, Yellow vs Brown. Meeting in XP’s home, the Chinese realizes he doesn’t even know the other man’s name, they never exchanged names, but it doesn’t matter in this race vs race battle for Supremacy!... read more

Funny Joe

by Stepiquno Toglio

Mar 02, 2017

Inside Joe’s British home with large yard in United Kingdom at the 6’o’clock in the evening for just celebrated his birthday. His friends have been invited over to party his birthday. Joe was very excited about it because he had good year as he was very busy to make name for himself to entertain someone as if he wanted to be comedian. He was very hilarious by made funny faces and silly... read more


My neighbor, Craig, went out of town on business quite frequently. When he was gone, I earned money by trimming his yard, cleaning his pool and Jacuzzi, and bringing in the paper and mail. After performing these duties for a couple of years, it had become routine. I was becoming a fixture at Craig's house. He gave me a key and carte blanche. Craig had a very nice entertainment... read more

It was still early on a Monday morning as Christopher Haskins drove to campus. He was looking forward to get back to work. His job was at the North Dakota State College of Science as an associate professor in IT support. He and his husband Robin had just gotten back from a lovely honeymoon in Mexico, which had lasted two full weeks. It was only a few weeks before the wedding that Christopher... read more

The dark evening at Harvard University, invitees, from other Greek communities, were there to party in frat house as they just wanna have fun, like they liked to be wild for once. One guy was extremely important person to Greek communities because he was son of President Victor Nino in 2032 A.C. They did something what Jerry Nino want to as if he influenced them. For Jerry’s appearance, he... read more

(It's my very first post. Please let me know if you like it, as I think I need motivation to continue, thanks... Slipping around his naked opponent, Kevin stood tall and just as naked, as he slid both strong arms around Andrew' toned hips, beginning to squeeze the other man as both flexed and strained against each other. Lolling his head back slowly, with eyes... read more


Grant arose first the next morning feeling surprisingly refreshed. The night before he had watched his best friend get his huge rump spanked by their twisted dorm supervisor, Mr. Marshall. Grant had discovered Brad's secret, he got off on being spanked. But Brad also learned Grant's, he was gay. Last night everything seemed okay but now in the light of day would things still be the same... read more

My friend really likes to watch pro wrestling and it really turns him on, not going to lie it turns me on too just the thought of being dominated by another man is just the thing for me, and one day we were at his house and we were just sitting on the sofa when he asks... read more

At about 312 BC in most beautiful city called Rome Republic, where those people lived in the luxurious lifestyle. The nine of ten on those people in the empire were extremely good-looking. It was very breathtaking of their naturally beauty from God’s masterpiece. However, there had many kinds of the events for people to enjoying the entertainment of hot naked sport players. Only fully mature... read more


Camp Wrestling

by waynecurry

May 28, 2014

Football was over and our wrestling team went on a campout to kick-off the season. Late into the fall, the daytimes were warm in the bright sunshine and we wore athletic shorts and shoes to play football most of the day. At night it was a different story. We built a large fire and donned our long underwear or, in some cases, under-armor bottoms for the evening. We pitched tents and prepared for... read more


Two Men in a Dungeon

by Habu

Oct 05, 2013

The Hulk crouched near the bolted heavy oak door, eyeing Rab, ready to pounce, trying to anticipate where Rab might try to scurry next. The stone-walled chamber wasn’t small, but it wasn’t so large that Rab had much of a chance evading the Hulk much longer. Both men were panting, having played this cat-and-mouse game for several minutes, but Rab was more winded than the Hulk was. No one in his... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part SixAcquiescenceThe Monday following his thrashing of Mark Riggs, Jim cornered me in my office. He, like everyone else, had learned of Mark's resignation. I guess he figured he was on a victory roll and wanted to keep his momentum going.... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part FivePecking OrderMy arrival at Simi Corp., predictably, caused a bit of a protest there which cost me two of Morgan Thaler's former water-carriers. During the first week, several of the long-timers were furtively clocking me amongst themselves as I moved about the office getting familiar with everything. I could feel their eyes and I could tell that there may... read more

