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Beautiful Hell

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On small heaven island where Akio and Lucifer spent their time to stay together for 50 years, Lucifer was in control by his lover, Akio. He teaches Lucifer how to be mature and well-trained. They didn’t get older as if they just still looked same since they were entering into heaven. Lucifer watched the ocean waved as his new favorite hobby made after he was being out of hell by Akio’s wisdom. Lucifer was naked at that time near beach, he was chill out if he used to that.

Then, Lucifer looked at the bright sky and Akio walked forward to him to see if how Lucifer did. “I’m good… I miss it so much. I like to go back to hell,” Lucifer said and still looked at the sky with some clouds. “It was so fun to being in hell. It was heck with a lot of craziness.”

“All right, you always say that since I met you. Many times, you begged me to get you back. Let me figure out how to get you happy. You have to calm down,” Akio sighed, and lay down next Lucifer. “Come on, let’s have fun like you love me.” He tickled Lucifer’s trunk and get himself above him to make out.

People could see them did that fun by use imagination in their mind. Akio and Lucifer were very gorgeous couple for people to witness. It had interesting history go ahead of them. Akio was little taller and muscular than Lucifer. Akio’s cock get hard as it was 14” long uncut cock. Lucifer’s cock bloomed to be 13” long cut cock. They were very firm when they got it hard so good.

“We always love how it turns out. Isn’t it?” Akio chuckled and putted his hardened cock into Lucifer’s anus. “Ahh… Like workout.” Both chuckled after Akio’s word. It took about 1 hour to get them satisfying. “Well, I have surprise for you…” Akio informed.

Lucifer said, “What’s it?” 4 white flying police vehicles and gold limousine arrived to this island and landed on the sand ground. “Wow. Where are you taking me to?”

“It will take few hours to see your surprise,” Akio said, “Well, let get some clothes on.” They went to house for some clothes. Lucifer wore black tank, leather pant, and boot. Akio wore dark red t-shirt, black khakis, and leather shoes. “Come on.” They entered into the limousine to travel. They flew away from their home. Those vehicles speeded faster to reach at the international heaven airport. New futuristic heaven city slowly appeared in Lucifer’s eyes. It was very beautiful to see like that. But, he didn’t want to live there and told Akio about that. “I know. There is more for you to see. That’s later,” Akio informed. They landed down on the zone of airport. People cheered and clapped Akio for saving lots of old generation people whom trapped in the old-fashioned hell where Jehovah created. Akio waved at them, and were on way to get them out of zone to and entered into the gold and dark red futuristic airplane with Lucifer.

Airplane took off and flew away in high speed. Lucifer looked out from window. He saw some wealthy Africa bright yellow heaven city. It had parade of air balloons that flew on the street at afternoon. There was big media that hanged against wall of skyscraper about Akio would to become new god after Jehovah. African crowds cheered when they saw the colored airplane passed.

Then, pilot announced from the radio to tell them to get seat buckle belt tight so they could speeding on in 1,000 mph. Those lands became zoomed out and there were huge watered area for them to see. It was nice weather until they saw red sky within some black clouds, red water, and crystal futuristic cities that zoomed in. When they arrived at Airport to get out of the airplane, the passengers kept their distance long from Lucifer.

On the way to his office, Akio and Lucifer rode in gold limousine with of 4 black and red police vehicles. They had sightseen out of its window. It had lots of media in that area like New York City but upgraded imagination of futuristic figure. However, they flew out of the sky and reached at roof from tallest skyscraper to land. Door was automatized to open itself so Lucifer and Akio could get out. They walked forward to the door that had two masculine robotic soldiers stood between the guarded doors. They opened it in fiery energy for them to walk past.

Entered Akio’s new office, “Hmm… Silver, Black, Gold, Red, and Dark Chocolate for interior does work for me to feel peace,” Akio talked himself and walked around to see if something that had easy for him to know where he find or important materials for thoughtful to get. “Lucifer… Over there. That is your rest area. You don’t have to work anymore if you like. You can work anytime if you like so.” Lucifer’s new area was seating area and had huge flat television. “Ah… What a view.” Akio took some air and watched those black flying expensive vehicles went anywhere. “I love imagining and make rich things and beautiful people.”

“Well, what’s next?” Lucifer asked.

Akio went silence for moment and said, “I have surprise for you…I have someone for you to meet. You gonna have a huge amount of fun without me.”

“Huh? Without you? I don’t get why. You are with me for 50 years and then you threw all of it away that something we had fun. Why?

Muscle Japanese guy appeared in Lucifer’s eyes by entered into the office. He was number two for being gorgeous. His height was 6’1” tall. His hairstyle was black-haired crew cut. “What’s up? I am one that you will like to hang out with while Akio is busy. My name is Safio,” Safio grinned and bowed himself to Lucifer like tradition greeting. He had nice smile. “I can’t wait to show you about this brand new hell. Come with me, Akio will be at your new home when he feels like he can take break.”

