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President's Son

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The dark evening at Harvard University, invitees, from other Greek communities, were there to party in frat house as they just wanna have fun, like they liked to be wild for once. One guy was extremely important person to Greek communities because he was son of President Victor Nino in 2032 A.C. They did something what Jerry Nino want to as if he influenced them.

For Jerry’s appearance, he was to be 6’ tall blonde Caucasian aged 21 years old. His personality was described as friendly by previous generation, helpful to other communities to keep his country healthy, likeable for positive cause, and popularly for being athlete. He still participated in wrestling since high school. He was great-looking and sweet with some touch. He always smiles… But, he had dark side, which it could lead to someone confuse about him in unfortunate way. He was able to fool his public media for just some fun.

“Hey, Jerry. Have some beer!” Mark Kank said as he handed it to him. He was best collegiate friend with Jerry since they met in freshman year. However, Mark was cute 6’1” tall brunette Caucasian aged 21 years old. He also played in wrestling like his friend did. They enjoyed did it together after they attended the sport clubs. “How are your parents?”

Jerry said, “Please don’t ask me about that because they just drive me crazy. Every 6 hours, they see if I’m all right or not. I have security around me. I need to escape for some time. My guards overprotecting me. Live this life bothers me at all. Maybe, I take idea so I can make history to cause my family worry about me.

“Interestingly, Can you come with me for one week in small-town? I will rent the car to take us anywhere for fun and hide from media from people or something you want to do. We can fool them if you want. But, we need to be smart because if we did, they will suspect that we have agenda to cause this mess with the purpose. Right?” Mark warned with some advices.

Jerry told Mark to get them out of the house without notice. “Just call taxi to get car rent and cash your credit card out at bank tonight as fake emergency. I can’t use mine because they will track us. Hopefully, they don’t notice it. Let our fingers crossed.”

Took taxi to company where they got the car to rent. The worker told them that they can send it away in anyplace. They were lucky enough because the worker didn’t know Jerry as President’s son. So, they took it off to find the motel in south from Boston, Massachusetts. They laughed all way since they leave the college. They didn’t want someone to know that they were together as if they just were more than being friend. Jerry didn’t want his father to know where he was or being with other.

Actually, the party was occupied before campus took off for vacations in one week include Jerry and Mark. They just chatted while Mark drove on the highway for more than few hours and had GSP to find motel as they were on way to Washington D.C. at end of vacation time.

“Hey, Mark…” Jerry said, “I think this is bad idea…”

Mark puzzled, “Uh… Is there something you need to tell me? Too late to go back there. Look, you just starting scare me right now. Oh, look. There is motel. We can talk about that in there.”

“Yeah. That’s great,” Jerry agreed as if he didn’t want Mark distract while he drove at night.

Mark checked in at motel and paid some money to cashier for rent the room in just one day. Jerry was waiting in the car and saw Mark came out of the room. They entering into 70s vibe designed room. They looked at the clock on the wall. It was 2:30am.

Mark jumped into the bed and said, “What’s up?”

“It is too late for us to go back. Way of my life is making me crazy and can’t think straight. My family will piss off if they suspected that they knew this is worst prank we make,” Jerry disappointed himself, “But… That would be good story! See what they think about this trouble. We have to be patient until news say something about us being missing. We will tune it at 5am today. Where are our condoms? We would fool together for a while.”

Mark said, “Find it in a 24 hours opened convenience store so we buy those from that.” Jerry was excited about it and told him to hurry as they entered into car so they went off to the specific place. When they arrived, Mark asked Jerry about his size but Jerry didn’t know what his was because he didn’t wear it before. So he would buy it all size in one place.

It took 5 minutes to go back at their rent room. They were excited by have condom with them and about to have fun with them for horny enjoyment. They laughed and wrestled together on the king bed. They helped each other by took opposite’s clothes off. They stopped for seconds as they stared their eyes as they paused it a bit longer without any blink. They started to make out as if they felt so close since met in the beginning of the college year.

Both of them worshiped their body and rubbing their nipples and their 7” long foreskin cocks. They were surprise that it was coincidence because their cocks were exactly same. Jerry told Mark that he wanted to suck Mark’s. Mark didn’t mind by Jerry’s words so they just made it happen. Jerry tongued it under Mark’s cock.

When Mark decided to take his turn by wanted to pound his cock into Jerry’s anus for just 45 minutes in any positions. He tried to do it in slow way as if he liked to keep himself and Jerry enjoying a little longer. Jerry was satisfy with that.

“That’s funny!” Jerry laughed.

Mark stopped and puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“My father still doesn’t know I am gay! He will look idiot if he would kick me out of this political world,” Jerry chuckled, “Wonderful agenda my family would make. I can be free.”

Mark said, “Okay. I understand what you try to get the message clear… But, you have to be careful what you doing if you know what I mean. We will be in trouble if we already are capture by some guards. They won’t free you because you are son of president’s.”

