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Sex at a funeral…part 2+

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I’m in a daze confused I just let a older man use my naked body like I’m just a little slut I’m kissing him swapping tongues sucking my first cock getting my virginity taken downstairs in a church moaning like a girl begging for him to fill my boipussy with his sweet cum. And as I swearing to god for more the Pastor cums In calling me a sinner

He’s completely naked except for his white collar. Two days ago I never had a gay thought ever…now I’m having intercourse with a Holy man and a old fat guy.. I don’t understand what is happening all I know is that I’m loving this sooo much..being naked being used like a cheap whore I’m sucking on the old guy cock getting fucked by the Pastor and wanting this to never end.

I start to cum the same time the old guy is cummming in my mouth the priest is cummming inside me seeding me with his holy cum.

“ Swear to me boy as your priest that you will only serve me as your god sacrificing your naked body to me obeying my commands”

“ Oooh god oooh my god yes oooh My Father my naked body is yours willingly submissively bless me with your holy cum I beg you oooh my fucking god yes ooooh yes I’ll be your servant” I’m begging pleading like a good little boy wanting more.

The old man picks my naked body up like a rag doll French kissing me swapping tongues carrying me upstairs to the Alter he lays me on top of it when I see 5 naked guys surrounding me. I hear Father blessing me with forbidden sayings the five guys are jacking off on me covering my body my face with holy cum..The old guy crawls on the Alter starts fucking me while those guys are cummming on me.

“ Bless you child” Father has his cock in my mouth cummming filling my belly with his Holy Cum. One by one my naked holy body is being used by all these people.. my body is covered in Cum..Cum leaking out my boipussy my mouth I feel like I’m in Heaven.. All of a sudden the lights dim I’m alone naked laying next to me are my cum soaked panties no clothes just my car keys.

I make my way to the car hoping nobody sees me naked except for my panties.. I’m shaking getting nervous driving to the motel. I run to my room when I hear a car honking his horn flashing his lights on my naked body. I’m scared dropping the room key bending over picking them up I wiggle my ass showing off to whoever is in the car.

I leave the door open jumping in the bed waiting.. The lights are off when I see the silhouette of a man walking In leaving the door open..he strips naked in the doorway I pull my panties off spreading my legs giggling.

“ Father Jim was right you are a little sinner boy so young so pretty giving yourself up for our Church” …His cock slides In easily in my cum soaked boipussy.. I hear other guys cummming in my room.. I ended up sucking seven guys nine of them fucking me like a bitch a slut a cunt all blessing me with holy cum.

I awake the next morning the door still open cum everywhere the bed my naked body so much cum I start licking as much cum as I can get on my hands I’m so horny I start to cum all over my belly moaning loudly not caring who hears or May walk by seeing me naked in my room.

I showered getting ready for the Funeral and the Cemetery ride.. Getting to the Church it seems like all the men are looking at me giving me slight glances standing by their wives… I try not to smile I’m getting hard still wearing my cum soaked panties

I sit in the back row where I was before yesterday and on cue the old fat guy sits next to me touching my leg then this other guy comes in on the other side sits down next to me glances at the old guy who’s hand is now on my crotch unzipping me.. he smiles rubbing my leg.. I can’t believe this two old guys are playing with me in Church my hands reach over grabbing them trying to unzip them quickly quietly. A few guys sitting by their wives look back at me smiling.

Looking around making sure..I see Father watching me I bend over kissing the two guy’s cocks I’m playing with..giggling softly I sit up wiping my lips. The sermon ends everyone gets in their cars heading to the Cemetery for the burial.

I’m standing in the back by myself when two guys come up to me rubbing themselves I smile licking my lips reaching over touching them giggling moaning softly I’m cummming in my panties I’m unzipping them pulling their cocks out I quickly bend over to suck when one guy starts cummming on my face then the other guy starts cummming on my face.. I can hardly wait for the gathering after.. food drinks cocks n holy cum

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