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Gay for a DayPart-1-of-1.I don't know what the problem is, but I haven't been getting as much attention as I’m use to from men lately. Things are so slow that just last Friday I had to sneak an empty beer bottle out of Bahamas Joe's just so I'd have something to fuck in the parking lot. I told Alice, one of my girlfriends at work about this problem and she told me that I should forget about... read more


Mistaken IdentityPart-2-of-4.The small girl’s eyes dilated and her nostrils flared when the lady pressed the tip of the vibrator through the metal ring and between her lips. Screams turned to a groan as she felt it being slowly pressed home, going deeper into her body, shoving tissue aside and stretching her like never before. Along with the fullness was a deep and powerful vibration that... read more

Mistaken IdentityPart-1-of-4.... read more