“Blah blah blah. Thanks for advice. Well, I think I need shower. You can join me if you want,” Jerry groaned and rolled his eyes. He grabbed the towel and headed to the bathroom for clean. “Oh, yes. You think I’m most important person because you already fuck me, like you are concerned about my safety. Great!”

Mark jumped into the hot shower and hugged Jerry. He said, “Of course, I care you. I love you so much.” He helped clean Jerry to improve his hygiene.

“Aww… Kiss me again,” Jerry smiled with the pink just appear in his cheeks.

After the bath time, they watched the cheap television and tuned it on music channel until 5am. Mark changed it so they could see what’s up in around USA. One female anchor spoke about Jerry and Mark were being missing since last night in breaking news. She said that they were last to be seen at the fraternal party and Jerry’s guards searched all over the area. They believed that missing people were kidnapping.

“Ohh!!! There we go. Maybe we can check out of this place right now. Man, this is more difficult than we thought it won’t be. Any idea to stay fake for few days?” Mark stressed, “I have to go to clerk for checking out.” Mark went to room where people come and go.

The Clerk said, “Fuck! This isn’t work anymore! I need new television.” He banged 90’s designed TV with his hand. “Ugh!!! Well, pardon me for my action. May I help you?”

“Uh, I am here to check out. How much?” Mark nervously said. “Here’s $24. Sorry about TV. But, I don’t understand why you still have one. Bye.” He left the place with Jerry by the rental car.

Jerry said, “Why not can we go to the beach without any clothes? We need to make memoires for us. This gonna be amazing! Just GSP it.”

One hour later, they found one for them to enjoy their time. They were excited about it so they took their off in energetically way. Jerry ran into the water and felt so cold for first time. He told Mark to join him but Mark refused because he could tell way Jerry behaved. Jerry ran forward to Mark and lifted him to enter into the water. They were playful and had fun together until the sunrise lighted out from the sky. They showed off and felt the biceps again if they had fun so much.

Jerry said, “I’m starving right now… IHOP! I missed some pancake with strawberry sauce. I want to go there. Good idea?” Mark agreed with him so they clothed on and went to IHOP in small town.

After breakfast time, “What’s next?” Mark asked, “Can we buy the beard and sunglasses to hide our identity? We would explore every street when we will be in New York City. Hopefully, we can find the sex shop there. The clerk gonna think we are just other customers. He won’t recognize us.”

Mark parked in the commercial garage for take taxi cab and subway as if he already have experience about being in NYC before. They got tickets to sightsee every street for two days. They just went to sex shop.

“Hello, there,” the hot male clerk smiled with a wink. Jerry told him if the clerk can help them to find the better gay porn movie. “Sure, both of you look hot yet. Follow me. If you want to find better video, you would take look at MEN videos. They are extreme pleasure to look at… But it is up to you, buddies. Enjoying!” He went back to the clerk zone.

Mark said, “Hmm… I like this picture. It called ‘Dirty Debate’ video. I gonna buy this. Look at those guys with good cock!” Both have foreskin. It doesn’t tell me that how long they are. Good enough for us to being entertaining. Do you want this to watch?”

“Yes. I do,” Jerry said interestingly.

At the new hotel, Mark just checked in for one day to rest and was on 73th floor with Jerry. Both took the dirty bath again for 30 minutes. They rubbed their cock to be clean as fresh. Love was crazy enough to be shared with them as if they knew each other forever.

Mark installed the CD to DVD for movie so they could watch it together. In the beginning of the video, two black-haired hunks in handsome suits came out and forwarded to mic table stand for speech. They argued about all right for porn stars who demands to be invitee for the political party. “Well, let me show off,” hunk 1# said and ripped both of his shoulder to flex. “Need like that?”

There was no respond from the fake audience. They were appearing to be hunky reporters with any diversity in the paper boards. Hunk 1# told them that he liked their reaction so he teased them by slowly took his boring clothes off except his underwear and shiny shoes.

“Don’t start without me! You supposed to let me tease first!” Hunk 2# upsettingly said and took his fit clothes off too quickly. “I’m your best man! Clap for me!” There, again, was no respond from the audience. “Good! Who want me to win this debate?” The silence was occurring. “I am going to destroy him with my handsome cock!” He ran forward and ripped Hunk 1#’s underwear off. He took it off and wrestling with him on the mat to have oral and anal sex with him for ten minutes.

Mark chuckled, “That’s funny! I love that line! I think about jerk out right now. Want to do it?”

“Sure, my cock looked so red and veiny! Yours too! I like that so much. Our movie still doesn’t finish yet so we are going to see other hot porn stars do their fun. We can masturbate until it is over... Or we continue after it. Get cock in our ass if we already have high stamina when desired. Or our cock wouldn’t feel sore. Sound great to do that!” Jerry hornily offered.

They just went crazy about those sexual performances like they wanted to take opportunity for good wild memoires to look back. They wanted to remember it because something they haven’t had it done with them before.

