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Es ist Mittags an einem heißen, schwülen Sommertag. Ich stehe auf dem Dach und arbeite. Der Schweiß läuft in Bächen von meiner Stirn. Er läuft mir den Rücken herunter und durchnässt dabei mein ohnehin schon feuchtest, klebriges Muscle- Shirt. Er läuft an meiner Wirbelsäule in meine Arschritze. Ich bin 48 und für mein Alter recht Fit. Ich trage ein Kopftuch, wie man es von den Piraten... read more


"Fuck dude, what the hell was that?" Jake tells me. "I told you man your friend Paul pissed on me, and why the fuck are you asking me again?" I tell Jake. "Calm down man, I was just asking. Jake tells me. "You know what take me the fuck home, I don't need this shit!" I yell at Jake. "Baby, calm down it's okay. "I'm just concern that's all. Jake says to me. "Well, I'm pissed that you would... read more

I walk up to Jake, and tell him, "Hey sexy let's go." "What's up? You wanna leave now? Jake tells me. "Yeah, I want to go. "I've had enough we've been here for hours, so let's head to your place." I say to Jake. "Okay, we can go. Jake smiles, and swallows the rest of his drink. "I got it sexy." as I lay the money on the bar. We both exit, and look to the side of the bar seeing Jake's ex... read more

Jake, and I danced the night away, enjoying ourselves while an ex jealous lover watches. I sit at the bar looking at Jake's eyes his crystal blue eyes are mesmerizing me. Jake smiles at me, and says 'What's on your mind babe? "Nothing just seeing how lucky I am to find you." I tell Jake. "Yeah?" Jake says, "Me too," Jake takes his hand to my crotch rubbing it. "Cut it out man, you know... read more

Jake, and I go to the bar enjoying the music, Jake looks at me, and says "You look so fine today bro, I'm loving it. "The suit is so cool." 'Thanks, Jake." I tell him. Then all of the sudden there's a tap on Jake's shoulder, "Jakey, can't call a guy anymore huh?" The voice belonged to a blonde haired, blue eyed handsome Nordic looking guy, he was dressed in his finest 70s gear, wearing... read more

I head downstairs as the loud echoes of my platform shoes on the hardwood floors, getting me so aroused. The loud clicks on going down the wooden stairs, woke Pops up, he looked at me, and said "Boy, where do you think you going dressed like that?" I tell Pops out on the town. "You look like you're in the wrong decade, and you look queer." "Oh man, Pops , get off my balls, I look good!"... read more

Jake, asks me " I really meant what I said about falling hard for you. Jake walks over to me staring at me with those crystal ocean blue eyes, I smirk and start to walk away, "I mean it." Jake grabs my arm, and we both kiss. "Okay dude, I got you, I'm feeling the same as well." "Look , I got to get home, and cook for Pops." I tell him. "Okay, sexy. Jake tells me. Jake, and I get in his... read more

I smile at Jake, and unzip his tight denim bellbottom pants. Jake looks at me with those ocean blue eyes, smiling with those dimples. I pull out Jake's massive cock, and I go down and taste every inch of his rigid cock, bobbing slowly to a sexy rhythm, caressing his massive balls with my fingers, I can hear Jake moan, whispering "Oh fuck yeah, that's it, taste it baby, mmmm, yeah."... read more

We pull up to the theatre, and Jake hops out, his platforms click on the pavement, he comes around, and opens the door for me, I get out, and as we're walking up to the door, the hard thumps of his feet gets me so hard , and me looking at his tight clothing, gets me rigid. We walk into the theatre, it's pack, all eyes are on me, and Jake. "Two adults please." Jake says with his masculine... read more

70s Jake 2: Sequel

by 70sman

Jun 29, 2022

The next day I left Jake's place, thinking of him pounding me hard, thinking of him in his sexy 70s gear. I'm at work thinking of him, when the phone rings, and I hear his masculine voice "Hey Man, how's it going? My voice trembles, while my cock is rigid, I reply "I'm good, man. "Cool sexy, let's go out tonight to a movie, Maverick Top Gun 2 is playing." Jake tells me. "Sure, what... read more

