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I woke up on Saturday morning to find Brysen just sitting up in bed. It wasn't out of the ordinary for Brysen to wake up before me. He normally wakes up before me, but he normally gets out of bed and makes breakfast. I sat up next to him and asked. "Is something wrong?" Brysen looked at me. "Am I good enough for you?" "What do you mean by that?" I asked puzzled. "You have a... read more

It was Saturday afternoon and Brysen and I were in bed engaged in a kiss. I was on top of Brysen my arms tight around him. Brysen was naked and I was only wearing a pair of briefs. Brysen's hands moved down my sides and he slid down my briefs. My cock sprang out and I shimmied out of them letting them hit the floor. Brysen then reaches over to the nightstand and grabs a bottle of lube. He... read more

It had been a couple of days since I had proposed to Brysen. We have yet to discuss any wedding plans. The truth was I was never into big weddings. I always thought that simply going to the courthouse and having it done there was better. I'd rather save the money on the actual marriage. Maybe have money for a down payment on a house or maybe use that money for a nice honeymoon. I wasn't... read more

I sat there stunned. Brysen who had I had a friends with benefits relationship for years had come to stay with me after his girlfriend broke up with him. Of course we fucked. We were seated at the kitchen table having breakfast. Brysen mentioned that I would be turning thirty the following month and that we should get married. "Get married?" I asked. "You don't remember?" Brysen... read more

Here is another story about my buddy with whom i shared a woman. One night he had a fight with your girlfriend. He came by and spent a few days with me. It was late at night when he called and dropped by and asked if you can stay. I had been upstairs watching porn in my room. I was off early the next day and I told him he was welcome to stay. I didn't have a couch at that point... read more

If you read the last story you will find that I reconnected with my buddy ben. Soon after her last meeting he moved closer to his parents. I would go there on the weekends sometimes and we would go out for the evening. For a little while he was living with a younger man and I know they were screwing around because I could hear them at it in the middle of the night. Eventually we had... read more


Jim and I - Part 7

by bikiniteen

Oct 14, 2022

“Hey man, what are you up to?” the text from Jim read “Just working at home in my underwear, like normal” I quickly replied It had been a couple weeks since we were all sent home from work but luckily Jim and I were both able to still telework. I know I was taking full advantage of spending most of the work day in just a t-shirt and underwear but I don’t think Jim was as lucky... read more

Jim and I - Part 6

by bikiniteen

Oct 14, 2022

The rest of my weekend went by much like any other – pretty boring. Did some work around my house and got acquainted with the latest release on Netflix, but didn’t hear from Jim since I left his house. This wasn’t too surprising since I’m sure he wanted to spend time with his wife, but I know I thought about what we did several times that weekend and imagined being in his arms again... read more

I smile at Jake, and unzip his tight denim bellbottom pants. Jake looks at me with those ocean blue eyes, smiling with those dimples. I pull out Jake's massive cock, and I go down and taste every inch of his rigid cock, bobbing slowly to a sexy rhythm, caressing his massive balls with my fingers, I can hear Jake moan, whispering "Oh fuck yeah, that's it, taste it baby, mmmm, yeah."... read more

We pull up to the theatre, and Jake hops out, his platforms click on the pavement, he comes around, and opens the door for me, I get out, and as we're walking up to the door, the hard thumps of his feet gets me so hard , and me looking at his tight clothing, gets me rigid. We walk into the theatre, it's pack, all eyes are on me, and Jake. "Two adults please." Jake says with his masculine... read more


Jim and I - Part 5

by bikiniteen

Nov 16, 2021

I was still a little in shock – partly because my straight buddy and I had just blown each other but also because Jim admitted to being a good cocksucker. And he was right, it was great head without any hesitation I would have thought from a straight guy’s first time, plus the fact that he happily swallowed my load. I couldn’t think of anything to say but felt my cock getting hard again inside... read more

New Experience

by dudetodude

Jul 25, 2021

New Experience (M/M) (Older/Younger Generational) 66 year old man realizes his fantasy when an 85 year old man reveals his intentions. by Your comments are welcomed. This is a true story. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and your comments are most welcome. My name is John and I'm a 66 year old healthy slim good looking man. I have never had any problems attracting... read more

Michael's POV: After getting up super early and riding to the airport. Then the flight, and getting the ride to the beach house we finally were in Miami. We stood in the living room of the beach house and Craig and Beth looked at all of us, Carson, Samilia, Carter, and myself. "The two of us need to be at the conference in a couple of hours." Beth said. "So all of you can do what you... read more

Carter's POV: I woke up on Christmas morning with Michael's arms wrapped tight around me. I looked up and saw Michael was fully awake. "Merry Christmas." He said. "Merry Christmas to you too." I said. "How long have you been awake?" "Not long." Michael said. "I didn't want to get up, it was too nice laying here with you." "I can't disagree." I said. "But you know what would be... read more

The next morning I awoke cold. I reached to pull up the covers on my still naked body and realized that Pup wasn't there. I rolled over to face the window. The memory of Justin being dragged off last night was trying to replay its self in my mind. My eyes locked onto another set of eyes in the window. I jumped before realizing it was just an ordinary fox. The fox held my gaze for a... read more