“Go ahead with him,” Akio said. Lucifer was not sure about it but just went with Safio to see if he like. Safio and Lucifer got into the limousine and flew down to ground to explore the store. Get out of it at busy street. Lucifer saw hot women with their erotic business clothes that walk past them. Most of them wore any colored see-thought elegant shirts and black tight dress. Those women didn’t make the eye contacts at Lucifer because they afraid of him if he will be back at his ordinary like crazy guy.

At the nightclub, “Uh… What’s time?” Lucifer asked. Safio told him that it is 1pm because afterlife’s sky cannot able to tell what time so they created the time to know. However, they entered it and noticed there were no women in that club. It was for men only. They danced too hard and wild while the African musician singed about something but he stop and told them that he will perform about “Bad Jehovah.” Safio and Lucifer tried to get front of them and it was successful.

He began to sing, “Ooo… Oh! How idiot he was by hell with pain. Idiot, idiot, idiot! Oh! Ooo… Rude if neglect people’s needs. He deserves to be punishing by neglect and hurt people’s needs. Idiot, idiot, idiot! Oh! Ooo… What the hell he thinks of? Oh! Ooo… What a bitch. How rude he was. Oh! Stupid, stupid, stupid. He is worst god we hate. What the hell he thinks of? How stupid he is! Idiot, Idiot, idiot! Oops, Jehovah is watch on us but he resigned because of Akio. He has to learn lesson because of Lucifer and new people. God, he is idiot. Hey, Jehovah.”

“What?!” Jehovah yelled with his anger as he watched where Lucifer going and could feel people’s presence close Lucifer.

The African musician said, “I let you know that we still love you at no matter what situations you done with us.”

“That’s not true. I just feel your feeling. Don’t lie to me too much,” Jehovah growled as if he was devastating by most people that insult him about bible.

One guy from audience told him that he was correct. He said, “Yeah, we do! You still deserve that shit! Hey, let’s continuing sing!”

“All right, it called ‘New Sexy Lucifer’ He is here!” the African musician cheered as they just went wild at Lucifer. He began to sing, “Hot, hot, and hot. Let’s took our clothes off because it is hot! Let’s laugh. Just give Lucifer some cheer. Oh, yeah. [Audience slowly took clothes off and is naked, they throw the jockstrap to Lucifer] Hot, hot, hot! Lucifer definitely loves it if got some love from us. Oh, yeah! Just do it! Just do it! Just do it! Oh, yeah! Let’s have laugh with Lucifer. Cheering Lucifer up! Welcome back!” People cheered at Lucifer for change that he was.

Safio was half-naked and hugged Lucifer too tight. He smiled, “Let’s worship each other in that room. It is two-people VIP room.” Audience cheered at Lucifer when Lucifer walked out of the area and entering into that room with Safio for curiousness of doing something new. “Touch me gently if you want. Anywhere you want to feel. You can check out my cock and anus if you got some experience from your lover, Akio.” Safio chuckled.

“Uh… I feel like I forget how to do it. I like to do it with Akio… Not anyone. Akio is watching me. Akio is god right now. He watches everything. I can’t do it. Sorry,” Lucifer seemed to forget how he felt because Akio teach him as if he worked so hard to get Lucifer successful.

Akio voiced into Lucifer’s mind, “It’s okay. You can go ahead with him. I won’t scold at you by that. Just do it like that singer said.”

“Are you sure? I want you to be with me so we can have threesome,” Lucifer said.

Akio said, “Well, that’s later. At first, you got to build relationship with Safio before we can go ahead with that.”

“Uh, okay. Are you watching at me without making any words while I have fun with Safio?” Lucifer asked. Akio told him yes.

Safio said, “Massaging my hot cock! You will easily love it so good! I am fine with that. Can you?”

“Oh, you are so funny,” Lucifer chuckled. He was curious about Safio’s beauty so he touched cock. It looked too soft and long but nice feeling for skin texture. “You got smooth skin. I don’t see any flaws on you. Nice!”

Safio said, “Let’s me to take your clothes off… If you feel comfortable so.” Lucifer told him no and he quickly took it off like crazy and wanna wrestle with him. “Calm down, remember the manners Akio teach you. So, yeah. I really like to do that with you.”

They got naked and wrestle each other as if they had good time until Safio’s cut cock bloomed to be 14” long. He told Lucifer that he want to have sex intercourse with him so he agreed with him. He stroked it into Lucifer’s anus for about 20 minutes in any sexual positions. It was very fun. Lucifer looked so fiery. Safio looked so hot but softly.

Lucifer loved it very much as if it, of course, felt good. He was enjoying that Safio lets him to take opportunity for get curious about city’s surrounds. He wanted to see more about that. He wondered about whereabouts of Jehovah. He wanted to talk him. But, Akio in his mind said that Lucifer cannot speak with him for some reason as if Akio should only person that he could have conversation with Jehovah.

