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Juan, the Spanish Lifeguard

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Looking out an airplane window never got old. Seeing the blue sky while flying above the clouds had a beauty about it, yet at the same time the view was also quite surreal. I looked to my left and saw my sister Katie sleeping in her seat. It was because of her we were on our way from Cleveland to the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. After working as a manager of a hotel for the last ten years, she would soon be managing a new hotel the same owner was opening up in South Beach, Miami. And it was specifically inspired by this hotel on a Spanish island where he had gone on holiday. The owner, Don, was Katie’s boss and he wanted her to check it out before she started the new job. He had befriended the manager of the hotel we were heading to and he had agreed to show Katie around and allow her to sleep there for a few days. She was allowed to bring someone and since Katie and I are both single, and have been close for our entire lives, the choice had been easy.

I had been single for almost a year now after my 7 year relationship with Tim had ended. I had been pretty devastated and had not set foot in the dating scene or even downloaded one of the apps. I just felt I wasn’t ready. Katie had been pushing me for the last few months, saying I should get myself out there. Easier said than done.

I looked at Katie sleeping and thought about how tough it was going to be to be separated once she moves to Florida. I had to stay in Cleveland for work, while she was going to be down in Miami. When she was 6 years old and I was 4, our father left. Our mother committed suicide within the following 12 months. We grew up with our grandparents on mother’s side, who had now unfortunately both passed. Through everything we had stuck together. Now that we were in our 30s, it was the first time one of us was going to move away from Cleveland. I felt like it was going to be rough to not have her live close by anymore, but I could not blame her for taking the opportunity to run a hotel in Miami. Part of me was still considering giving up my job and joining her there.

When we landed, I was exhausted. It had been a long trip. I was surprised and relieved to see a man with a sign that said KATIE GREGORY at Arrivals. He was our taxi driver. His name was Tabor and he silently drove us to the hotel, which was in a different city from the airport. The drive to Maspalomas was about 25 minutes. Katie and I looked out of the window at the large amount of palm trees and we had views of the sea to our left throughout. After the long plane ride, the views sure helped feel like it was all worth it. “Can you imagine you are going to be living in a climate like this soon?” “Not really!”, Katie said.

Once we got to the urban area of Maspalomas, which had several tall buildings facing the sea, probably hotels, I also saw people on the sidewalks. Some Spanish shirtless hotties, but from what I could tell also tourists. We were happy to be there outside of the summer season, as it wasn’t as crowded and temperatures still easily made it to 77 degrees (25 Celsius). Suddenly I spotted a rainbow flag at the start of a long row of flags. “This is Yumbo Center”, Tabor spoke up for the first time. “What’s that?”, I asked. Behind a fence there was a minigolf court. I also saw a range of smaller buildings. “Shopping center. Restaurants, clubs.” “OK”, I said. I was intrigued. Among the flags I also spotted an American flag. “Is popular for tourists”, Tabor concluded.

“Ry!”, Katie suddenly nudged me and made me look at the other side of the road. “That building was a gay resort!” We had already passed it. “Are we in, like, a gay area?”, Katie asked our driver. “Is popular among gay men, yes”, Tabor said matter-of-factly. I gasped. This was perfect. “Oh, Don…”, my sister smiled. “This makes perfect sense.” Don was also gay. I had met him a few times. He was in his mid to late forties and I remember thinking he came across slightly sleazy. But now I was more than interested in where he vacationed.

Not even a minute later, where the street already felt much quieter, a white building appeared. “Is your hotel”, Tabor said. He stopped in the large driveway and helped us with our luggage. We felt the outside warmth on our skin, and it felt so nice. We walked up to the building and we could see the reception desk through the glass walls. The furniture outside gave the hotel a vintage feeling. Bright yellow chairs stood on a wooden terrace. We walked in and were greeted by a young man whose name, Julio, showed clearly on a badge on his chest. “Welcome to hotel Gold by Marina! How can I help you?” Julio wore a floral shirt, which gave way to show some chest hair. He sat behind a white reception desk, which had a small sign that just said, ‘Life is short, eat dessert first’. The vintage furniture had all sorts of colors. With the marble floor, lots of plants, the large golden wall behind Julio, not all things in the lobby matched, but I still liked the atmosphere. It was fair to say this was a casual, laid-back hotel, not really intended for business people, more for vacationers.