Michael's POV: It was the last day of school before Christmas break and we were all sitting at our lunch table. Carter and I were grateful to have such supporting friends. There was David and Lauren who were themselves now dating. David had his arm around Lauren with her head resting on his shoulder. Then a few of Lauren's cheerleading friends, and Carter's teammates from the football... read more


***This story was previously posted on my blog*** The last week at work had been slightly awkward. After Greg and I had practiced wrestling at my apartment last weekend, and I had knocked him out cold three times, we sat down and talked. I advised him again not to come to tonight’s wrestling meet, as I knew he would be eaten alive and be expected to engage in gay sexual activity. The... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** The past week had gone by so fast. Greg had been really friendly in the office, we were starting to become friends. Elsie had become suspicious, asking me if I was sure nothing had happened once I dropped Greg off at his place. I had promised Greg not to tell anyone in the office about the attempted robbery, and I had kept that promise.... read more

***This story was previously posted on my blog*** “I told him the file is on the bottom shelf. I have it right here.” I snapped out of it. For maybe only a few seconds I had been staring at my new co-worker Greg. His khaki chinos were tested to the limit as I saw him walk to a file cabinet directly in my eye sight from where I was sitting at my desk and bend over at the waist. It felt... read more

***This story was previously posted on my blog*** I woke up and the second I realized what day it was, I smiled. I jumped out of bed and did everything I could to look my best. I tidied the apartment and made sure everything was just right. I walked to Bravo Food Market, which was right next to my apartment building. I bought the things I could remember Scott liked to eat and drink.... read more

***This story was posted previously on my blog*** I was well aware that it was a five hour drive, but every time it bit me in the ass how boring it really was to drive for so long. Visiting my parents upstate for my Mom’s 50th birthday was something I gladly did, yet partly dreaded. Going back to Elizabethtown, New York, was quite the culture shock from my Long Island apartment. Apart... read more


There I was, stuck in SF for a work trip that didn’t need to happen. All of the meetings that I was supposed to attend were cancelled and I was in a hotel for a few days with nothing to do but work. And fuck. Luckily, I have a buddy named David in the area who has a portable sling. He brought it over the first nights and we made good use of it. He left it with me since he knew he was coming back... read more

Can’t Resist a Good Thing Chapter 1 I went to my best friends wedding. His twenty year old brother had attended his wedding. They are both black and really built. I had lusted over my friends hot body for four long years while we were in College. The only sex I had was in the bath house just outside of the college town and that hadn't been very often. My ass was puckered up for a good... read more


Walked inside the porn industry where Kyai’s friend worked. Kyai wanted to show Nahi what they do it for a various living to experience and learn about how they working. Nahi found it so heartbreaking as if he cannot believe what he saw. Nahi preferred his love relationship to with one person, not multitudes. It would be too much for him if he did. To meet Kyai’s friend, they just had introduced... read more

Dave drove me and Matt around Brisbane, showing me their favorite places. “I contemplated taking you to the Koala Sanctuary Park”, Dave said during lunch at Matt’s favorite restaurant, Guilty Rogue. “Oh my God!”, I said immediately. The thought of petting a koala got me immediately excited. “That’s so typically Australian, we should do that while we’re here, right?”, I added. Matt... read more

Geheime Vorlieben #2

by FreeBird

Nov 26, 2017

Zweites Kapitel: Die geklauten Socken und das vergessene Handy Die letzten Wochen gemeinsames Training mit Leon schienen erste Erfolge zu zeigen. Meine Mutter betonte, wann immer sie konnte, dass ich nicht mehr so blass im Gesicht sei. Mein Sportlehrer, Herr Schneider, lobte mich, dass meine Ausdauer nun viel größer war. Vielleicht war beim Schulmarathon ja doch etwas besseres als der... read more

THE PAINT JOB (PART 3 of 4) by Robert Furlong === === "So... onto the first consummation," I suggested, pausing for the two men to reposition themselves and sit alongside each other on the couch. "In this painting, Adam is... er... making love to Stephen. Am I okay to describe it like that?" I'd expected Adam to haughtily... read more

THE PAINT JOB (PART 1 of 4) by Robert Furlong === === With the current fashion for newlyweds to have their wedding night nuptials committed to canvas, I have become familiar with sketching hesitant couples alongside their conjugal beds. Painting such tender moments presents a fascinating artistic challenge and I've developed a... read more

Please only read this story if you are 18+, 21 + in some areas. This is a true story about my brothers friend Cole and myself, this is not the only true story that we have shared look at my account for other stories. Cole is straight. The story is true, the names are fake though. In this story all parties are consenting adults. Please let me know what you think of this story and what you think... read more

Must be 18+ to read this story. 21+ in some areas. Everyone has consented to the activity in the story upon their own free will. This is a true story, only the names were changed as two guys in this story are "straight" I am the only gay on in this story. My name is Lachlan, my brother's friends name is Cole. So Cole and I have had many sexual experiences, since we started talking to each... read more