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Sex at a funeral

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My cousin died my age 18 only really seen him was years ago at family gatherings. My mom just had surgery and could not make the trip. The funeral was on a different state. Mom gave me her credit card booked a room for me at a motel Wednesday- Saturday.

I was pretty excited going on a road trip 8-10 hour drive. First time out of state 4 days on my own. Mom packed my bag nice pair of slacks shirt tie.. I brought a bag of weed.

Got to the motel Wednesday early evening checked in had time to kill. The wake was Thursday funeral Friday. The motel was downtown so I lit a joint decided to walk around grab a bite to eat and check out the town.

Saw a sign flashing bright red lights XXX Videos must be 18 Adults only Magazines toys lingerie…. Curious I walked in looked around posters of naked girls whips chains on the walls magazines dvd’s

“ Sorry boy gotta be 18..maybe in a couple more years for you” He kinda was laughing as he looked at me. I was sorta used to this… I’m 18 ..5’5” 90lbs petite body babyface always got teased at school gym class.. saying I look more girlish like than a boy.

I flashed the clerk my ID..” Damn boy you just looked so young dint mean to tease you check out the store movies are in the back takes cash credit cards have fun be careful.

This was the first time I ever been in a store like this so many magazines hot sexy young naked girls on the covers I kept staring at them getting excited so pretty so hot.

I’m standing in the aisle when someone bumps into me brushing against my ass.

“ Oops sorry son just trying to get by you” I look it’s an older heavy-set man and he’s like rubbing against me… I’m in shock can’t move when I feel his hand rubbing on my ass

WTF is going on and why ain’t I saying something or moving away. I can feel his cock rubbing on my ass.. WTF I’m in a XXX store looking at naked girls magazines this old man is playing with me in public and I’m frozen not moving even though I should.

When I felt his hand moving to my zipper I pushed away keeping my head down so as not to look at him and to make sure he dint see how hard I was.

I’m confused I just let a stranger play around with me in public and I let him..

Walking back to the motel I felt embarrassed what was I thinking…fuck I’m not some fucking queer boy or anything like that. . But I couldn’t get over that I was hard and it was kinda exciting.

Slept until noon woke up hard.. Took a shower the wake was in a few hours.. Unpacked my clothes realized I forgot my underwear damn I thought maybe I can find a store nearby. Putting on the slacks my mom packed for me, I felt something in one of the legs inside were a pair of panties…static cling from the dryer..my mom’s panties.

They felt silky in my hands, without thinking I put them on amazed how soft they felt on me silky smooth they made me feel sexy slutty like as I looked in the mirror. What the fuck was happening first I let a stranger play with me now I’m wearing panties getting really hard..horny.. looking in the mirror I blushed I thought I looked kinda sexy in them.

Got to the funeral home the pastor was already talking I sat at the back row away from everyone. Looking around I recognized relatives as they turned to see who was coming in. The pastor was remembering my cousin i started to feel sad my head down.

“ Sorry for your loss son are you going to be alright “ I didn’t see/hear him come in until I felt his hand on my leg.

Without looking up I whispered that I was ok and thanks for asking. I figured if I ignored him he would move away.

He kept his hand on my leg gently rubbing it I felt him moving closer to me his leg was against mine his hand rubbing up n down on my leg. WTF I looked up and instantly recognized him it was that old guy from the XXX video store.

He smiled at me his hand moving on my zipper. Again I should have moved said something but when he unzipped me his hand on my panties I heard myself moan softly.

I don’t know why but I reached over touching his.. oh god what was I doing I’m letting him play with me in a fucking church and I’m trying to unzip him right here in the back pew..

I looked up thought for sure the preacher was looking at me for a second with a slight grin on his face.

Feeling scared embarrassed I moved away zipping myself back up.

“ Can’t..not…I…I… sorry…I…mean this is wrong” I was stuttering nervously can’t get caught not here I was whispering to this stranger but all the while my hand was on his pants squeezing hard not letting go..

He got up grabbed my hand..” Cum boy cum follow me downstairs “ ..It was like I was hypnotized I followed him like a lost puppy dog not understanding what was happening why was I doing this why was I getting so excited I knew that this is wrong forbidden dangerous scary but so EXCITING I knew that I was gonna get sucked off and something deep inside me probably knew I was going to suck my first cock

He leads me into this room filled with like 10 empty coffins closes the door picks me up like a rag doll and kisses me. I try to say something his tongue darts into my throat gagging me.

I’m having serious doubts when I feel my pants falling to the floor I’m hard in panties this guy is kissing me tonguing me I moan loudly kissing him back.. I’m kissing a guy what the fuck…our tongues swapping back n forth.

He puts me down removing my clothes..I’m just in panties.. I watch him taking his clothes off..big belly when I see his cock I gasp.. twice the size of my 5”

“ Fuck boy when I seen you last night at the video store I couldn’t believe how pretty young you were.. then I seen you upstairs and knew that you were going to be my little slut my faggot my sissy you didn’t care that the pastor was watching you I’m surprised nobody else turned around when you moaned like a girl while I was playing with you.

“ Ooooh god please mister don’t tell oooh fuck this is wrong…mmmm do you like my panties do you think I’m pretty can I suck your cock fuck it’s sooo big please just don’t tell anyone “

“ aoooh fuck yes my pretty little boy suck your daddy’s cock suck it like the slut you are my pretty little sissy your lips are so pretty like a girls pussy “

Like a demon possessed I’m on my knees kissing licking sucking on my first cock like it’s a lollipop falling in love with the thought that I’m sucking a stranger and love the feeling of his cock in my mouth or my pussy as daddy called it..

His cum feels warm sweet in my mouth I’m savoring the taste not swallowing when he pulls out of my mouth his cum splashing on my face. I’m so fucking horny I start to cum in my panties moaning loudly like a good little boy;girl.

He pulls my cum soaked panties off me laying me down starts kissing my naked body all over sucking on my nipples sucking my little cock he lifts my legs up and starts licking kissing my ass his tongue deep inside my hole… I’m losing it

Never felt such pleasure ever..

“ Ooooh god oooh fuck oooh holy fuck oooh my god yes yes oooh daddy soooo fucking good suck my ass ooooh god yes oooh fuck sooo good he slips a finger inside me …I’m begging pleading moaning like a bitch in heat.

“ YES oooh god ooooh daddy more ooooh my fucking god please more oooh godvyes finger fuck my virgin ass oooh fucking god soooo good “

“ You little slut how dare you use the Lord’s name in vain moaning like a demon blasphemy in HIS house you sinner.. you keep saying his name “God” while I’m your new god now..You will serve me your naked body your sacrifice my holy cum cleansing your body”

I look over not believing what is happening… It’s the Pastor naked..

“ Oooh god yes oooh Father seed me bless me with your holy cum I’ll worship you as my god giving you my naked virgin body”

They take turns fucking me calling me names I’m falling in love.. as I start to kiss licking their naked bodies all over begging for forgiveness sacrificing my virginity

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