As we were checking in, we got a welcome drink, which was a sweet pink cocktail. I was already loving this place. A man walked into the lobby who looked too fancy to either work or vacation here. He wore a crisp white shirt tucked into blue slacks and black shoes. He had brown hair coiffed to perfection and some light facial hair. His light blue eyes popped like crazy. He was a very attractive man. He stopped at the reception desk and looked at my sister. “You must be Katie Gregory”, he said with only a slight accent, as he extended his hand to her. “I’m Paco, I’m the manager of the Gold by Marina hotel”, he continued. “Mr O’Callaghan announced your arrival.” That was Don. “Oh, it’s so nice to meet you”, my sister said as she shook Paco’s hand. I could tell she was attracted to him. “I assume this is your husband?”, he asked as he turned to me. “Brother. Ryan”, I said as we shook hands. I tried to smile, but the few seconds he looked right into my eyes made my heart skip a beat. The men here were a treat, but this guy was something else. “Tomorrow I would like for you to join me on my regular workday so you get a good idea of how things go around here. But today, you must be tired from travelling. So let me just show you two around the hotel. Julio, can you make sure their bags go up to their room?” “Of course”, Julio said as he smiled at us.

Paco explained this was an adults only hotel as he led us out of the lobby. I took a quick peek at his butt in his tight pants as he walked in front of us. His behind was nice and pert. Surprisingly, we walked into an open-air patio with comfortable- looking white sofas with some yellow cushions. On two sides surrounding the patio was the hotel, and right in front was a small building, but the sun still crept into certain parts, making this a light, warm, yet shady area. “Here we have our outdoors lounge, which also functions as the restaurant terrace”, he gestured to some tables and chairs. In the distance I could see the pool. Right across from where we entered the patio was the restaurant, which is where Paco showed us next. “We believe that if people want to truly relax on holiday, we believe we as a hotel should adjust to that. The breakfast buffet lasts until noon, and is included in the room price.” I smiled. That would attribute to the holiday feeling, being able to roll out of bed at 10 or 10:30 and not have to worry about missing hotel breakfast. “We have a lunch menu that lasts until 5, and in the evening we have our own homemade pizzas!”

We exited the restaurant on the other side, which brought us to the pool that I had spotted earlier. The pool was not rectangular like usual, but stretched and curved along the available space. There was enough pool to go around for everyone, even though most people were lounging on the ample amount of sunbeds. There were some older straight couples, with a larger than usual amount of hot young men, who judging by their skimpy swimwear, were either gay, European, or both.

“This is obviously our pool area. There’s some outside tables and chairs for those who want to enjoy their restaurant meal by the pool”, Paco said as he gestured. I was slightly distracted by the clientele as he spoke about how important a large pool area with plenty of seating space was for a hotel. Then I spotted a man with a wide, hairy chest and a neatly trimmed beard. He sat in a chair overlooking the pool area. His built, hairy body was only covered by a black speedo, his face by sunglasses. He was very clearly the lifeguard.

I tried to focus on Paco while he pointed out the little tent where people could get massages and treatments against additional charge, ending his little tour. He said he would now let us go up to our room to get some rest from the long trip. But first he asked us if we had any plans for our first night in Maspalomas. I was not really paying attention and kept looking at the lifeguard. “Not specifically, but we thought about walking back to the Jumbo… thing…?”, Katie started. “Yumbo Center? Hold on”, Paco said.

“Juan!”, Paco suddenly said, interrupting my staring and my daydreaming about being saved from not-really-drowning. The lifeguard looked up, got up from his chair and walked over to Paco. Now that he was standing, I noticed how narrow his waist was, compared to his broad chest and shoulders. Truly a swimmer’s body. Once the lifeguard approached us, Paco addressed him in Spanish. “This is Juan, our pool lifeguard”, Paco then turned to me and Katie. Juan took off his sunglasses and smiled at us, revealing a friendly face and a pair of brown eyes. “Juan Contreras”, the handsome man said as he extended his hand to shake mine. “Ryan Gregory”, I said. His hand lingered in mine as we looked at each other possibly a second longer than would be usual during a handshake. Juan then shook Katie’s hand as she introduced herself. “Juan, would you be so kind to take our American guests to dinner in the Yumbo Center tonight?” “Yes! Of course. We will have fun”, Juan said, his accent thicker than Paco’s, as he looked at Katie, then turned to me and winked.