Es ist Mittags an einem heißen, schwülen Sommertag. Ich stehe auf dem Dach und arbeite. Der Schweiß läuft in Bächen von meiner Stirn. Er läuft mir den Rücken herunter und durchnässt dabei mein ohnehin schon feuchtest, klebriges Muscle-Shirt. Er läuft an meiner Wirbelsäule in meine Arschritze. Ich bin 48 und für mein Alter recht Fit. Ich trage ein Kopftuch, wie man es von den Piraten kennt. Mein... read more

New panties

by eroticlust_1

Apr 23, 2022

I'd bought some new pink lacey G-strings online and they'd arrived in the mail today. I tried them on and i looked so cute in front of the mirror. I spun around checking myself out. The material was so soft on my skin. I couldn't help but touch myself, feeling all sensuous and girly I rubbed the clit of my cock in my new panties. I was fully erect in no time, stroking the clit of my cock... read more

Durst II

by palover

Apr 17, 2022

Wieder einmal ziehe ich durch die schneebedeckten nächtlichen Straßen. Wie an so vielen Wochenenden zuvor suche ich jemanden, bei dem ich meine Gier stillen kann. Es ist wieder einmal bitterkalt und trotz meiner Bomberjacke fange ich leicht an zu frösteln. Es könnte an meiner knall engen Lederhose und der nicht vorhandenen Unterhose liegen. So sehr ich Jocks und Lycra liebe, ab und an ist das... read more


Alejandro still angered by the phone call commanded me to sit down. Alejandro walked heavy pacing back and forth, with his platform heels clicking on the hardwood floor. "Mijo, why did you do this to me?" Why? "Alejandro says. "Alejandro, man just calm down, and let's talk, okay? I say to him. CRACK! Alejandro backhands me with his pistol, "Ah, fuck! I yell out, Alejandro speaks down to... read more

Fehler müssen bezahlt werden PROLOG Da ist es; blitzartig und ohne Vorwarnung: dieses eigenartige, schwer zu beschreibende Gefühl, dass jemand von hinten ganz nah herantritt. Man hat nichts gehört, keinen Schritt, keinen Atemzug und doch richten sich abrupt die Nackenhaare auf, durchfährt einem die Gewissheit, dass es irgendwie zu spät ist. Instinktiv lässt Mark den Karton, den... read more

Alejandro commands me to get dress after I displayed my humiliation to him. "Are you happy now Alejandro, you made me look like a fool towards you, you happy now?" I say to him. "Mijo, You can fully satisfy me by staying with me, I love you, I told you that." Alejandro says. "Tell me Alejandro, if you love me why are doing this?" "A person who loves someone wouldn't do this, and would... read more

I walk up Alejandro, and he says "Get down on your knees, and pleasure me." I get down on my knees, as Alejandro still has the trigger cocked. "Mijo start sucking." as he points the gun to my head, so I go down to Alejandro's pulsating hard on, as he grabs my head and points the gun to the side of my head he says "Mijo, If you think about biting my cock , or squeeze my balls I will blow... read more

The hard echoes of Alejandro's platforms on the concrete, did give me a hard on but II say to myself that this has to end, and come to it's final conclusion, We enter the restaurant, and took our table. "Alejandro, man I told you we can just be friends, but I'm now afraid we can't even be that." I tell him. "Mijo, please I want to make us work, I told you I've fallen in love with you, and... read more

The next morning I awake with John, as he wakes me with a kiss, "Hey there, I enjoyed last night." John says to me. "I enjoyed it too, now I have to get unpack and get situated, and don't you have to go to work my friend?" I say to John. "Oh fuck, I better get out of here, have to be at work in a few hours." John says, and he gets up with that sexy killer build of his, and hits the... read more