Wrestling For a Girl

by Srebro

Feb 09, 2013

Two men wrestle with a girl as the price. This is my very first story and I understand that it's not perfect. If you'd like to see more or just give some feedback, please mail me at srebro-a@hotmail.seA week ago I would never think I’d actually agree to participate in such a thing. But if you have a girlfriend like mine, I guess you’ll do those crazy things. Because Linda is a keeper... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part FourChangesI first met Mr. Simi at a running track. He was running around it doing his customary half-marathon as he later informed me. He was wearing blue Asics runners and a full track suit in which he looked rather small and scrawny. I would say he was an inch shorter than me and had an extremely wiry, taut look about him. His eyes flashed penetrating... read more

I had been living on the west coast and, due to a promotion at work (and recent break-up with a philandering actor boyfriend) needed a place to live out east. I was on a short-term lease at an apartment I felt was too expensive for what I was getting and wanted to find a home of my own. So, on a beautiful Sunday I found myself driving around looking for open-houses. I hadn't found a realtor for... read more

The ReckoningThe new year has begun. Thoman's position at the top of the heap has been cast in stone. My conquering of Morgan has given me 7 months of Ansaldi revenue. I will now begin the process of methodically and completely routing Simi Corp. They have other business lines and they can keep them. But they will be forced out of the one in which I compete with them.On the second... read more

My NemesisMorgan Thaler. He had been my nemesis ever since I took the Thoman job. Always dismissive of me whenever we had run into each other, I wondered how he would treat me knowing that I had taken what he thought was his. I had seen him in the gym often with his sales team. He had always had a great body and looked like he was packing. But whereas many would probably say he was... read more

Corporate Rivals- Part OneClosing the DealMy company, the Thoman Group, did well this year. Up 38% year over year in revenue with a jump of 10% in profit over the same period. Perhaps more importantly, however, we bested our closest rivals, Simi Corp. We did that by taking their largest and best client away from them. I can honestly say that I can wholly claim the credit for... read more


I still remember the day fondly. It was my Senior year of high school. Wrestling season, the only sport I was really good at, was about to begin! I was really pumped finally being on the Varsity team after proving my worth and dedication being on the JV team during my Junior Year. My best friend and I both made the Varsity team, which was great since we were super close! We almost thought... read more

GAY WRESTLING TOURNAMENT (part 2)to read part 1 -'s our second day; yesterday they took back to the town, after other different nine fights, we had time to have rest and organize for the meet of today. I feel really sorry cause yesterday I didn't see anymore my mate that had been knocked out,... read more

GAY WRESTLING TOURNAMENTWe are invited to come in one by one, and we take our sit in silence.The place is still almost dark but i can easily see the guests sit in the places beside us, and the silence, in spite of the large quantity of people, is total; I try to find my coach and when i see him besides some places back to me I feel a little bit more relaxed. Tonight is the first night of... read more

Kj the Great.

by wrestler22

Mar 29, 2012

Me and Kj have been friends since we were 6. We grew up together and still are best friends. We used to share a lot of interests, riding bikes, jogging, playing videogames and also wrestling. As we grew older I chose not to join sports in school, but Kj chose gymnastics, track and of course, wrestling. This true story took place a few years back but it’s a day I will never forget.Kj... read more

Ryan was the star soccer player of the school. He was 18 and a senior in high school, about 5’9 and 135. He had medium length hair and somewhat pale white skin. He had a smaller, yet firm ass, and thighs that made you just want to die and go to heaven. He loved pre-calculus, not because of the subject, but because of the teacher. Mr. Thomas was a Italian, Serbian and Greek hottie.... read more


Brotherly Love

by asslover

Dec 12, 2011

Mark is 18, stands at 6'2... read more


RECENT COCKFIGHT STORY ‘09By NeoklawowI recently had a cockfight against Ray whom I met online. We met at a friends apartment, put down a plastic tarp and went over the rules. It would be an erotic oil first-to-cum-loses wrestling match, we would use any means to force the other man to shoot first. I chose a white thong to wear which barely contained my swelling 8... read more


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