The sounds were groaning by Jerry and Mark during sex time. Both enjoyed doing the versatility. It got hard like stone. It was too veiny in very dark red. They liked it so better as if they never tried this way. After that, they swallowed a lot of their sweetened loads.

“I wish that we take pictures of us in naked to remember but it has track in it. Thank god for not bring it with us without realize that,” Mark relieved, “Gee… That’s bad news but we got it in our brain by seeing. That’s good.”

Jerry said, “But you know…”

Mark said, “I know. I know. Nothing to hide by damn technology from secret government. They just let us live for once. That’s disappointing for all over this world who wants some privacy. I wish a lot of people are stupid… Include us and those governments too.”

“I already know. Future gonna be suck. I’m wondering if homosexuality will no longer exist. That’s sad. Bitching at each other about any religions and lead it to have ridiculous war,” Jerry sighed, “That isn’t so sexy to live. Well, one day, young people will accidently attracting and make this world went crazy. Not lot someone will. Don’t worry, few will be chosen to live in gay lifestyle… Can we go to restaurant where it has a lot of seafood? I’m starving! I love Italian stuffed clams!”

Mark said, “All right!” They took subway to find the restaurant by asked someone for help. The helpers thought the modern culture didn’t need to ask because of better technology to support all over without any suffering. But, whatever, they help them where it was.

Back to hotel, they discussing about being on travel again to head to Washington D.C. so they could meet Jerry’s family.

Next day, it was time for them to leave. Mark checked out at the clerk and said goodbye. They were on way to the exact destination in the late morning. Jerry told Mark that he want to suck his cock. Mark was laughing because they do it again in just straight 4 days. Mark didn’t mind about that so Jerry just zipped out Mark’s jean to get his cock out so Jerry can suck it so good.

Jerry tongued around Mark’s red hard cock for 20 minutes in gentle way. It wasn’t good idea for them to do that because Mark was barely focusing at the quiet highway.

Arrived at the White House in Washington D.C. near the entrance of the gateway, the guards saw and identifying Jerry. One of them alarmed it by found one since the Friday where Jerry was missing for 5 days. “Jerry, you have to come with me to see your family to let them know that you are all right.”

“But I want to get my boyfriend to be with me,” Jerry said. He tried to hide his laughter because he wasn’t missing as if his action was on purpose to do.

One of those guards puzzled, “Pardon me? Is he your boyfriend? Are you Mark Kank? Sorry, he cannot come with us due the restricted policy.”

“Oh, please. I have power like my father! Do it what I want you to do! He’s good guy. He found me for few days ago and drove here to see my family,” Jerry said.

The guard understood and said, “Stop outsmarting me like this. This is not funny. You parents are heavily concerned about your safety. Both of you go to them.” They walked into the building to enter the presidential living room.

Jerry saw his father as USA president, Victor Nino. His appearance was describing to be 6’tall white-haired Caucasian aged 55 years old. He looked very fit and healthy. “Jerry! I was worrying about you! Where were you? Let me hug you!” Victor was shaken when he saw Jerry. Jerry didn’t like being hug by someone except his boyfriend Mark.

“Enough… All right, all right. Uh… To be honest, Mark and I were escaping for just enjoyment.” Jerry said.

Victor puzzled, “What? You mean you didn’t being missing since that day? Oh, god. You are going to be in trouble. Don’t tell me that you play with it in a long time.”

“Mark is my boyfriend. I want you to meet him,” Jerry smiled. Mark greeted himself to Victor but Victor was still in the shock because it was first time for them to make this history. Jerry kissed Mark in his cheek which it made Victor speechless.

Victor got mad because that wasn’t what he wanted to put it in timeline for government history. “Let me think! I don’t want you to expose yourself as being gay in my term. I want you to promise that you hide your love until you graduate and my presidential term is over so you can do what you want to do. Understand?”

“Okay, can we go back to Harvard to finish our study? We just enjoy traveling without any hassles. I left my cell mobile in my frat house. Thanks for advice. I will make new one to get ridiculous attention,” Jerry smiled, “Are you okay with that? If I did, safety researchers will upgrade it as well if you know what I mean.”

On Monday at Harvard, “What a fun! I’m having fantastic time with you. Media cannot make it into the public because of my father ordered,” Jerry laughed. “Get more fun for us! Can we?”

Mark agreed with it and kissed Jerry in mouth at park in the evening time after their classes were over to do something fun before they lost their touch in their future. “I’m not sure if I’m going to see you again.”

“Oh, come on! That’s terrible to hear! That’s worst sentence you say if we are about to graduate and have time to say goodbye. Well, someone come and go like you know. You are right but depend where they going,” Jerry disappointed. “Damn you! I’m going to talk to my family to get kick myself out to be with you for forever. I have power to do something what I like to do like my father! That’s great way to say for lover to feel heartwarming!”

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