Katie and I were directed to the elevator and told our room was on the sixth floor as we were handed the key cards by Paco. The elevator doors closed and Katie and I looked at each other. “So, that Paco…”, she started. “And that Juan…”, I followed. “I knew it!”, Katie laughed. And like that, it was clear who was interested in whom.

When we got up to our room, I was surprised to find a small kitchen with a fridge. The bathroom was small with just a shower, a sink with a mirror, and a toilet. There were twin beds, a sofa in the shape of half a circle, which was wrapped around a small round table. The table had a bottle of red wine on it and two glasses. There was a balcony with a small seat and sidetable. There was a view of the blue sky, two more hotels and in the distance, the ocean. “Short nap before we get ready for dinner?”, Katie asked. “I’m exhausted!”, I said.

A few hours later, we met Juan in the lobby. He had changed into a fitted black T- shirt, impossibly tight blue jeans and blue Nike sneakers. He smiled when he saw us approaching. “Hungry?” Katie and I nodded. Juan led the way and walked in front of us. He talked about how he was born in Gran Canaria, about how we were here at the right time as Maspalomas can get flooded by tourists during summer. Katie was gesturing to Juan’s butt when he wasn’t looking, clearly indicating she couldn’t believe how tight his jeans were. I mouthed that it had to be a European thing. And I had to admit, it showed off his big thighs and ass really well. I really wanted to walk behind him and observe, but his accent was so cute when he passionately spoke about the island or the city that I also wanted to face him and listen. I hope I wasn’t being too obvious about how interested I was. Katie looked around more as we walked, which made Juan look me in the eyes all the more.

When we entered Yumbo Center, it became clear it really was like an open-air shopping center targeted to tourists. Lots of restaurants and bars with the option of sitting outside on the ground floor, mainly shops on the upper levels, but I also saw a gym and a massage parlor. Juan asked us if we were allergic to any specific foods, were vegan or vegetarian, or were on a specific diet. When we said no, he smiled and said, “then I will take you to my favorite place.”

Juan led us to an area of Yumbo that wasn’t obviously found. We took a few turns and walked up some stairs to find a small tapas restaurant. All of the outside tables were on a balcony overlooking the ground floor of the center. However all of the tables were taken. When a waitress finished taking a table’s orders, Juan suddenly piped up. “Sonia!” She looked up. I estimated her in her late 30s. When she spotted Juan, her face lit up. “Juan!” She almost ran up to him and gave him a hug and a kiss on each cheek. They had a short conversation in Spanish. She nodded and at one point looked at us, smiled and waved. “Hello”, she said with a heavy accent. Juan kept talking, Sonia nodded and then walked away. “Just a second”, Juan then told us. In no time, an older man in his 70s approached us. “Juan!”, he exclaimed. “Iván”, Juan replied as he put his arms out like he was going in for a hug. Iván walked up and took Juan’s head in his hands he gave him two big kisses, one on each cheek. Only then the two men hugged. Iván then offered me and Katie a hand. “Iván Perdomo”, he introduced himself before he continued, “bienvenido a Gran Canaria y bienvenido a mi restaurante”, not giving us time to introduce ourselves. “Mesa para tres, si?” he then said to Juan, who nodded. With his hand he signaled us all to wait for a little bit. Iván turned around and walked toward one of the tables. A family of four was just starting on their desserts. By their blond hair, it was to be assumed they were tourists. Iván spoke to them for a little while, they nodded and smiled, before packing up their stuff and Iván had Sonia clear the table. “Are they being kicked out?” Katie asked. “No, I think they get desserts for free if they finish at the bar”, Juan replied. “Wow”, Katie whispered. “Benefits of knowing a local”, I said. Juan laughed and put a hand on my shoulder. I felt a spark going through my body. It had been a while since someone I was interested in had touched me. Iván gestured for us to come over. It was maybe even the best table in the place as it overlooked a large part of the shopping center. Downstairs I saw lots of other terraces filled with people eating. Four shirtless men did a dance performance to some Spanish music as an older man went by the tables with a hat, asking for money.