Two nights ago, I was having a cigarette about 2AM. I was sleeping a jock strap for practical purposes. I woke up and wore it down to the end of my porch to have a smoke break. There generally isn't much activity at this time of night. A car had been pulled over because they were driving on a flat wheel. There were two IMPD officers down there and then the Sheriff who patrols our... read more

Finally old enough to go to a XXX movie theater. Was always curious when's I seen one in the cities they just looked so XXX Adults Only 24 Hours must be 18 so exciting they looked. Always thought they showed hot naked sexy films. 18 nice body looked like I was younger, long hair babyface was always teased that I looked like a girl and everyone had a girlfriend never had real sex...... read more

After the Game

by cheshiregay

Mar 10, 2021

After the Game -------------------------------- Background – This is a story about Sam, an eighteen year old university student living away from home. Sam came out as gay during freshers week and is beginning to explore what it means to be gay for him and what he is sexually attracted to doing as a young gay man. You can get in touch with me at either to tell me... read more

John gets out of his stool, and walks up to me, and kisses me, oh man his fresh cologne scent turning me on, those sexy lips to mine, and kissing my neck, he stares at me with a dimpled smile, and I can feel his hands unbuckling my pants as he slides his soft hand in my crotch while kissing me. John looks down, and says "Well hello there, I missed you my beautiful chocolate stick." John... read more

Two hours has past as I return home to my apartment, and pull in , and I see John's white mustang parked next to my parking space. John wearing his mirrored sunglasses flashes a smile at me, I roll my eyes, and say to myself "Oh great, here we go." I step out, and then John gets out wearing a white wife beater tank top exposing his tan muscular arms, and wearing tight high waisted black... read more


The next morning comes, and I shower, and get dressed wearing me a tight black tank top showing off my muscular build, white denim jeans, and a cool pair of polished black bump toed 6inch heeled platform boots. The echo of my heels clicking on the waxed tile floor gave me a hard on. I check out, and go to the parking lot to get into my Duster I rented when a black corvette rolls up, and... read more

As I get out of Alejandro's car, my mind got to racing on how I saw another side to Alejandro, and maybe I may need to cool things off with him. I enter into my hotel room, and the phone rings, and it's John, his sexy voice tells me "Hey babe, where you been I've been trying to reach you, and the front desk kept ringing your phone to no avail." "What's going, on?" John asks. "John , I... read more

" Si, senor I'm ready. I say to Alejandro, we leave as we are walking I'm looking Alejandro up, and down his muscular build wrapped in that tight leather outfit. "there's my car, get in." I look at Alejandro's ride, and it is a cool sleek 1975 black corvette convertible, black leather seats. "Damn, Man you got a cool ass ride!" I say to him with excitement. "Thanks, Mijo I just washed,... read more

After Alejandro leaves, my mind wanders about how sexy he is, wow how he turned up on my doorstep, how many times I creamed from his passion, no one really has done that to me, except my old flame John Hatch. A couple of hours past as the telephone rings, " Mr. Johnson, you have a long distance call from San Diego, California." my mind races on who could be calling me when my job knows... read more

The next morning we both awaken from our passionate night together. "Buenos Dios, Mijo in a sexy masculine voice, Alejandro says. I say, "Good morning." "Last night, was great, Mijo. Alejandro says to me with that beautiful dimpled smile. "Yes, I enjoyed it, a lot." I said to Alejandro. I said to him with a kiss "Let's take a shower, and clean up." "Gladly Mijo, I'll rub your back if you... read more

Alejandro then unzips his tight gray high waisted slacks, to expose his huge 9 inch thick cock, Wow! What a sight to behold, Alejandro steps up and passionately kisses me, both hard cocks touching it other, I push Alejandro down on the king size waterbed, and go down and take Alejandro's thick cock to my mouth, the taste of his cock in my mouth, I swallow deep, bobbing my head in a sexy... read more