“I have attention of yours from all of this heaven so that I want you to know about Jehovah’s hometown. It has surprise from that area you have to evacuate out. You have one month to do that. I will send helps to you for right now. My apology goes to Jehovah and supporters. Now, I have to disconnect my mind from all of you,” Akio said in all people’s mind. Jehovah’s hometown was described to be old roman style and large island with mountain. There weren’t having any skyscraper so that mean there had some low-stories buildings.

Lucifer said, “What the hell he doing with Jehovah’s heaven? Destroy them? I can’t wait to see what happen to them! They deserved it because there were too many people in previous styled hell. Well, what we do next after this?”

“Go to your new home with me, small modern island with lava fountain,” Safio smiled, “Is lava your favorite to get?”

Lucifer said, “Oh, yeah. Let’s go. Where?”

They got out of nightclub and entered into gold limousine then flew around the city for just curious to see how it looked. It just took few minutes to explore those. Lucifer saw island, it was so beautiful house he witnessed in his whole life. It had gold, dark red and black exterior.

When they got out of that vehicle, Lucifer got excited and shouted, “Look! I got lava fountain! Who make this? I wanna fuck that designer.”

“Actually, it is Akio,” Safio sighed.

Lucifer puzzlingly said, “Huh? How Akio build this house for me if he was with me in other island? Impossible! [Paused for tried to figure out how to get this done] Oh… He uses his mind to communicate with those engineers.”

They walked into the entrance of his home as robotic butlers welcomed them when they opened the door. “Akio is in his home office.”

“What’s up with evacuation in Jehovah’s hometown?” Lucifer said with his curiousness.

Akio said, “It’s surprise. We have to wait until all of them got out… Especially Jehovah, too. They have one month to get out. That small city is about to be history.”

“Great! That’s good. They deserve it! I promise you that I won’t tell anyone about that until their time is up!” Lucifer laughed, “What’s kind of power you use to destroy them?”

Akio said, “Be patient about that. Let’s change the subject, how your time at the nightclub? How your connection with Safio? Do you have fantastic time? Tell me about that.

“Nah. You already know because you watch me and my mind. You need to stop being rude if you are nosy to read all people’s mind from Mother Nature and afterlife nature.”

Akio said, “I am very concerning about what’s going on about their safety. If one person destroys, they will see and then copy it in inspiring way. But, I can handle it with my new supernatural supporters for meeting about the future events. We have to get this discreet. I have to make history because I just find it interesting if you understand what I talk about. Well, I need some good time, I got call too much. They let me rest until tomorrow.”

Lucifer said, “You are very new dirty god. You would be first god who to like doing something naughty. But, I like it!”

Akio said, “Come with me to my master bedroom so we can have good time.” Safio and Lucifer agreed with him so they went to room and sloppily fooled around each other as if they chuckled when they got stripped off. They obviously did it good and easily horny. They took their clothes off at each other while they had threesome make out. All cocks were beautifully hardened like it bloomed into their eyes as if it won’t get old.

One month later at 12:45pm in Jehovah’s heaven, before they continuingly evacuated, that old-fashioned city had about 50,000 populations. All had to rush off before ShowTime at 1pm. Robotic soldiers, from Jehovah’s supporter-only modern heaven, waited for Jehovah to get into the black private flying vehicle. “Hurry! Get into or we will control you,” One of soldiers angrily yelled.

“Oh, please. Akio, I’m so sorry! I’m too stupid to send people into hell. Can you give me more time before it happening?” Jehovah sobbed.

Akio said, “Ugh! Lots of people want to see what happen because you deserve it. Hurry, thunder lighting comes soon.”

There was view of old-fashioned beautiful heaven that zoomed in and its sky became from bright blue to gray with some heavy clouds. All suddenly, it began to lightning too strong and hit anywhere. Jehovah cried and hurried to vehicle so he could get away from disaster. He was last person on that island to leave. It was 3 black-colored flying vehicles. All over heaven, people can read Akio’s mind and watch the media in any place they can find. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Start now!” hot male reporter cheered in Akio’s new crystal modern heaven. Tidal wave appeared to be visible so it became huge megatsunami and was about to destroy that island as it forwarded to that. City was washing away as if wave pushed anything into the sink ruin. In old- fashioned park, Jehovah’s statues were flying away and building’s columns collapsed down. It was 7 minutes ShowTime.

People, who lived in hell, cheered for Akio. New people had no idea what going on or about history of Jehovah and Lucifer or new god Akio.

At small island, where Jehovah would live there as banishment. “Can I talk to my love? Vaen! Oh, my. Please! Tell Akio I’m so sorry!” Jehovah sobbed.

Vaen scoffed, “Huh? No. I found out what you done with them. I’m still not pleased with that. You deserve that punishment. I’m so sorry but I just have to…”

Jehovah’s supporters were already in upgraded modern heaven but they complained about nonsense disaster. “Just start your new life in my incredible work. Have fun… Go! See for yourself. You will love it better than your hometown I done with. Enjoy it, please,” Akio proudly said. Akio disconnected his mind to Jehovah and his supporters.

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