I took a seat across from Katie and Juan came to sit next to me. We had a great night, Juan advised me on a nice wine, of which we shared a bottle. Katie declined and said she had to work tomorrow. “I also work tomorrow. But I still like some wine”, Juan said as we laughed. “You work in the hotel every day?” Katie asked. “No, tomorrow I teach some kids about safety in the water.” “You’re a teacher?”, I wanted to know. “Yes, normally I teach mathematics, but I volunteer for…”, Juan paused, looking for a word. “… coast guard?” “Oh wow, that’s cool”, I said. “Thank you”, he said as we locked eyes again and a spark flew. I felt Katie step on my toe. She could tell. “So tomorrow is short class. Is by the beach, I could show you there tomorrow?” “I am joining Paco tomorrow for the day”, Katie said. “The beach sounds great”, I said.

The food was delicious, and all three of us had so much fun. When we walked back through the Yumbo Center, Katie pointed out a place with a rainbow flag. “Juan, is Yumbo Center specifically targeted for gay men?”, she asked. “Some places. During the day, is mostly families here, but at night…” “The gays take over?” Katie asked. I laughed. Juan smiled and looked down. “I guess. Mostly just for the bars, but is also clubs.” “What kinds of clubs?” “Sometimes, underwear only night.” “Oooh!”, Katie exclaimed as she slapped me on the back. “We should go!” “God, no”, I said. I know I would feel so self-conscious. “I don’t think Katie would be allowed to enter”, Juan laughed.

When we got back to hotel, Katie and I got ready for bed. I was lying awake for a while, thinking back about the great day I had. Then suddenly I wondered if Juan knew about the underwear only nights because he just knows everything about the city… or if he had been to one.

The next day, Katie had set the alarm early, so she could tag along with Paco during breakfast. I got ready after her and went downstairs for breakfast myself. I spotted Paco and Katie walk in the patio as I was at the buffet. They didn’t see me and I figured I wouldn’t disturb them. I quickly had breakfast and then went over to the lobby. I waited a few minutes and Juan picked me up in his car, a blue Toyota. He got out and walked over to me. He wore a bright yellow polo that said “Patrón socorrista” in capitals on the front and back. He wore tight pants in a light blue. He hugged me hello. His hands rested low on my back. It was one of the most sensual hugs I had ever gotten. He pulled back slowly. “I’m happy to see you again today”, he said. “Me too.” We locked eyes again and the chemistry was palpable. He walked back to the driver’s side and I saw that these pants really showed off his ass flawlessly as well.

We got in the car and drove toward the coast, which wasn’t far away from the hotel. Juan parked near a coast guard building. He walked me to a classroom and told me to sit in the back. “It maybe a little boring, but will only take one hour. Then we walk on the beach. OK?” “Sounds fine!” “Do you want a coffee?” “Oh yes, please!” I said. Juan left the room. I looked out the window for a little while before the first kids came in. I estimated them between the ages of 12 and 16. They looked at me but did not address me as they talked amongst themselves. They were possibly speculating about who I was. Juan returned soon enough with my coffee. He already started talking in Spanish, welcoming the kids as he walked over to my table and put down the coffee. He kept talking as he walked back. I heard my name and the words “Estados Unidos”, so I knew I was being introduced. The kids looked back at me. I waved awkwardly. But soon their attention was directed toward Juan. I had no problem looking at him for an hour. It actually passed by quite quickly. When he wrote something on the blackboard I stared at his ass without shame. I felt myself getting a boner during several parts of the class, which felt inappropriate, but I couldn’t help myself.

As promised, after class Juan took me for a walk along the beach. To feel the sand underneath my feet, the sun and the breeze in my face, it immediately relaxed me. The sound of the waves was so soothing. I said I would love to live this close to a beach. I turned to Juan and saw him take the polo off. “Not at work right now”, he said softly. I quickly looked over his body but turned to look in front of me, not wanting to be caught staring. “Katie soon will”, Juan then said. “Will what?” “Live close to the beach.” He had paid attention to our conversation last night. I laughed. “True. I have thought about joining her in Miami.” “So why not?” I smiled. “I’m not sure. I’m mostly scared I won’t find a job I like as much as the one I do now.” “Work? Work is the first thing you say? I thought you would say friends or girlfriend.” I smiled. “Work isn’t a good enough reason?” Juan shook his head. “No. You can change jobs until you find one you like.” “Well, Katie is my best friend. I’ve never had a girlfriend. And no boyfriend for the past year.” Juan looked at me and smiled. “So you have no good reason not to move to Miami.” “Maybe I don’t.” He didn’t address my sexuality, even though I kind of wanted him to address his.

We continued walking and at one point he pointed at some dunes and said, “these are the famous Maspalomas dunes.” “Why are they famous?” “You don’t know?” I laughed. “No!” “Not famous enough, the dunes”, he said smiling. “Men go here to have sex.” “Really?” “Maspalomas is very popular with gay men, at least in Europe.” “I am starting to see why”, I said as I looked at Juan. I again felt the attraction between us. This time Juan actually closed in on me. He looked like he was about to kiss me. Then I felt his hand on my lower back as he slowly pulled me close. I couldn’t wait any longer and put my hands on his face and kissed him. Gently, but passionately. His lips were like magic. I felt myself get hard in my pants. I thought I was floating away on a cloud, that’s how good I felt. Until Juan suddenly pulled back. “I can make you paella for lunch?” I laughed. “OK. Sure!” He smiled and squeezed my cheek. Then he turned around and reached for my hand. We walked hand in hand back to the coast guard building. I felt butterflies. Juan continued telling stories about Gran Canaria and growing up here as if the kiss didn’t just happen. I’m pretty sure my erection was quite visible, but it did not distract him. His own bulge also seemed much more pronounced than usual.

In the car he put his polo back on and drove me to his apartment, which was a walk-up in this old building. It was a very compact apartment, but it somehow suited Juan. He sat me down on the sofa with a glass of wine as he went to the bedroom to change out of his coast guard polo and came back wearing a white and blue striped T-shirt that strained to fit around his chest. He immediately went to work in the kitchen. He was asking me questions about what my job is, what my apartment back home looks like, and he also wanted to know how Katie and I had gotten so close. There was a lot to tell, but every now and then I got distracted watching Juan work in the kitchen. Bending down to get a cutting board from the kitchen cabinet, moving his whole body back and forth while stirring… there were quite a lot of distracting factors. When I was telling the story about Katie and me growing up, he stopped cooking and crouched down next to me to hold my hand. “Not an easy childhood. I’m so sorry”, he said as he looked me right in the eye. “It made you into the strong man today.” He kissed me on the forehead and said, “Paella is ready.”

We had lunch at the tiny kitchen table. There was something intimate about it. Our knees would often touch underneath the table. Conversation would flow for a while until it slowed down and we would just look each other in the eye. His broad shoulders and chest were almost as distracting as his big brown eyes. He talked about being a competitive swimmer growing up. He made it to national championships, which I thought was quite impressive. It also explained his gorgeous body.

We were halfway through the meal when I just knew we could no longer keep ourselves contained. We jumped up from our chairs at the same time and started making out. He tasted like paella. He slowly pulled me toward the bedroom as he took off my shirt and I took off his. I immediately couldn’t keep my hands off of his hairy chest.

We clumsily went into the bedroom, undoing our pants, Juan practically dragging me toward the bed. I couldn’t wait to have this muscular guy manhandle me. I saw Juan wore tight white trunks under his pants as I kicked off my jeans. The outline of a hard, meaty cock was visible. I couldn’t wait to taste it and feel it in my ass. I was still wearing my black briefs as we again made out. Our skin now touching, I could feel his cock throb against mine. We fell back onto the bed, me on top. Juan immediately put his legs around my waist. “Ryan, I want you to fuck me.”

Juan was a bottom. For seven years I had gotten very used to being the bottom in my relationship and for some reason with Juan it never crossed my mind he wouldn’t be a top. Juan could tell I was a little startled, but I quickly smiled. “You want me to fuck your big ass?” Juan nodded eagerly as he reached for my underwear and pulled down the waistband. My cock was standing at attention at a good 7 inches. Juan literally licked his lips. I pulled down the waistband of his underwear and saw a thick 6 inch cock. The foreskin still covered the head, as precum slowly leaked out onto his thigh. I had to taste it. Juan moaned desperately as he pulled on my cock. One of his hands was on my side and it felt like he was holding on for dear life.

At one point Juan pushed me off and sat on the bed as I stood so he could blow me. His blowjob ranged from small licks to full-on deepthroating. It was very hot. Juan continued sucking while reaching for his nightstand where he found a condom and lube. He gave me the condom as he went to lay down on the bed on his back. The process of him lubing himself up while looking my body over got me even more rock hard. I put on the condom and walked toward him. I sat down on my knees on the bed and lowered my body over Juan’s. I guided my dick into his ass and it felt amazing. Juan put his legs around my waist again as I fucked him missionary style. Our bodies were close together as I saw the passion and pleasure in his face. His heavy breathing came with little moans as I saw him get more and more sweaty. My own sweat was dropping on him as well. I watched his big meaty cock lying on his stomach. A steady stream of precum was dripping down his side already.

At the start I fucked Juan in a slow and sensual pace. After a while I felt the urge to increase the rhythm. I slowly started fucking him faster and harder. Juan’s mouth opened wide and I fucked him like I had never fucked anyone before. He was now moaning so loudly and he sometimes closed his eyes. He was so out of breath, I could tell he was loving it. His pleasure turned me on so much I knew it wasn’t going to be long until I shot my load. I grabbed Juan’s cock and started jerking it. “You’re going to make me orgasm!”, he said, still out of breath, after only a few strokes. And soon after, his moaning got even louder as his cum shot into his own face and on his chest. “Oh my God…”, I said. This view got me to cum as well as I grunted and shot my load in the condom while I was still inside of Juan.

I lowered myself onto his body as we cuddled and kissed, mixing our sweat with Juan’s cum. I heard knocking on the wall. I looked around, confused. “Is my neighbors. I was loud.”, Juan said, smiling. “Thank you.” “No, thank you!”

Juan and I showered together and realized we were both exhausted. We stayed naked and cuddled as we had a small siesta. When I woke up after an hour, Juan was still sleeping. I watched him lie naked, on his back, snoring. I smiled. I was so happy I met him. I got up and retrieved my phone from my jeans which were still on the bedroom floor. I walked to the kitchen for a glass of water. I had a text from Katie. “So I’m going to Paco’s house tonight to have dinner with his girlfriend and kid. Hope you’re doing better!” I giggled out loud. I walked back to the bedroom and snapped a photo of Juan sleeping, from the waist up. I wrote, “I think I wore him out.”


I walk around the airport. Am I still on time, I wonder. The plane landed a while ago. I finally find the right Arrivals hall. People are walking out. I look around, maybe I was already too late. The doors open and finally I see a familiar face. “You made it!”, I say. I stretch out my arms, ready for a hug, which I soon receive. “So happy to see you”, Juan says. “Welcome to Miami! This is where I live now!”


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I was getting used to living in Jerry and Rosa’s home. When I woke up, I rolled out of bed and went for a run in the park that was right next door. I would then shower, make myself a coffee and sit down to work. And work would go really fast. If I got tired, which was usually around 5, I sat back on the sofa and read the hypnosis book to learn more. Within the hour, Jon would park his car across... read more

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“Lorraine, I’m heading out!” I had to yell over a country version of ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ for her to hear me. It was December 23 and I was more than ready to get out of work, swing by Safeway and get settled for the holidays. “Greg, honey, you be careful with that blizzard out there!” The entire town had been buzzing over the blizzard that was supposed to hit today, the worst in... read more

I woke up to a loud sound I could not determine. I was wide awake immediately. The first thing I saw was the other side of the bed. It was empty, but someone had definitely slept there. Then I remembered. Steve. “Steve?” “Yeah? Sorry to wake you up, man. I just needed to take a leak.” The fire had died down quite a lot. I felt it was like 2 or 3 in the morning and I could barely see anything.... read more

I looked around my apartment and made sure everything was in place for Erik. He only deserves the best of the best, so when I moved I had to take so many things into account. I ended up outside of the town center, but it was a brand new apartment, he had his own room and bathroom, and the balcony on the fifth floor was more than safe. Confident that everything was in order and ready for us to... read more

My alarm said 8:24 AM. I sat up on my bed and realized that Brett, David and I would go to the gym together this morning. I grabbed my phone and sent a message in the group text. I’m making pre-workout shakes. 10am at mine? You can park at Gold’s, it’s the apartment building across. I’m in 5A. I smiled, put my phone down and walked to the shower. Normally I wouldn’t shower before a morning... read more

I rolled up the sleeping bag and put it in the backpack. It was pretty much full already. Two large bottles of water, a change of clothes… What else did I need? David said he would take care of most other things. I didn’t even remember exactly where we were going. I do remember the name of the town, or mountain, started with Snow, which did not sound promising. But weather was actually unusually... read more

I woke up. I felt hot. I realized I wasn’t at home when I saw the ceiling of the tent. The sun shone directly on top of it, which made it unbearably hot inside. I was smelling a combination of sweat and semen. I was lying on my back and I somehow felt restricted. The weight on my left shoulder turned out to be David’s head. His neck rested in my armpit as my arm rested across his broad chest.... read more

“So tomorrow we have a stopover in Miami for about three hours. And we’ll be landing in Antigua at around 2PM tomorrow, local time.” “OK, great.” I wasn’t the best when it came to falling asleep on planes. Years of trips between Moscow and the US had taught me that. Hopefully tonight would be better. It was about 9PM and Brett and I were at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, sitting down with a drink,... read more

“Room service!” I woke up. The first thing I saw was the view. Blue skies and green tree tops were visible beyond the patio. I wasn’t sure if I had just heard someone outside our cabin or not. Brett was still sleeping in the position I last saw him in before I fell asleep. We were both naked on top of the covers. Brett’s head was on my chest and his arm was wrapped around me tightly. His snore... read more

It’s quite difficult to explain how my practice went from a regular physician’s practice to the leading practice on men’s sexual health in Walpole, Massachusetts. I had studied men’s sexual health quite extensively, before and after getting my degree. But it was likely it was word of mouth within the Walpole community on how I handled some of my patients that made my reputation into what it was... read more

“Mr Ace Griffin?” It had been a pretty regular Tuesday at the practice. But when I read out this name, which I hadn’t seen before, and saw a bear of a man stand up, I knew this day could turn for the better. He was about 6’, 45 years old, had short strawberry blond hair, green eyes, a sexy sideways smile, and a beefy build. For now he was dressed in a blue and white plaid shirt and khaki pants.... read more

It was my last appointment on a Wednesday afternoon and all I wanted was to go home. It had been a long day with lots of annoying patients. But my luck was about to turn. “Mr Jonny Hao?” I looked around the waiting room for anyone who looked remotely Asian. However a Caucasian-looking man nervously stood up. He had brown hair, big brown eyes, some scruffy facial hair and a massive build. He was... read more

It was early on a Thursday morning when I stepped out of my office into the waiting room. I was ready for the week to end and drive down to Rhode Island to meet up with Jonny. Little did I know what was still to come. “Mr Deniz Yalaz?” Confidently, a large man walked my way. This guy was built like a house. Beefy, like me, but taller. Quite an imposing figure, had it not been for his wide... read more

It was around 11:00 on a March Thursday morning as I rolled my luggage out of Baton Rouge Airport. I was a little miffed I did not find a direct flight from Miami. After a short layover in Houston, I was thankful it was still morning as I waited for the Uber to take me to my Mom’s house. I was flying out for her birthday weekend, after she had visited me in Miami over the holidays. She did... read more

Not much later that afternoon, my sister and my Mom came home. Soon enough, Miguel also showed up out of the garage, reeking of weed. I felt like everybody knew what was going on, but nobody mentioned it. I’m pretty sure it was because I was there. “Did you have a nice afternoon with Cam?”, my Mom asked. I was certain she wanted to know what I thought about him. But because he was in the... read more

I woke up. It was Saturday morning. Today was my Mom’s birthday. Cameron and I had agreed to make her a luxurious breakfast in bed. It was 7 AM and we had had a lot to drink last night. I got up. The living room was empty. I decided to see if I could wake up Cameron. I opened the bedroom door slowly and thank God they were actually sleeping and not doing anything else. My Mom was laying on... read more

I sighed. It was a Thursday afternoon and I was working from home. I had my laptop on the kitchen counter next to an empty coffee cup, as I sat on a stool. I was dressed in a grey T-shirt and plaid pajama pants, which I had put on after I had gotten up this morning, not having showered. I was answering all of these e-mails, but new ones kept coming in. I had taken Friday off to go to San... read more